781 - Little Free Library

Claimed by Geohound Dog & TG 2 years 6 months ago (3d 5h 17m 7s since publication) ยท visibility Watch (1)

Main St, Humboldt, MN, US

Look inside the library...top shelf, under the "freebie* box. The mammoth rests under a camo "blanket"


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Geohound Dog & TG

check_circle 2 years 6 months ago

This is my first time playing this game and I had been hoping a mammoth would pop up nearby. Finally spotted two in the area yesterday. Went to a local geocaching event and learned one had been claimed, but that meant the other was roaming free. Got up early and made the drive out to find this one. Happy to report he was still resting under his camo blanket. The cherry on top of this adventure was finding a mammoth in a Little Free Library. Also traded out some of my books and signed in the library's guest book. Thanks for the fun hunt!


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