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IL-53, Lombard, IL, US

Here is a pretty natural area where you can enjoy a little of the outdoors. This mammoth seems to have stumbled. You'll have to look for a SIGN of his whereabouts where he may have fallen DOWN.

A little information about this area:

The Barney family settled the site in the 1830s and built a sawmill along the river, as well as a post office, one-room schoolhouse, creamery and general store. Barney sold his land to Joseph Yackley in 1854.

In 1912, the Cuttens bought more than 500 acres in the area and built a country retreat named Sunny Acres Farm. The farm was purchased in 1933 by William “Big Bill” Johnson, who made his fortune through speakeasies and gambling clubs during Prohibition. He lived on the farm until his death in 1962.

Have fun!


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check_circle 2 weeks 4 days ago

I have been patiently waiting for one of these tags to arrive in my area. I was so excited to wake up this morning and see I had a notification for one close to home. I knew by the title exactly where it was! I walk here all the time. So much so that I know that the path to the location of this tag was flooded a day or two ago. We have been having major rain and floods all over the area. So I knew I had to pack up my duck boots. Luckily the water was just the top of my boots. The water actually had receded a little bit in this area. Because of the weather, overcast slightly chilly and damp I thought the parking lots might be nearly empty and they were. After waiting my way across the water and walking across the bridge and finding the tag and making my way back I did see a couple that walked on the path toward the flood and then stopped. Also mom with her two kids stopped in that general area and then went around Eagle Lake. I actually love Hidden Lake better because there are fewer people and often more wildlife spotted. But now I’m walking around the more populated Eagle Lake. When I read the description I was a little concerned before I looked at the map because an actual sign that talks about the sawmill is on Morton Arboretum property and they are closed right now. Luckily a quick look at the map showed me where I had to go. A little navigation over water and a previously waterlogged bridge and I was there. With no one else around. I took a look and found the tag! I snagged the tag! Thanks for the fun!


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