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FL-507, Melbourne, FL, US

Melbourne Bone Bed is a paleontological site located at Crane Creek in Melbourne, Florida. This site contains fossils from the Late Pleistocene period 20,000 to 10,000 years before present. The fossils include extinct animals such as varieties of camels, giant armadillos, giant beavers, giant bison, giant ground sloths, mammoths, mastodons, saber-toothed cats and tapirs.

Just imaging the Melbourne Mammoth walking down this path, to this quiet spot for a cool, refreshing drink of water.

To Find the Melbourne Mammoth: Park in the recommended Botanical Gardens Visitors spots (see below). Head North to the service road (Florida Tech Drive). Look for the large Staghorn Fern hanging that marks the beginning of the trail. Cross over bridge number 1. Follow the trail till you see the sign for High Pagoda and head there. Cross over bridge number 2. Pass the High Pagoda and go to the tree nearest the waters edge and look in the roots under some Spanish Moss. Claim your Mammoth!!

Joy & Gordon Patterson Botanical Garden: A stream bordered by a shady hammock abounding in palm trees and other tropical growth winds through the heart of the campus and is the setting for a 15-acre Botanical Garden. This is a public garden. As there are natural water features and other potential hazards, please exercise caution during your visit. For your safety, stay on the trails or within walled/patio areas. The trails can be muddy.

Parking is available in the red-striped spaces in the Jungle-adjacent parking lot along the wood-line, off of Babcock Street, across from the Southgate intersection.


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A walk around these beautiful gardens and a new treasure to be found - count us in! We are excited to find our first snag the tag! Thanks to the mystery hider for adding some local fun. We love strolling these trails and lush gardens and appreciate the history and cool mammoth.


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