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E Lehner Rd, Hereford, AZ, US

The Lehner Mammoth-Kill Site is located in southern Arizona in the San Pedro Valley. This site is significant for providing evidence that mammoths were killed here by Paleo-Indians 9000 years BCE.

In 1952, Ed Lehner discovered extinct mammoth bone fragments on his ranch and notified the Arizona State Museum. Excavations took place in 1955-56, and again in 1974-75. Two Clovis projectile points were found among the ribs of a young mammoth.

The Lehner Mammoth-Kill Site was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1967. In 1988, Mr. and Mrs. Lehner donated the 6 acre site to the Bureau of Land Management for the benefit and education of the public.

This Mammoth is hidden at the posted coordinates. He is not hiding on the monument, but his location can be seen in the photos!


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9:20 p.m. Yay... Metrorail & I saw this had published this morning, but we were in our hotel in Chandler about 200 miles away and 111 degrees outside, so it was a no go. At 5:00 p.m. we were waiting for dinner & saw this little guy was still not claimed so we decided to go for it. Finished up & hit the road. Very dark when we got here. Took a bit to find with a flashlight, but found it was. Now to drive back, should get to Chandler about 1:00 a.m. Thanks for placing this Mammoth to find. The placement could not have been more appropriate for the Mammoth Snag the Tag. Amazing history of the area. Thank you for bringing us here. Wish I could give a favorite point. [:D]


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