Tag: 812 - Woolly Beach

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Lakeshore Dr, Fennville, MI, US

A relatively quiet park.... on weekdays. Please be aware...you must attempt this from the beach! The North stairs are the only beach access point....but there is major erosion at the bottom. You MUST go down to the beach level after you reach the last wooden step and there's not an official way down. There's a couple options that aren't too bad to get down but if you have mobility issues of any kind this is not a good idea for you.


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check_circle 1 week 4 days ago

Made the trip from Kalamazoo hoping it was still here. After a nice walk to the beach in the rain and a somewhat crowded beach, I found it after a few minutes. Thanks for placing one so close to home. An hour drive is so much better than a 3-4 hour drive.


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