782 - Mom's Little Free Library

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Holly Ave, Hallock, MN, US

Look inside the library under the guestbook box. The mammoth waits under a camo "blanket".


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check_circle 3 years 6 months ago

Oh no! I've had this tab open on my phone since avout 10:30 this morning. I wanted to take time to write a note and nlw it's 10 hours later and just getting around to it. Hopefully no one else tried to snag this tag today...

This is my first time participating on this game. I saw that it was going to be placed "in the next couple of days" earlier in the week and then noticed it was published when I looked on Wed. I gave serious thought to heading out to grab it on Thurs and would check out the local farmers market and have a drink at the brewery in town. However, I opted to look another time when a fried would be available to meet. I decided to drive up this morning before heading to a geocaching event. Part of the attraction of making the trip was also to be FTF at the cache in the library. I was FTF on that cache, found 2 other czches in town and collected this tag and picked up a book at the Little Free Library. And...was able to share a treat from the coffee shop with a couple of friends.

Glad I made the trip!



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