Tag: 301 - Wilbur, the Woolly Mammoth Goes for a Drink

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Seawall Dr, Port Acres, Port Arthur, TX, US

Wilbur, the Woolly Mammoth has been seen in the Port Arthur, TX area. He loves the fresh, green vegetation found in the wooded areas and has eaten his way through a big section of it. But, now he seems to be heading out in search of a drink of water.

He was last seen going toward the Port and making his way along the levee road, stopping to look at the passing ships whenever they came by. But, we need to find him before he falls into the waterway by accident. Although he’s big, Wilbur has no idea how deep that channel really is. If we can’t find him before he falls in, poor Wilbur will join his ancestors and be lost to the water. Please help us save Wilbur and come find him soon! Happy hunting!


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check_circle 5 days 15 hours ago

It was just hanging out in the park


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