Tag: 899 - A Mammoth Parking Lot

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4th St, Wichita Falls, TX, US

A little mammoth needs a mammoth sized space to wander. Unfortunately, mammoths are not comfortable with many cars and this little tiny mammoth hid in the parking lot instead of reveling in all the open space. There is not much traffic here now due to no large group events being allowed. This should be a nice find with few distractions. Remember that our small mammoth friend is both magnetic and shy!


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check_circle 1 week 4 days ago

Found this cute little thing hanging out in Wichita Falls, Tx on the way to New Mexico with Old Kim and Oklahoma Ranger. I was excited to get my first mammoth!

(On the way to New Mexico, we passed a fossil museum in Crosbyton, TX, so we took a photo.)


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TEACH1961 snagged this tag this morning. We are on a road trip, so she will post the grab as soon as she can.


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