Tag: 454 - Mammoth sips from Brush Creek

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Ericsson Dr, Warrendale, PA, US

I was walking along this path when I spotted a mammoth taking a sip from Brush Creek. As I approached he got scared and hid. I was unable to find him, but I hope you can. Be sure to take a picture if you find him!


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check_circle 3 weeks 4 hours ago

Wow! You totally made the day of 2 people today! I heard about snag-the-tag last night at a virtual geocaching happy hour last night. I really needed to get outside today and decided to embark on an adventure. I enlisted the help of my cousin's teenage son because he is going stir crazy with the COVID restrictions right now. Once he heard about it, he was totally on a mission to find this thing. He has never geocached before, but I think he will start doing it now. Thanks so much! Great coordinates and directions for finding it.


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