003 - An Extra Large Rodent

Claimed by type2bill 3 years 8 months ago (6d 14h 19m 13s since publication) ยท visibility Watch (2)

Mountain Loop Hwy, Granite Falls, WA, US

Bleh! Rodents - who needs 'em? As it turns out, this one is extra large. I'm told they are the largest rodent in North America. Back in the early days of the USA, they even made hats out of 'em. But, despite them being rodents, I'm told they have a beneficial effect on the environment, both for water and wildlife. Good for them! As for me, I've gone into hiding - they're just too big! FYI, it is unlikely that there is cell service here.

Hint: Snpvat gur fvta, qbja irel ybj. N srj svatre cbxrf fubhyq qb. Nf hfhny, gur TCF xabjf.


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check_circle 3 years 8 months ago

I saw this publish a week ago, then saw the missing note. I found myself up in the area caching today, and decided to look for it this morning. Found it quickly right where the GPS said it would be. Very stoked on finding it. Great way to start a vacation. Just finally back in reliable cell signal. Thanks for the Tag!

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check_circle 3 years 8 months ago

I am still there! Please pay attention to the hint and (click on it) photo. There is no cache there now, and there shouldn't be. Additional hints: Yrsg fvqr va onpx, irel irel ybj. V pna oneryl or frra sebz gur evtug cbfvgvba, nygubhtu gurer znl or irtrgngvba va gur jnl. V nz abg ohevrq - zl gbc vf ivfvoyr.



cancel 3 years 8 months ago

I went out there yesterday and searched for over an hour and a half. I searched right where the coordinates led me and all I found was a small geocache container. I even searched where the coordinates didn't take me with no luck. Not sure if someone snagged it and didnt claim it or what happened.



publish 3 years 8 months ago