Tag: 068 - Kitsap Lake, a Watering Hole?

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Kitsap Lake Rd NW, Bremerton, WA, US

Do you think they drank from these little lakes? By the looks if this area, this may have been a bigger lake. You'll need to poke around the fresh greenery to find this little guy. He stopped to have lunch.


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check_circle 2 weeks 4 days ago

I woke up this morning and saw a notification that there was a tag really close by my house. I jumped up got dressed through the harnesses on the dogs and headed out oh yeah didn't even wash my hair or bathe this morning. Got to Ground Zero saw how busy it was with a lot of people out fishing today. Actually ran into a person that I knew they were just coming out because the fish has not been biting. Finally figured out where I needed to go felt up the rock yeah little creepy but still no luck. I kept looking at the pictures looking at the Rock sticking around just about ready to give up. I decided to go around to the back side of the rocks and give it one more try using my stick I dug around a little bit more and bingo the little guy came out of hiding. I suspected he was under the moss the whole time but I didn't think about going down low and looking under the moss.

I realized when I pulled up that I needed my cast for the park but it's sitting on the table at home. Guess I need to throw it into my purse so I have it next time


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