Tag: 983 - Mammuthus meridionalis FYI #2

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Simcoe County Rd 93, Barrie, ON, CA

Mammoth or Mammoth: the first is described as huge, enormous, gigantic while the second is described as a large extinct elephant of the Pleistocene epoch. Don’t you become extinct like the Mammoth, use proper hygiene maintain health and prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Craighurst is a sleepy village just a little north of Barrie Ontario. A village proud of its heritage, the Pioneers that make up Simcoe County. This little parkette is a perfect place to sit and contemplate during these uncertain times. My first thought was to attach it to something but that didn’t work out.

Hint: Gneiss, limestone and granite


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Got an early morning nudge from a FB friend that a mammoth was spotted just north of Barrie. With just enough time before work I sprinted up the highway and was delighted to find a mammoth still hanging out in Craighurst. This was my first mammoth find!


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