695 - Lin-Manuel Mammilton

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Pickforde Dr, Misty Meadows, Columbus, OH, US

location_on N 40 04.043, W 083 05.213

Lin-Manuel, the mammoth, went into a deep hibernation after attending A Winter Ball. He slept undisturbed until 2020, when he was rudely awakened by the sound and vibration of construction near his resting place. He was frightened and Helpless, not sure how he could Stay Alive. "What Comes Next?" He wondered. He shrank himself down and found a hiding place in The Room Where It Happens (for geocachers). He sent out a message to his friends to Meet Me Inside. And then he settled in to Wait for It. He knew that History Has Its Eyes on You, and he wanted to see who seeks, who finds, and who will tell his story. The Workd is Wide Enough, so don't give away your shot at finding him!


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cancel 2 years 9 months ago

It has been snagged by punkpetron2020!


description 2 years 9 months ago

Was woken up early this morning by a friend who was already at work letting me know this Mammoth had been placed, after some time I finally decided to head out and try to find it! With quick success he was found!


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