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T522, Emlenton, PA, US

Emlenton, PA Park at Emlenton @ Allegheny River Trail Parking. You will walk or bike along the paved path that follows the river for about 2.5 to 3 miles. On the river side, you will see a nice bench. Sit. Enjoy the view, the quiet, the peace. Imagine Ethel the Mammoth doing the same! Ethel is hiding under the leg of the bench, on the right side, assuming you are facing the river.


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check_circle 2 years 6 months ago

I haven't done much geocaching lately, but when I heard this tag was near our cabin on the exact trail I was planning to bike on today, I just had to go find it.

My mom heard about SnagtheTag from my aunt who had found a tag in May. When my mom got the text about the tag near us, she was really excited and couldn't even talk and explain it to us. We had to read the text ourselves because she was talking nonsense about a Muskox or Mollusk or something. My brother and I wanted to take flashlights and go look for it last night, but my mom was afraid we would get eaten by a bear or something.

We were anxious to get up early so we could try and find the tag. We thought it was going to be right along the main trail at first and just looked for a bench. We finally realized we had gone too far and turned around. We were happy to see that we were the first to get there and to snag the tag. Thanks so much for hiding this for us to enjoy!


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