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Paint Branch Trail, Berwyn Heights, MD, US

This 1-mile stroll will take you past an area where Mammoths once roomed. You can either walk or bike, but PLEASE park in the coords above.

As you get close to the mammoth, you will hear the amphibians and birds sing. Close your eyes and you are transported back to when these creatures walked the earth.

Be careful of your step, you might get one foot wet.

Look under the "nature blanket" and you will find the mammoth.


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check_circle 5 days 12 hours ago · Edited 4 days 8 hours ago

I got the alert while sitting on the couch and had nothing but social distancing on the agenda, so I packed up my 3-yr old and jumped in the car.

This was his first “long walk” without the stroller and he did pretty good...until he jumped in the water to try to catch the ducks. We also saw what I think was a baby beaver. He was happy to take two yellow golf balls (one for each pocket) home with us too. Thanks for hiding! This mammoth trackable with join the others from snag the tag: the ninja and the zombie.


check_circle 5 days 13 hours ago

Still there for the taking. I’m a hider but I had to find one for the fun of it. Nice location and walk.


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