Tag: 554 - A Mammoth-Sized Raccoon

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Cabin Rd, Georgetown, PA, US

This mammoth has found a home in Raccoon State Park. Stop by the campground and see if you can spot him in his rocky hiding place.


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check_circle 6 days 9 hours ago

Decided to go out on another adventure today and try to grab a Woolly. I started at 10 AM when a posting popped up about 40 miles from home. I fired up my reliable steed, Sophie and headed out. It was a bit of a treacherous journey. We encountered thick fog. But we pushed on. We arrived at the site just as the sun peeked through the sky. I spied the woolly mammoth’s cave and poked my head inside. Nothing. I looked high and low. Nothing. I decided to check the log page and lo and behold, he had already been captured!! Hmmm... What to do? So... I checked the map and found that there was another one about 2.5 hours away and he had been around for a couple of days. So, Sophie and I set off again to see if we could capture a Woolly. We traveled far and wide and on roads we had never been on before. About 2.5 miles out we made a turn... and the gate was closed and locked. I looked at the map again and thought I found another route. We wound our way to the East entrance and found the gate open!! We headed into the park. The GPS numbers kept going down! With my heart beating, I crested a hill and looked to my left. There it was, the scene from the first picture! We were on the right track!! I saw the rock formation. I slowly crept my way up to the cave. I peeked in. There he was!! Sleeping soundly. So I gently woke up this Woolly. I told him about a wonderful and magical place called “home”. I asked him if he wanted to go home with me. He snorted a yes! Now Sophie, Wooly and I will make the trek back to North West Ohio. Only 178 miles from here. Oh... we might spend some time finding treasure on the way back. We are Out On Another Adventure you know!! Thank you for the fun!!


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