Tag: 893 - Mammoth: Denizon of the Ice

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Mortenson Dr, Sioux Falls, SD, US

This tag has been placed on the most logical spot in town. The replica of the animal excavated from a dig in the Badlands of South Dakota.

The largest animal of the Pleistocene Era was extinct around 10,000 years ago; it roamed the plains for nearly 2 million years.

This replica is on the grounds of the Archaeology Laboratory of Augustana College.

Placed with the permission of one of Augustana's Professors of Archaeology with the hopes that more folks would come check out the Mammoth sculpture.

(Check the ribs)


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check_circle 5 days 17 hours ago

When I woke up this morning and saw the email I thought for sure that someone else would have grabbed it already. But my husband and I decided to take the trip even if we just got to see a fun mammoth statue and missed the tag it was a good excuse to get out and about. We were even in time to see it lit up with christmas lights! How fun! Thank you for placing this tag to give us some excitement today. I hope to be a hider in the next game!


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