877 - Round Lake Mammoth

Claimed by geojane 2 years 2 months ago (7d 9h 16m 16s since publication) ยท visibility Watch (3)

Sagle, ID, US

This mammoth tag wandered onto the southeast portion of Round Lake State Park. It is now waiting to be found, while hiding out in a pre-made geocache container. Look for the large round of wood. On the east end you will find a smaller burnt round concealing them both.

NOTE: There is a $5 vehicle entry fee to Round Lake State Park, unless you have an Idaho State Park pass.


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check_circle 2 years 2 months ago

I didn't know about this game till 3 days ago. A geocacher contacted me to help recover this mammoth. He is in another state and wanted me to send him this one. As it turned out, he found one closer to home yesterday. So I will keep this one. Thank you to (...) for helping me discover a new GC adventure game. Oh what fun.What a magical day it has been.


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