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E Day Mt Spokane Rd, Colbert, WA, US

Five little eggs hiding among the trees. They are staring to hatch and one of them is a mammoth. Egads! Can’t let’s them loose so you better find it before it gets away! Find all five so you don’t leave any behind!


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check_circle 2 weeks 6 days ago

I woke up at 6:08am for some odd reason saw this one post like 15 mins away from me and decided to go tey for it. I threw on clothes and headed out the door. Found 4 of the 5 eggs and as soon as I found the mammoth I stopped looking. Did not think I would be doing an easter egg hunt at 6:15 in the morning 😄. Lol I am scratched and stinging time to go home and shower. Thanks for hiding it.


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