910 - Mammoth of Cacher's Cove

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US-1, New Brunswick, NJ, US

Once upon a time there was a little mammoth that loved stories so much that he always had his trunk in a book or watching a movie. Although he enjoyed all sorts of tales, his favorite place to be was by the water reading of pirates and heroes in far away lands. One day, during a wonderful tale about hidden treasure, he fell asleep in his favorite nook and was suddenly woken by two men in a heated discussion about stealing a ship. Oh no! Were they actual pirates like in his favorite stories? Remembering all of the things they are capable of, he decided his best option was to gather his belongings and stay hidden until it was safe.

And there he remains, crouched in a box behind a wall, waiting for his hero to come along...


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check_circle 4 weeks 22 hours ago

I didn’t know about this until someone showed me this guy was here in a different platform. The little guy is home with me today and we needed to get out some anyway, and this was just a few miles from home. We made the find a lot harder than we needed to be—the coords initially had us WAY behind the fence, down closer to the river. We let them reset a little bit and made the grab. He was VERY pumped about the pirate booty. Thanks!


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