033 - Hungry Mammoth!

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County Rd 1027, Brockway, PA, US

location_on N 41 16.008, W 078 56.746 local_parking N 41 16.005, W 078 56.727

Wolly was out for a walk when his belly growled. He decided to stroll down to the water for a drink and some fresh fish to eat when all of a sudden a couple cars came by and scared him under the structure! He is hiding until you scout out the area and let him know that it ok to come out. Take him home and get him something to eat and keep him safe.


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cancel 3 years 4 months ago

I went and checked in this tag this past weekend, since I hid it over a month ago before the shutdown and I wasn't there. Not sure if a fisherman found it or not. Hopefully whoever found it will log it.


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