827 - Diamonds, hot dogs, slushies, nachos ...

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Coxs Dr, Portage, MI, US

This mammoth is looking out over what used to be our little league fields back when I was a kiddo growing up in Portage. I didn't play much, right field, and was the "3 inning" starter, covered by the rules where every player had to go in for a portion of the game. LOL Now, this view looks out over a totally different type of field, for another low scoring game involving a lot of running and a rolling ball!

When you reach the coordinates, look out towards the soccer fields, and the treasure you seek won't be "hot", but might have you seeing red! The mammoth is in a protective container that you can keep along with another extra gift. ;-) Enjoy!


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check_circle 3 years 7 months ago

Saw this pop up this morning, needed to get through some web meetings before I could venture out for it. Happy to say it was still waiting there patiently when I arrived. Thanks so much for placing this out there for others and adding to the adventure. From South Bend. Z.



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