Tag: 803 - Extinct Fairgrounds

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Donaldson Court Rd, Cresco, IA, US

With the extinction of county fairs this year Mammoths have seeked this ground of emptiness for safe keeping. This one is thirsty and looking for some water. The well may be dried up but that doesnt keep him from still looking. Look at the end of the spout and that is where he is hidden.


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description 6 days 3 hours ago

NinjaB... you beat us there by about 5 minutes on Sunday.

You're truly a ninja, you didnt even leave a foot print. LOL


check_circle 1 week 1 hour ago

Saw this show up yesterday and didnt have time to go out Saturday. This morning I see it was still out in the wild and not claimed yet. Took off for a nice drive and came upon the area around 9:30. Took a bit but I ended up finding it tucked in the spout. Thanks for placing this.


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