Tag: 760 - A Mammoth... ...Fossil?

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W 29th Ave, Latah Valley, Spokane, WA, US

It's about a 2.2 mile round trip walk or bike ride from the parking coords to where the Mammoth hides. But it will be worth it. The hiding area is actually part of an EarthCache (GC1GJ7P) where the shale rocks around here harbor fossils, and it doesn't take long to find one! Well worth the time to look!

Mammoth is at the base of a tree under a rock. Pictured are the tree, the tree looking North (rock formation in the background for perspective) and the full blown spoiler.

You can also find another type of mammoth in a cache that is along the way to our mammoth. So cute!


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check_circle 2 weeks 3 days ago

Just found a bit ago. My first snag the tag find. Heck of a wet day but took the Huskies and my son out with me for moral support. Otherwise I may have stayed inside where it's warm and dry. Was still a ton of fun finding it.


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