Tag: 386 - Woolly in a Portal

Claimed by Iverson2010 6 days 13 hours ago (3h 15m 56s since publication) · visibility Watch (2)

Interstate 80, Salt Lake City, UT, US

This woolly mammoth is chilling out in a classic cache container. All ya need to do is visit the Eastbound Portal (GC169Q6) geocache! I have placed the Mammoth Tag inside of a mini Altoids container that is camo’d – to either be a keepsake or a re-purposed into a geocache container in the future by the finder. Pls take the Altoids tin withya.


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description 6 days 11 hours ago

Congrats to Iverson2010! Another cacher one Mammoth Tag richer. 🧭🤳🥾 What fun!! #snagthetag


check_circle 6 days 13 hours ago

It took a minute to find the cash. The the new snow currently following wasn’t very helpful. After about 10 minutes of looking I was at finally able to find it and collect the mammoth.


publish 6 days 16 hours ago