002 - Looking for Flowers

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Heise Rd S, Elma, WA, US

Yup, I love flowers and enjoyed the little pink one I found. I would have tried to smell it, but somebody else was already checking it out. However, I was truly looking for a blooming rhododendron, which I did find, but the blooming part was missing. :( So here I rest, waiting for the next blossoms. (Look for me from the rest area.)

Hint: V oryvrir V'z haqre gur ynfg eubql gb gur abegu, naq V'z orfg npprffrq sebz vgf abegu fvqr. V'z irel ybj naq pybfr, zber gb gur yrsg, naq haqre n srj guvatf.


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check_circle 2 years 5 months ago

Well I was up when I saw this post, so why not take a hour long detour to work today. Finally got one...thanks


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