Tag: 458 - Mammoth Bone Yard

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Petrie Ln, Lyndonville, NY, US

Hidden near a cache, this location is Beecher Cemetery. Respectable hidden like the cache along the border of the Cemetery.


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Death Walker

check_circle 1 week 6 days ago · Edited 1 week 6 days ago

Got to the location and started looking for the tag. A couple showed up and started taking pictures of the headstones. They left and I kept searching. Another car showed up and it was sassy octopus. We signed into the cache together and kept looking for the tag. I moved a dead piece of wood and she spotted the tag. Being the gentleman that I am, I told her that she can have it. She told me that since I moved the dead wood I can take the tag. Asked if she was sure. We talked for a little bit and went out different ways.


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