960 - Behind the Eagle

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Green Valley Lake Rd, Green Valley Lake, CA, US

location_on N 34 14.243, W 117 04.763

Hidden near beautiful Green Valley Lake behind the carved eagle, in front of a small grove of pine trees. Look at the back of the eagle. The mammoth is hidden in a plastic bag, in a carved out spot on the back of the eagle, about eye level. You'll have to stand up on the rocks to see it. You will not be on the lake's edge; rather, the eagle is across the street from the lake. The posted picture of the lake is just to show you how beautiful the area is!


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Apparently, somebody grabbed the mammoth and replaced it with a rubber eraser. Really?! Makes me so sad/mad.


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Took a gorgeous ride to the mountain. When I found a baggie in the location with a piece of eraser in it. Could have the tag been replaced with an eraser?????? I think so!!! I claim it stolen! Enjoying the view of the lake from the park bench..... what a site!


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