Tag: 032 - The Mammoth of the Swamp

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Loleta Rd, Marienville, PA, US

Be on the look out for the "Mammoth of the Swamp". There have been so many people who have reported seeing some of the large tracks in the mud, but to this day no one has every seen the beast. The key to getting close to him is to move slowly towards him. The last tracks were seen around this sign beside the road. Good luck on your quest!


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check_circle 2 weeks 2 days ago

We were in town doing some camping for the up coming Memorial day weekend. I was up at 5:00am drinking some coffee and listening to the birds. At around 6:00am my phone went off letting me know I have got an email. While checking the email I realized that it was a Mammoth coin that was posted near my area. I googled the cords and it was 4.2 miles away by road. I was the only one up so I snuck in the vehicle and off I went. As I neared the area, I kept hoping that I would beat anyone else to the area. When I got to the spot where I had to get out of the vehicle and start looking for the tag, I saw that there was no other cars parked there. As I got over to the sign I looked in a couple spots with no luck. Looked in a couple other spots, still no luck, HMMMM! Did someone already get it and leave. It has only been 25 min since it posted. Darn, was feeling kinda bummed when I decided to look from a different angle when I noticed a spot that looked different and BOOOM!!! There it was finally found a Mammoth!!! This one is by far my favorite so far. Thank so much to the hider and the Snag the Tag team.


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