757 - Molly Mammoth Meets Minerva in Moorhead

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US-10, Moorhead, MN, US

Minerva is the Roman goddess of poetry, medicine, wisdom, commerce, weaving, crafts and magic. If you look to the west, you'll see her likeness depicted on a brick column at the Rourke Art Museum.

Molly Mammoth is hiding near her dear friend, Van Gogh. You'll note the sculpture's likeness is uncanny to the Dutch-painted as it even has a bandage around his ears! [Hint: hoofs on the ground]

If your schedule permits, Molly the Mammoth would love you to visit the Sticksgarden, an adopted city planter turned community space located across the street from the posted coordinates.


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My first tag !!!!!! My family started this several months ago and I been wanting to get my first to catch-up to them. Thank you very much for the tag.


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