Tag: 085 - Blackwater Draw - Mammoths and the Earliest New World Occupation

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NM-467, Portales, NM, US

Blackwater Draw contains an important archaeological site that was first recognized in 1929 by Ridgley Whiteman of Clovis, New Mexico. Blackwater Locality No. 1 is the type-site of the Clovis Paleo-Indian Culture, which is traditionally accepted as the earliest occupation of the New World. People hunted Columbian mammoth and straight-horned bison near the springs 11,000 years ago. Later, bison were hunted near the margins of a spring fed pond. The oldest hand dug wells in the New World, Clovis to Archaic ages, were dug here over 5,000 years ago.

The first large-scale excavation of the site occurred in 1932. Evidence of "fluted" points, spearheads now known as Clovis points (a New World invention) and other stone and bone weapons, tools, and processing implements were found at the archaeological site. The Clovis points were lanceolate and often, though not always, longer than Folsom points. The Clovis-age artifacts are in association with the remains of extinct Late Pleistocene megafauna, including mammoth, camel, horse, bison, saber-toothed cat, and dire wolf that were hunted by the early peoples who visited the site. Generations of some of the earliest New World inhabitants hunted and camped at Blackwater Draw, creating stratified levels of archaeological remains from many different time periods, including Clovis, Folsom, Midland, Agate Basin, and various Archaic period occupants.

Clovis chipped stone technology is currently one of the oldest and most widespread chipped stone technologies recognized in the New World; radiocarbon dates on sediment from the Clovis layers at Blackwater Draw average around 11,290 years before the present.

East side post, under rock

Archaeological site photo: © 2020 from the Roosevelt County Chamber of Commerce, Portales, NM website: www.portales.com/blackwater-draw-national-historical-site. Clovis point picture from Wikipedia. National Historic Landmark and tour price sign pics are my own.


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My granny found a tag in TN and I wanted one. She told me how to look for tags on the map. When I saw this one on the way to New Mexico my mom drove down here and let me find it. My mom and I go geocaching with my granny sometimes so we were excited about finding this Mammoth. Thank you to the hider.


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