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002 - Looking for Flowers

Heise Rd S, Elma, WA, US

Claimed by Sproutter 2 years 7 months ago (1h 5m 48s since publication)

Well I was up when I saw this post, so why not take a hour long detour to work today. Finally got one...thanks

003 - An Extra Large Rodent

Mountain Loop Hwy, Granite Falls, WA, US

Claimed by type2bill 2 years 7 months ago (6d 14h 19m 13s since publication)

I saw this publish a week ago, then saw the missing note. I found myself up in the area caching today, and decided to look for it this morning. Found it quickly right where the GPS said it would be. Very stoked on finding it. Great way to start a vacation. Just finally back in reliable cell signal. Thanks for the Tag!

004 - The Goat Bridge

Mountain Loop Hwy, Granite Falls, WA, US

Claimed by Head*Hippie 2 years 7 months ago (14h 25m 48s since publication)

How exciting! This is my first find, hid in a beautiful location.

005 - Picnic at Hemple Creek

Mountain Loop Hwy, Granite Falls, WA, US

Claimed by komikino 3 years 1 week ago (13h 6m 4s since publication)

Saw this published in the morning and figured it was too far away to bother with. While at work, I kept checking the Snag Map and watched as the others that got published today were found and as this one continued to remain unclaimed. After work, I saw it was still there and figured I better make an attempt to get it. Luckily the roads were wide open and I got here straight from Kirkland pretty quick. The gate to the area was closed so I parked and made a run to it. There it was! That's for placing this. Hit up some caches on the way out.

012 - Mastodon Tracks!

Tualatin River Greenway, Sherwood - Tualatin South, Tualatin, OR, US location_on N 45 23.088, W 122 45.328

Thought it was really cool that we have Mastodon tracks nearby! Of course the Mammoth would like to go visit them! Fun facts about Mastodons vs Mammoths: Mastodon were shorter and stockier than mammoths with shorter, straighter tusks. Mastodons were wood browsers and their molars have pointed cones specially adapted for eating woody browse. Mammoths were grazers, their molars have flat surfaces for eating grass! There are several sets of Mastodon tracks on this paved trail! The photo of the 4 prints are close to ground zero. Look around and you will see a gray box (pictured) Tucked near the base between the concrete and grass, the tag is nestled! Careful! There are a few pokies nearby!

013 - Halsey Park Mammoth

NE 148th Ave, Wilkes, Portland, OR, US

Claimed by Razzl3&Dazzl3 3 years 1 week ago (1h 56m 55s since publication)

It was kind of early to be out walking Brooks the Geopup, but we both love adventures. She knew what we were doing and she soon had her nose on the little Wolley! Thank you to the Hider! It was great fun anticipating the hunt!

014 - Multnomah Arts Mammoth

SW 31st Ave, Multnomah, Portland, OR, US

Claimed by Dmkll1 2 years 8 months ago (15h 27m 11s since publication)

I am logging this for my grandson he is 6 and doesn’t have an account yet. I saw this tag post this morning and I told his father about it. ZekeMrCheke (Zeke) the grandson is a new Geocacher so his father the Muggle by the way, decided to take his sons to find the tag. Well my dad said to look on the poles so looked and couldn’t find it. Then I looked on the other side and saw bag with something in it. My dad said that I found it. Then we hopped back into the car and drove home.

015 - Wildlife Refuge Mammoth

OR-99W, Sherwood, OR, US

Claimed by Middleagespread 2 years 7 months ago (1h 10m 40s since publication)

We got the alert at 6am and immediately let the horses out, brought in the dog, grabbed some coffee and headed out. Now that we found the tag we can leisurely walk the trails and do some bird watching before finding needed caches in the area.

017 - View of the Steel Stacks

E 1st St, Bethlehem, PA, US

Claimed by Cachaholix 3 years 3 days ago (46m 27s since publication)

Woke up at 6am to see this mammoth was roaming around steel stacks! Came right here and caught him. Thanks so much for this woolly mammoth.

018 - Bethlehem Graveyard

Frontage Rd, Asbury, NJ, US

Claimed by Beaglebrigade4 2 years 7 months ago (5h 55m 19s since publication)

Saw this pop up this morning but i thought it would be extinct by the time i could get out there. a few hours passed and no one had claimed the mammoth but in geologic time it is but a second, so i set out on my mammoth mission. i was driving back in time down route 78 looking for the stomping grounds for the great beasts and as i approached their location, the exit was blocked. i wondered to myself if this was the reason that no one had gone hunting for the great creature. found a back way and parked - no one was in sight. was it claimed? had it moved on? walked over and discovered its hiding spot. it was hidden with some other cool prizes. thanks for the adventure back in time.

020 - Indian Tower

W High St, Nazareth, PA, US

Claimed by Pezgirl22 2 years 8 months ago (3h 39m 58s since publication)

Drove an hour and a half for this one. So happy no one beat me to it. Thanks to the hider😀

022 - Welcome to Ellendale

MN-30, Ellendale, MN, US

Claimed by Hoffer15 3 years 5 days ago (15h 21m 55s since publication)

I snuck up on him while he was dreaming of days gone past!! Saw this big guy or girl in a town I had not been so took a hour drive to visit tonight THANKS FOR THE FUN.

023 - Mammoth in hiding.

St Andrews Ct, Mankato, MN, US

Claimed by Mcast90 2 years 8 months ago (1d 1h 3m 22s since publication)

My dad has been wanting a mammoth for so long! Great little surprise for him to find on his bday weekend! Got up early and we made the trek south of the cities.

024 - Bridge hiding!

540 Ave, Austin, MN, US

Claimed by Loontrackers 2 years 7 months ago (3h 24m 59s since publication)

Ya. Saw this pop up in my area. On a very foggy morning, thought it was my turn to sneak myself a mammoth. I brought our pup along and she didn’t scare the mammoth off.

025 - The Workin’ Mamouth

Consul St, Oakland, Albert Lea, MN, US

Claimed by Sandcach 2 years 6 months ago (10d 1h 7m 9s since publication)

this is a fun game

027 - The Tortise & the Mammoth

Doolittle Rd, Woodbury, TN, US

Claimed by momndad2boys 2 years 11 months ago (15d 3h 35m 31s since publication)

After the Murf one didn’t pan out couldn’t wait to get this one. Haven't been out of the house since Tues when we check on the Murfreesboro tag again so it was good to get out. Love this tortoise and tried highlighting him on a puzzle final of ours. Might be a cache we checked on really close.

028 - Big Bone Cave

Bone Cave Mountain Rd, Bone Cave, TN, US

Claimed by mcghee1sn 2 years 10 months ago (2d 2h 41m 31s since publication)

This is my first Snag the Tag find! I happened to be off work today and wanted to give this one a shot. I was SO happy to find it! Thanks to whoever hid it.

029 - Steel Carcass Tag #29

Security Cir, McMinnville, TN, US

Claimed by darrindickey 2 years 9 months ago (4d 4h 31m 17s since publication)

Found exactly where described. Interesting vehicle.

030 - Mammoth's in the Heartland

N 14th St, Lincoln, NE, US

Claimed by J&LA 2 years 8 months ago (13h 51m 3s since publication)

Perfect place for a mammoth tag, and the BIG guy was wearing Husker Red. This was a really good find. Thanks for hiding one here.

032 - The Mammoth of the Swamp

Loleta Rd, Marienville, PA, US

Claimed by Dopey1963 2 years 10 months ago (1h 1m 30s since publication)

We were in town doing some camping for the up coming Memorial day weekend. I was up at 5:00am drinking some coffee and listening to the birds. At around 6:00am my phone went off letting me know I have got an email. While checking the email I realized that it was a Mammoth coin that was posted near my area. I googled the cords and it was 4.2 miles away by road. I was the only one up so I snuck in the vehicle and off I went. As I neared the area, I kept hoping that I would beat anyone else to the area. When I got to the spot where I had to get out of the vehicle and start looking for the tag, I saw that there was no other cars parked there. As I got over to the sign I looked in a couple spots with no luck. Looked in a couple other spots, still no luck, HMMMM! Did someone already get it and leave. It has only been 25 min since it posted. Darn, was feeling kinda bummed when I decided to look from a different angle when I noticed a spot that looked different and BOOOM!!! There it was finally found a Mammoth!!! This one is by far my favorite so far. Thank so much to the hider and the Snag the Tag team.

033 - Hungry Mammoth!

County Rd 1027, Brockway, PA, US location_on N 41 16.008, W 078 56.746 local_parking N 41 16.005, W 078 56.727

Wolly was out for a walk when his belly growled. He decided to stroll down to the water for a drink and some fresh fish to eat when all of a sudden a couple cars came by and scared him under the structure! He is hiding until you scout out the area and let him know that it ok to come out. Take him home and get him something to eat and keep him safe.

034 - Matthew Mammoth Visits Parker Dam State Park

Laurel Ridge Rd, Penfield, PA, US

Claimed by drneal 2 years 7 months ago (6h 25m 52s since publication)

a nice hiding place in an area I've gone fishing several times. The rain was pouring down, but I was determined to find the tag. The way things are going so far this summer, this might be the highlight of my year . Thanks !

035 - Marlin the Mammoth visits the Tannery

1st St, DuBois, PA, US location_on N 41 07.900, W 078 45.440

Marlin was out for an early morning walk and stopped to take in the view of the Tannery. It was a little foggy this morning but was the perfect temp. Somebody was coming by on their bike and Marlin decided to hide. He can be found in a silver magnetic baggie.

037 - The Mt. Morris Fountain

NY-408, Mt Morris, NY, US

Claimed by chickenelbows 3 years 2 weeks ago (3h 50m 24s since publication)

Took the day off to do yard work, but since it was still frosty out decided to hunt woolly mammoths. For such a big animal it eluded me for awhile since it blended in so well. Thanks for the tag! Chickenelbows

038 - The Mt. Morris War Memorial

Genesee Valley Greenway, Mt Morris, NY, US

Claimed by allyn birch 3 years 1 week ago (55m 45s since publication)

Two days ago, I was working at home when I received 2 separate text messages about a Wooly Mammoth in Mt. Morris! How did I not hear the trumpet blast?! Sure enough, had missed all mention of this, as I was getting ready for my first day of working at home. Yesterday, we got up, got dressed, and waited. NOTHING! CRAP! Today, I heard it! The wife said GO! And so off I went! I knew the area and was glad that the local police were NOT sitting here today - it is one of their favorite spots to catch the speeders. Parked and headed out. Phone GPS took me to the flag in the middle. Looked around it and the giant star. NOPE. Wandered out and then back to same spot. Returned to vehicle, got out GPS, input coordinates and followed that to a spot about 20 feet away. Then, something clicked and I checked the small standing monuments to each war. CLINK! Wait, where did it go?! THERE! It blew a gentle trumpet at me as I picked it up off the ground! Texted the wife and headed back home! GREAT WAY TO START THE DAY! Think I know the hider, too! ;)

039 - The Mt. Morris Walking Bridge Over The Genny

Sickles St, Mt Morris, NY, US

Claimed by Squatch Bait 3 years 1 week ago (4h 16m 16s since publication)

Saw this published when I got up. Made the dash out from Rochester.HAPPY DANCE!!!

040 - The Torture Tree

NY-39, Leicester, NY, US

Claimed by ttomw 3 years 1 week ago (12h 36m 26s since publication)

Wife "C" and I took a ride down from Rochester with the geopups this afternoon. Was surprised to find this one unfound several hours after publication.

042 - Yabba Dabba Do!

W Park Pl, Emerson Garfield, Spokane, WA, US

Claimed by Rfyooper88 3 years 1 week ago (36m 46s since publication)

I got one!! Love snag the tag and the thrill of the first to find. Was just getting off the phone with my mom when this published. I figured that I had a pretty good chance at this one due to how close I live and the time of the morning. (Was getting ready to go to work) Threw my flip flops on and out the door I went to snag this tag! Thank you also goes to the hider who watched this like a hawk due to the location!

043 - Lyuba

S Keeney Rd, Spokane, WA, US

Claimed by Silly_Me 3 years 1 week ago (50m 36s since publication)

Gotta get up way to early for these.

044 - Mort The Mammoth Goes to Latah

N Pine St, Latah, WA, US

Claimed by Ibking 2 years 10 months ago (1d 10h 32m 43s since publication)

Nice little park it needed a new home wss kind-of lonely

045 - Mack the Mammoth goes to the MAC

W 1st Ave, Browne's Addition, Spokane, WA, US

Claimed by Dennyv180 2 years 8 months ago (13h 0m 44s since publication)

Great spot for one of these. Have to come back when it’s open.

047 - Manson Mammoth

WA-150, Chelan, WA, US

Claimed by trapper and me 3 years 2 weeks ago (2h 2m 58s since publication)

Beautiful drive this morning from Okanogan for this one. Took one hour to get here and it was still here

048 - Das Mammut

9th St, Leavenworth, WA, US

Claimed by Dicentra 3 years 1 week ago (5h 5m 41s since publication)

I didn't even get to finish my coffee first. Headed out first thing this morning to grab this one!! Weird... No muggles in the middle of down town Leavenworth. Spooky.

050 - Lulu the Mammoth

Republican St, SLU, Seattle, WA, US

Claimed by Qaz&Kids 2 years 10 months ago (14m 33s since publication)

:) right place right time. I was driving to work and just happened to see the notification pop on the phone. What do you know, it was only 2 exits ahead of me:) I searched the area I spotted in the pic and came up empty but thankfully, there was more than one bench. It was a quick find. What a perfect spot to place a mammoth tag. I'll have to return when they are open.

052 - A Mammoth Exposition -

E 9400 S, Sandy, UT, US

Claimed by Rainbow Forest 2 years 7 months ago (8h 38m 53s since publication)

This mammoth is found, and he’s extremely cute. Thank you so much!

053 - Mammoth Watering Hole

S 900 E, Salt Lake City, UT, US

Claimed by GirlNTruck 2 years 9 months ago (4h 22m 36s since publication)

quickly walked too. Lady blocking off area. Love farmer market.

054 - A Mammoth Piece of Artwork

E Porter Way, Tooele, UT, US

Claimed by Kate8Kate 3 years 5 days ago (2h 6m 44s since publication)

One of my favorite thing about this type of game, is you find things you never knew existed. I looked for the Mammoth based on the picture clues, but it was gone. I was a little disappointed, but then had the thought to look around a little more. I found it in the grass right there. Feeling Lucky!

055 - Even a Mammoth deserves a spa day!

Tooele, UT, US

Claimed by Jecepe08 2 years 8 months ago (2h 52m 33s since publication)

Found it with my dog

057 - Viles Arboretum

State Rte 9, Chelsea, ME, US

Claimed by UnicornFartSprinkles 2 years 8 months ago (2d 6h 54m 22s since publication)

This was a nifty one. Took me a while to find though but I found it nonetheless!

058 - Moosehead Trail

Moosehead Trail, Newport, ME, US

Claimed by mainiac1957 2 years 8 months ago (7h 12m 50s since publication)

I live here in Maine, but I was over in Vermont this morning. Hoping I could grab it on my way home. Success!

059 - Bjorn Park

ME-27, Farmington, Chesterville, ME, US

Claimed by Ld2005 2 years 8 months ago (1d 13h 28m 47s since publication)

It was very easy to fine.

060 - Wildlife Park

Game Farm Rd, Gray, ME, US

Claimed by Porphyrion 2 years 8 months ago (4h 2m 14s since publication)

The flowers looked pretty at this location as it was nice and sunny!

062 - Dog Bite Mammoth

NE 4th St, Powell Valley, Gresham, OR, US

Claimed by Flyingk2006 2 years 7 months ago (2d 2h 39m 19s since publication)

It was a fun lil hide.

063 - Shipwreck Mammoth

Seabeck Hwy NW, Seabeck, WA, US location_on N 47 38.482, W 122 49.645

Shipwreck Mammoth got his name because well, the ship his bones were sailing on, went aground on the heartless rocks of Seabeck

065 - OLAF Mammoth

King Olaf Vei, Poulsbo, WA, US

Claimed by Deadmouse 2 years 7 months ago (12h 25m 6s since publication)

Awesome here from Ohio!

067 - Mammoth In the Mud

S Kingston Rd NE, Kingston, WA, US

Claimed by Lillysong 2 years 10 months ago (7h 5m 9s since publication)

Got woken up today by my mother SeabeckTribe to go with her to get this tag. We took the back roads it was a really beautiful day! Almost makes up for being woken up! It's the baby's first find! Had to sit down for a moment due to baby kicking and we found the mammoth!

068 - Kitsap Lake, a Watering Hole?

Kitsap Lake Rd NW, Bremerton, WA, US

Claimed by Seabecktribe 2 years 10 months ago (2h 6m 5s since publication)

I woke up this morning and saw a notification that there was a tag really close by my house. I jumped up got dressed through the harnesses on the dogs and headed out oh yeah didn't even wash my hair or bathe this morning. Got to Ground Zero saw how busy it was with a lot of people out fishing today. Actually ran into a person that I knew they were just coming out because the fish has not been biting. Finally figured out where I needed to go felt up the rock yeah little creepy but still no luck. I kept looking at the pictures looking at the Rock sticking around just about ready to give up. I decided to go around to the back side of the rocks and give it one more try using my stick I dug around a little bit more and bingo the little guy came out of hiding. I suspected he was under the moss the whole time but I didn't think about going down low and looking under the moss. I realized when I pulled up that I needed my cast for the park but it's sitting on the table at home. Guess I need to throw it into my purse so I have it next time

069 - Land Bridge

Paradise Bay Rd, Port Hadlock, Port Ludlow, WA, US

Claimed by Makana50 2 years 10 months ago (8h 56m 55s since publication)

Saw this publish before work. Was able to get out here o lunch break! Thanks so much. This is a cool looking tree!

070 - A Hidden Gem.

Shorewood Dr, Bremerton, WA, US

Claimed by H2SG2 2 years 10 months ago (4h 8m 1s since publication)

So many places to search with such a beautiful view. Took a little sleuthing but we came up with find!

072 - Max needs meds

Cheney Spokane Rd, Cheney, WA, US location_on N 47 30.053, W 117 33.725

YAY, Max did not have covid he just has a sinus infection. That trunk of his causes problems but he will be better in a few days. Hint: Under a rock.

073 - Max is hungry

S Lundstrom St, Airway Heights, WA, US

Claimed by Orky99 2 years 8 months ago (3h 53m 29s since publication)

Max was hidden quite well. Definitely took turning over quite a few stones. Thanks for the game.

074 - Max wants a drink

Centennial Trail, Nine Mile Falls, WA, US

Claimed by lovessmiles 2 years 8 months ago (5h 15m 33s since publication)

Glad someone hadn't snagged the tag before I got here. Quite steep at the end!

075 - Max is sick

Cedar St, Cheney, WA, US

Claimed by Rick Kinnie 2 years 8 months ago (2h 16m 56s since publication)

I was out for a walk when Max got posted not to far away. There he was feeling better.

077 - Greece Canal Park - The Lodge

Erie Canal Heritage Trail, Greece, NY, US

Claimed by rainbowfish 2 years 8 months ago (1h 58m 12s since publication)

Very excited to snag this tag. Thank you!

078 - Powder Mill Park - The Hatchery

Corduroy Rd, Pittsford, NY, US

Claimed by hjathome 2 years 8 months ago (3h 7m 32s since publication)

I found it.

079 - Webster Park - The Pier

County Rd 1, Webster, NY, US

Claimed by Dntokens 2 years 8 months ago (13h 11m 1s since publication)

Still noticed this had not been found so I decided to give it a try after work today. After a considerable search I found this elusive mammoth and brought him home. Special thanks to the hider for the fun.

080 - Black Creek Park - The Boat Lunch

Clifton, NY, US

Claimed by Sassyoctopus 2 years 8 months ago (3h 44m 16s since publication)

I was able to snag this with the help of some friends 😊

082 - The Mumak of Harad - "Mr. Frodo, look! It's an Oliphant!"

I-35, Davis, OK, US

Claimed by TheTrashPanda 3 years 1 week ago (13h 13m 42s since publication)

There I sat, pondering on these ancient tales of a place with unknown adventures, yet familiar in some way. The darkness had spread its cloak over the lands and its dangers were known to me, the elders would applaud my wisdom in the decision to stay in my hut. Yet, I can’t shake that thought, like a thorn, it draws my thoughts annoyingly, “What value does life have if not wagered?” As others slept, I began my journey. My travel companion, Shevee, was not pleased to be woke, but South we went, South to where the stories are. The journey was mild, and did not prepare me for my arrival. In awe, I stood at the lane’s edge, staring at all that remains of the old Arbuckle Ferry Man. His spine, now turned to rock, jutting out of the Earth as a silent witness to all that pass by so effortlessly. His memories have vanished, the stories of this giant who carried travellers over the mountain have faded. Only the ravens remember. Up his back I climbed. Here I stand, the place I foolishly desired to be. My sight has left me, only the creatures around me have vision under this cloak! Shevee is resting in a field of asphaltia nearby, hopefully prepared for a quick retreat from this place, I must see. The lantern! I brought my lantern! Bright and inspiring, this small thing has brought power to me, as those creatures now distance themselves, my path is clear, I see where I must go. What’s this? Relics, trinkets, items, gifts of honor to the old Ferry Man left by travellers! They remember! The stories are true! Excitement fills me and the ancient mountain carries my laughter to others that may need it. This is not a place to be selfish though, I must pay the Ferry Man. I leave a coin I have carried long enough to have memories inside it, and I take a token from another time when mammoth’s roamed this old place, their likeness molded into a coin. Shevee is motivated by my return, the thought of heading home causes him squeel. Upon arriving home I realize no one knows I was gone. Who will believe my story? They will tell me it was a dream! It happened though, I know it did, I remember, and here I sit, pondering.

083 - The Bone Wars - Red River Rivalry

I-35 Frontage Rd, Callisburg, TX, US

Claimed by Team Gilo 3 years 2 days ago (1d 2h 49m 21s since publication)

Long drive but a fun find. OKC, we are headed back. This one had lasted a day without a finder so I knew Jan wanted to go after it. I asked her if it is still available in the morning, did she want to go after it? She replied affirmatively. We left home about 6:30 am. After about Pauls Valley, we ran into rain. Showers were off and on all the way. When we arrived at GZ, the rain had let up. I was fascinated with how much water was in the river. Jan soon had the prize in hand so we were free to grab a few caches in Texas and OK and it was then time to head home. We went through spotty rainstorms all day. A great time was had and yes you are right, much better than the 300+ miles to the last snag a tag we went after. Thanks so much for your contributions to the sport we love!

084 - The Temple of the Earth Shapers

W I- 35 Frontage Rd, Edmond, OK, US

Claimed by jlcvwbus 3 years 3 days ago (4h 50m 51s since publication)

Wow! What a fun find on a Sunday Morning! It was filled with ruins and exotic animals. Lucky for me I was able to sneak past them by crossing the river and avoiding the falls. THANK YOU for the hide!

085 - Blackwater Draw - Mammoths and the Earliest New World Occupation

NM-467, Portales, NM, US

Claimed by Memphisk21308 2 years 10 months ago (13d 6h 7m 49s since publication)

My granny found a tag in TN and I wanted one. She told me how to look for tags on the map. When I saw this one on the way to New Mexico my mom drove down here and let me find it. My mom and I go geocaching with my granny sometimes so we were excited about finding this Mammoth. Thank you to the hider.

087 - Follow The Light

S High St, Lafayette, OH, US

Claimed by Hanz&heather 3 years 3 days ago (7h 7m 48s since publication)

Came from Mansfield on a windy day. Thanks for the hide

088 - Light the Way

S High St, Lafayette, OH, US

Claimed by G.O.Cashing 2 years 10 months ago (4h 39m 37s since publication)

Woke up to a notification that a tag was within reach. Hopped out of bed and made the drive from Paulding, OH!

089 - One of these?

N Eastown Rd, Lima, OH, US

Claimed by Geo Grammy 3 years 3 days ago (10h 13m 48s since publication)

Easy find on this cool very windy day. Thank you for the Mammoth Tag.

092 - Fish Park Mud Flats

NW Lindvig Way, Poulsbo, WA, US

Claimed by Aliencat 2 years 10 months ago (10h 14m 6s since publication)

Was surprised it was still there when I got off work. Haven't been down this path before. Thanks

093 - Fossilized Mammoth Droppings?

Phelps Rd NE, Bainbridge Island, WA, US

Claimed by boshea 2 years 9 months ago (2d 14h 14m 9s since publication)

Noticed this one this morning, pretty sure I've found caches right here in the past, but now am living on the other side of the Sound. When it wasn't claimed by the time I finished work, I set out - just barely caught the ferry from Seattle, made the quick find, returned by way of Tacoma. Very nice, thanks!

094 - A Fossil on A Fossil

Clear Creek Trail, Silverdale, WA, US

Claimed by Bugs59https://highlo 2 years 10 months ago (7h 3m 27s since publication)

Was afraid this one would be gone since I had to school the grandkids this morning.

095 - Where The Mastadon Died, Like, For Real

Lester Way, Sequim, WA, US

Claimed by PeachofWA 2 years 9 months ago (1d 10h 31m 34s since publication)

Saw this tag post last night and put a watch on it for this morning, and if it had not been claimed, then Peach was going to drive from Kent to try and get it. She apologizes for the slower post than she planned but her phone would not let her post instantly in Sequim, as she tried to post it as soon as it was picked up. She tried again in Shelton with no luck. Finally, when she returned home, she was able to post from Kent. When she arrived at the coordinates, she thought for a few minutes that she was too late after looking at the pictures, particularly in the tree, but looked down on the ground and saw it laying there. An apology to the other cacher, ThrYar, who also attempted to get this today, but I could not post any sooner. Peach remembers that she and Pete found a Traditional cache at this location many years ago on one of our annual trips to Sequim.


Griggs Rd, Lawndale / Wayside, Houston, TX, US

Claimed by Eric1701 2 years 4 months ago (3h 38m 45s since publication)

Found this one! It was right where it was supposed to be. Unfortunately I am a little late logging it because I got side-tracked. Sorry for the few that came out also!

102 - This Mammoth Loves Texas BBQ

TX-1604 Loop, Adkins, TX, US

Claimed by Reynfamily 2 years 9 months ago (1d 1h 37m 4s since publication)

Took a little trip to find this rarest of creatures! Will have to bring the whole family back out for some eats!

103 - Mammoth Roams the Crown

Luskey Blvd, Northwest Side, San Antonio, TX, US

Claimed by zippertiff 2 years 9 months ago (1d 1h 54m 15s since publication)

I was lucky enough to be on summer vacation this week with my family when this one published. It was about an hour drive to get here and the prize at the end was well worth the travel. The hike in this park was very enjoyable and it ended with a great big smile for me as I have chased tags like this before without success. I never saw the hint arrow made with rocks but I managed to find the mammoth anyway after a short search. Hopper the traveling frog wanted in on the photo action - LOL! Thank you to the hider for adding some adventure to my vacation.

104 - Windows to Our Heritage- Mission Road

US-90, Lone Star, San Antonio, TX, US

Claimed by CrazyChickC 2 years 9 months ago (1h 4m 37s since publication)

It's amazing the hidden and forgotten art gems. There are in San Antonio. I am learning new spots all the time. Thanks for participating and bringing me here, on my bday.


North Central, San Antonio, TX, US

Claimed by huggles44 2 years 10 months ago (2h 59m 47s since publication)

A beautiful morning to be mammoth hunting after the rains last night. This spot where he was resting is so beautiful. Thanks for hiding him and glad that the games have resumed. My very first Snagged Tag. Wahoo!!

107 - Ice Age Trail

Orben Dr, Landing, Roxbury Township, NJ, US

Claimed by Chrmdome 3 years 2 weeks ago (1h 53m 14s since publication)

The Woolly Mammoth is alive and well in NJ!!! He looks healthy, no fever, no temperature. He asked to shelter in place at our house. We have granted him use of our back yard and he has agreed to practice social distancing. Thanks for the fun!!!

108 - Floodplain Mammoth

Franklin Ave, Rockaway, NJ, US

Claimed by CacheMoneyHustlas 2 years 10 months ago (3h 24m 37s since publication)

Snagged it!!! I figured for sure that I would be too late, but I'm guessing that Mother's Day worked to my advantage today!! Thanks so much for the awesome fun and for getting my heartbeat going today!!

109 - Mammoth cave

S Sunnyside Rd, Hibernia, Rockaway, NJ, US

Claimed by Tyva28 2 years 9 months ago (5h 53m 39s since publication)

We planned to go out today and didn't know where. This was just published and it gave us a direction to travel. The parking lot was full and off we went after I figured out a way to get the coordinates in a compass. It was the strangest thing to feel the air get soo cold as we approached the cave entrance. I got a little chilly on this nearly 90 degree day. Using the hint it was an easy find. Perfect temperature for the Wooly Mammoth.

110 - The Liffy Mammoth

Mason St, Lake Hopatcong, Jefferson, NJ, US

Claimed by houdini 2 years 7 months ago (4d 11h 54m 12s since publication)

I saw this get published last week and didn't expect it to still be there this week when I was finally in the area to grab it. Found it quickly then made the hike around the island to explore.

112 - Jefferson’s Mammoth

St Charles, MO, US location_on N 38 46.383, W 090 28.937

President Jefferson was hoping Lewis and Clark might find living mammoths on their journey. We’re all disappointed they didn’t. I’m now able to rectify that. Behind downspout pipe on NW corner

113 - Fellow Tusks

Charles J Becker Dr, Imperial, MO, US

Claimed by Quailman2 3 years 5 days ago (7h 11m 52s since publication)

Drove back to look after being nudged. Yes, it WAS there and no state park employee watching this time. Thanks for the hide.

114 - Not quite the same thing...

Seckman Rd, Imperial, MO, US

Claimed by Jpark2003 3 years 3 days ago (11h 16m 0s since publication)

Phoned my sister who lived near by, she grabbed the kids for a fresh air walk and made the find!! So a FaceTime search and find!

115 - Modern Relatives

Government Dr, St. Louis, MO, US

Claimed by TeamBMZ 3 years 6 days ago (1h 55m 38s since publication)

Saw this one had posted as the alarm went off to start the day. Hurriedly did my morning responsibilities and off to give chase. I figured another chaser in the area would have already been on the way but I had to try. Arrived at ground zero and not another soul in sight. Sure enough there he was just waiting. Thanks for the tag and the fun run for today!

117 - Blue Pyramid Mammoth

Long Beach, CA, US

Claimed by VentureVal 2 years 8 months ago (10h 27m 3s since publication)

Raced down here from Santa Ana after reading my emails late in the day. So happy that it is still here. Yahoo!! Thank you so much!!

118 - Mammoth in Fillmore

Fillmore, CA, US

Claimed by qbee37 2 years 8 months ago (1d 8h 38m 6s since publication)

Well how could I miss it? I mean its presence loomed quite large. In fact, I suspect people from miles around saw it. But they weren't quick enough, so it's coming home with me. Sure hope Costco has mammoth supplies of mammoth feed!

119 - Mammoths in Blue Jay Village

CA-189, Blue Jay, Lake Arrowhead, CA, US

Claimed by BigDaddyGRC 2 years 8 months ago (4h 29m 28s since publication)

Great! I made the find but almost felt like it was going to a 0 for 2 in the last couple of weeks. I decided i was going to take the morning off to extend the 4th of July weekend with a drive to Blue Jay for the elusive tag. I took the beautiful hour drive up to the mountains through Green Valley making my way to GZ. I took a quick peek for something noticeable but found nothing. I then started feeling around and felt what I was seeking for, a baggie with the tag!!! Damn! Glad it was there! My last run for the tag was unsuccessful. The tag was missing but instead found a piece of an eraser in a baggie instead. Not this time!!! Thanks for the placement!!! Awesome!!

120 - Mammoths at the L.A. Zoo

Crystal Springs Dr, Los Angeles, CA, US

Claimed by Socalgirls 2 years 8 months ago (1h 17m 51s since publication)

Glad I spotted this mammoth. Said hi to all the animals I couldn’t see on the other side of the wall.

122 - Prehistoric-Like

Northlake Blvd, Palm Beach Gardens, FL, US

Claimed by Pefgy 3 years 1 week ago (3h 9m 42s since publication)

woohoo!! Snagged on a sunny Sunday! Thanks for the easy placement! Too funny on the alcohol swab. 😃👍

123 - Up A Tree

Boynton Beach, FL, US

Claimed by Fishnfla 2 years 9 months ago (39m 37s since publication)

Was at the beach when this published. Ran over and snagged it.

124 - Undisturbed

E Ocean Ave, Lake Worth, FL, US

Claimed by Lunasphere 2 years 9 months ago (1d 4h 55m 31s since publication)

Drove up from Broward, wondering why it wasn’t found yet. Approaching it, couldn’t believe a mammoth could hide in such a tiny tree. Must be magical invisibility cloak! Expecting to find it missing, amazed to see it right in front of my face!! Almost fooled by green tape with no mammoth inside. Thank you to the hider. My daughter will love it! She studies BONES, ancient and modern!

125 - Put Me In Coach

NW 31st Terrace, Boynton Beach, FL, US

Claimed by Diane 2 years 9 months ago (3h 9m 13s since publication)

My first one. Thanks

127 - Mammoth takes a snooze

Big Rapids, MI, US

Claimed by tazk 2 years 8 months ago (8h 45m 19s since publication)

Live in Grand Rapids but this morning got the notification of this snagthetag. Well was heading this way at noon to camp in Morley and after unpacking every thing for the muggle wife checked and the tag still wasn't snagged so made the quick 20 minute trip and sure enough tag was still there. TFTF. tazk

128 - Searching for a Blizzard

OH-598, Galion, OH, US

Claimed by Green Grower 2 years 8 months ago (1h 11m 55s since publication)

Thanks for the Mammoth. Picked it up at the DQ before breakfast. Thanks for dropping it.

130 - Over looking fossils of another kind

N Frontage Rd, Yuma, AZ, US

Claimed by Nellie 3 years 1 week ago (11h 31m 11s since publication)

We had a lot fun finding this ,it is our 1st time with these.

131 - Tree Climber

S Ave 14 E, Yuma, AZ, US

Claimed by HTBob 3 years 1 day ago (1d 14h 39m 44s since publication)

Well, timing is everything. I wasn't able to get the one or two that were nearby where I live, so I happened to be in southern AZ today and this was just too tempting to resist. Thanks for hiding!

133 - These Tracks Aren’t Mammoth

Sequalitchew Creek Trail, DuPont, WA, US

Claimed by Kaydekay 2 years 10 months ago (1d 8h 20m 8s since publication)

Whoooo!! It was still there and now it's mine! Thank you to the hider for contributing to the game!

134 - Tree In A Tree

Sequalitchew Creek Trail, DuPont, WA, US

Claimed by Ruggedjoe 2 years 10 months ago (3h 56m 2s since publication)

After looking for the other one farther down this trail and coming up empty handed we found this one. Thank you.

136 - Mammoth Song

Paint Branch Trail, Berwyn Heights, MD, US

Claimed by hopupoffme 3 years 6 days ago (6h 11m 19s since publication)

I got the alert while sitting on the couch and had nothing but social distancing on the agenda, so I packed up my 3-yr old and jumped in the car. This was his first “long walk” without the stroller and he did pretty good...until he jumped in the water to try to catch the ducks. We also saw what I think was a baby beaver. He was happy to take two yellow golf balls (one for each pocket) home with us too. Thanks for hiding! This mammoth trackable with join the others from snag the tag: the ninja and the zombie.

137 - Astrodon Johnstoni's friend

Brickyard Blvd, Montpelier, South Laurel, MD, US

Claimed by simmsquest 3 years 1 week ago (2h 15m 11s since publication)

I know this site well , it’s a perfect place for the wooly mammoth release. Found at 815. Now I just need to figure out what to do with it 🦕 🦖. Thank you so much to the hider for placing near the Dinosaur park .

139 - Where I use to roam

AB-9, Drumheller, AB, CA

Claimed by Three Stars 2 years 7 months ago (1d 13h 32m 1s since publication)

After it was published drove past it three times. And since it was still not claimed tonight decided to stop and get it. The Mammoth left a path through the gras to its hiding spot. And left some blood at the barbwire fence on the way to the tag.

140 - Home on the Range

AB-7, Black Diamond, AB, CA

Claimed by 2 years 7 months ago (1d 7h 20m 1s since publication)

I wasn't sure if the coords were for parking or the treasure! But I found it in the first spot I looked! Thanks

142 - Mammoth at the Rattlesnake

WA-240, Sunnyside, WA, US

Claimed by Kill_switch 3 years 1 week ago (3h 11m 48s since publication)

Nice morning for a drive. Pretty easy to keep your social distance out here. Thanks for the hid.

143 - Mammoth Overlook

Locust Grove Rd, Kennewick, WA, US

Claimed by TeamPAST 3 years 1 week ago (7h 0m 47s since publication)

I absolutely cannot believe this poor little guy sat for so long alone among the rocks overlooking Kennewick. I had to be at work at 3AM today and never even thought to look for an email till I had a break around 9 and there he was just sitting there waiting me. The family was feeling the effects of cave fever so we set out on a journey to find our new friend wooly. Along the way we had to use extreme caution and distance ourselves from other natives who may or may not have been friendly. But alas once we got close to Wooly's location there wasn’t another person in sight. We gathered him up considered a quick bath and were on our way home. Thank you for placing this tag here. It brought a few moments of happiness to our family in a time when it was much needed.

145 - Native Animals

Lowe Park Entrance Rd, Marion, IA, US

Claimed by The Weasel 2 years 9 months ago (11m 8s since publication)

Awesome!!!! I didn't think one of these tags would ever pop up close to me enough that I could run out and grab one. Thanks for placing the tag in a very cool area!!

146 - Mount Mercy Mammoths

Ward Ct NE, Cedar Rapids, IA, US

Claimed by croling 3 years 4 days ago (33m 45s since publication)

I know this location well and even used to park next to this cool sculpture for many years. Found this nice coin with no issues! (Other than the rain!).

148 - Woolly Goes to the Overlook

PA-68, Huey, PA, US

Claimed by Sniperhunter19 2 years 10 months ago (40d 9h 25m 19s since publication)

Fun find loved the view!

149 - Redbank Valley Mammoth

PA-28, Fairmount City, PA, US

Claimed by sharon12 3 years 2 days ago (3d 7h 37m 11s since publication)

Yahoo! Drove just over an hour from Pittsburgh to find this Mammoth , Thanks for Tag

151 - Mammoth needs a Drink

SW 9th St, Moore, OK, US

Claimed by OleKim 3 years 1 week ago (10h 33m 2s since publication)

Thanks to divine providence (wink, wink), I returned to the park and put in a lot of extra effort. My wife captured it for posterity. It definitely made this afternoon's trip from Lawton worth it (and helped me realize I could still do some things I thought were no longer possible for me)! :-)

152 - Resting Mammoth

SW 104th St, South Oklahoma City, Oklahoma City, OK, US

Claimed by Spottypossy 3 years 5 days ago (1h 12m 17s since publication)

Saw this one publish this morning so after my wife left for work and I got dressed and ready I headed out was surprised it was still here.

154 - Just another Hole in the Wall

SE 29th St, Midwest City, OK, US

Claimed by aswepay 2 years 10 months ago (3h 36m 14s since publication)

Finally got one!! Thank you so much. Can’t wait to order the other piece.

155 - I hope you C the Tag

SE 119th St, Southeast Oklahoma City, Oklahoma City, OK, US

Claimed by TheSkeltons10 2 years 10 months ago (1h 46m 23s since publication)

So excited!! We love it!

157 - Island Mammoth

Willis, TX, US

Claimed by Belair30 2 years 9 months ago (29d 5h 20m 34s since publication)

Found on island

158 - MoCo Mammoth

FM 149, Montgomery, TX, US

Claimed by Ivanhoe42 2 years 8 months ago (4h 0m 19s since publication)

Thanks for the hide. Beautiful morning to drive this beautiful rural area. I saw the post for this early this morning and thought to myself that surely the folks in the Conroe are would beat me to it. So, went on my bike ride, came home and ate breakfast and all the while waited for the notice that it had been claimed. When I realized that it hadn't, I finally decided to go for it. It was a 50 minute drive from my area in Spring. The closer I got the more excited I got and hoped it was still there, and thankfully it was. The art work on that building is AWESOME. Thanks again! If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.

160 - Lone Star Hideout

Lone Star Hiking Trail, Montgomery, TX, US

Claimed by Godot 2 years 10 months ago (2d 11h 45m 52s since publication)

I decided to take the day to grab some letterboxes, then noticed that this tag was close to a cluster of LBs. Quite a great little bonus to the outing. Many thanks to the hider!

161 - VC Mammoth Tag

TX-105, Conroe, TX, US

Claimed by Team_Red_J 3 years 1 week ago (1h 45m 5s since publication)

Just a quick dash from Spring to Conroe to find this mammoth! Got to gz and made a quick find at 7:30 am.

166 - Kushiro

Centennial Way, Burnaby, BC, CA

Claimed by APlant4 2 years 9 months ago (1h 42m 52s since publication)

I gambled on this one, hoping that I could find it and get to work on time. Found it with success, now to get to work without a speeding ticket!

167 - Late to the Party

Front St, New Westminster, BC, CA

Claimed by buggirl1975 2 years 7 months ago (1h 10m 29s since publication)

Husband was snoring and couldn't get back to sleep. What better to do at 6:30 AM then try for a mammoth? Had to hurriedly find some clothes that weren't in the bedroom. One pair of pants and one tank top were found and were layered over PJ's and off I went. So stoked the New West FTF hounds weren't up yet. Thank you!!!


S Clark St, Maquoketa, IA, US

Claimed by Kermitt21 3 years 5 days ago (6h 40m 12s since publication)

This is my 1st ever Snag the Tag! I had the day off so I figured I'd make my way north to find this huge mammoth! It took me awhile to find and it would have taken me twice as long if it wasnt in the container it was in. Another place geocaching has brought me that I would have never been. I will definitely be back in the summer when it's open. Thanks for my 1st Snag the Tag experience!

170 - Find a Wooly

130th St, Delmar, IA, US

Claimed by GEOTRIBE 2 years 8 months ago (13h 3m 6s since publication)

Just when I thought all the Wooly Mammoths were extinct this fella pops up in one of my favorite cemeteries. Had to wait until after work to hunt down this beast. On the way over I was extremely anxious in wondering what I was going to find if anything since it published over 12 hours ago. Would it have moved on? Did someone already snag this? Upon searching GZ I found a container! What was in it? Nuts, fur, teeth, or the whole Wooly Mammoth itself?!? Thankfully it was the Mammoth!!! 🐘


WA-821, Yakima, WA, US

Claimed by PNWcarrots 2 years 10 months ago (1d 12h 3m 28s since publication)

I was overjoyed to find the tag and then distraught that the system said the code was invalid. With renewed hope, I would like to thank the following: the designers of the beautiful tag, the hard working souls who manage the game, the hider of my tag (great spot) and my dear hubby who drove out of the way to get me to the tag! We were in Ellensburg and this was so close! So huge thanks so much all around! The little guy needed refreshments after a long wait outdoors! See photo.

173 - Cushman Project Mammoth

N Standstill Dr S, Hoodsport, WA, US

Claimed by Sawwhetowls 3 years 1 week ago (1h 59m 34s since publication)

Got up early to find this little guy! Thanks for the hide. Beautiful area!

175 - Just a tag on a sign

Brimfield, IL, US

Claimed by Racer2814 2 years 9 months ago (4h 53m 49s since publication)

Out and about when I noticed this. Made the drive over to snag it. Thanks

176 - A Mammoth View

OK-49 Scenic, Medicine Park, OK, US

Claimed by rubiconlaw 2 years 9 months ago (6h 29m 58s since publication)

Had to wait until lunch. Thankfully, the lonely little guy was still hanging out at the refuge.

178 - Mr. Frozey Fossil visits the Manis Mastodon

Lester Way, Sequim, WA, US

Claimed by Mctiguetowne 3 years 2 weeks ago (2h 40m 58s since publication)

This was a great hide, and really what this game and geocaching as a whole is all about. Mr. Frozey Fossil brought me a whole 1hr and 27 min out of my comfort zone to guide me to this beautiful historic place where I imagined they once played as a child through these fields and had the time of their lives growing into the wooly they are today. Shout out to this hider and the Manis Mastodon. What are wonderful adventurous world we live in.

179 - Mr. Frozey Fossil Finds a Herd

US-395, Chewelah, WA, US

Claimed by EarthGurgleMama 3 years 1 week ago (5h 25m 35s since publication)

My GPS wasnt working, but I used Google maps and found it two minutes from my house. :)

181 - Mr. Frozey Fossil Goes to the Museum

E 15th Ave, Eugene, OR, US

Claimed by GeocoinGuy 2 years 9 months ago (14h 27m 33s since publication)

Saw a post in the FB Addicted Geocoin Group, and headed out after dinner. If there were supposed to be more of these... they are gone. This was the last one there. Tks. GeocoinGuy

182 - Mr. Frozey Fossil Finds Nothing but Disappointment

Westwind Trail, Ilwaco, WA, US

Claimed by ThrYar 2 years 8 months ago (4h 56m 32s since publication)

I was prepared to drive to ellensburg today but saved two hours each way when the published. Third try is the charm. Thanks for the tag! 🐘 Added a pic with the coin , thanks hider!

184 - The King of the Jungle

Old U.S. 27, Dewitt, MI, US

Claimed by Ranger sue 3 years 2 days ago (1d 8h 54m 5s since publication)

I found the tag mammoth but the paper fell into the mouth can’t get it out.

185 - Woolly Dirt Brown Mammoth (WDBM)- FM

Forest Rd, Meridian Charter Township, MI, US

Claimed by Trackersteam 3 years 3 days ago (5h 33m 32s since publication)

Blustery and windy day. We turned and waved, but you are probably not working on a Sunday. Excited to have found this. Thanks for the find!

187 - Wally the Woolly Pachyderm

White Rd, Saanichton, BC, CA

Claimed by hingis20 3 years 1 week ago (3h 48m 46s since publication)

Didn't see the notification until 2.5 hours after it came out so was a little worried he might be gone by the time I got down there but this little cutie was still there! Friendly too, no biting!

188 - Royal Mammoth

Government St, James Bay, Victoria, BC, CA

Claimed by the a-team 2 years 10 months ago (5h 40m 53s since publication)

I popped downtown to see if I could snag this guy. I found him hanging out right where he was described to be. This is the first tag I've been able to snag!

193 - Mississippi Mammoth

US-14, Washburn, La Crosse, WI, US location_on N 43 48.524, W 091 15.478

This mammoth decided he wanted to hang out along the Ole Mississippi River! This little guy can be found hanging out at the end of Cass street overlooking the river below the bridges.

194 - Visting relatives

US-14, Richland Center, WI, US

Claimed by hopelesslyaddicted 2 years 10 months ago (6h 35m 49s since publication)

Nice drive on roads I’ve never been on. Glad I found it!

196 - New Hampshire or Massachusetts

Nashua Rd, Pelham, NH, US

Claimed by happylilmamma 2 years 8 months ago (4h 15m 24s since publication)

Just learned about Snag The Tag yesterday. Signed up for alerts. Heard my telltale Geocaching email notification sound this morning. Looked at my phone assuming it was a new cache or someone had found one of my was a new Snag The Tag. "SERIOUSLY!! NO WAY!!" I exclaimed. I jumped off the couch, dragged a brush through my hair, got dressed, grabbed a protein bar, a drink and headed out the door. 30 minutes...will I make it first. Hey lady get out of my way! Man, another red light....come on!! I finally arrived. I could see some signs that a person had been there recently and my heart sank. I had to be sure and look for myself. Ok,what not there...grab a stick...move some more look...OH MY GOODNESS...I SEE IT!! I am sooo excited. Thank you!! (Kikiisme is my Geocaching name)

197 - Sandown NH Railway Station

Rockingham Recreational Trail, Sandown, NH, US

Claimed by Capt.america88 3 years 1 week ago (1h 42m 59s since publication)

Very cool place. I love trains. Thanks for the hide!

199 - FORE

Crystal Springs Quarry Dr, Maryland Heights, MO, US

Claimed by Ksloss 2 years 7 months ago (48m 26s since publication)

My first snagthetag find! I happened to be up and looking at Facebook when it was posted. Went out right away and snatched it. Thanks for the hide!

200 - Study Study Study

Bellerive Acres, St. Louis, MO, US

Claimed by Paulgracie 2 years 7 months ago (4h 59m 34s since publication)

After seeing so many tags publish in the St. Louis area and either being found before I woke up, being found before I made my way there, or going missing, I didn't think that I would have a chance to get a tag. Especially since the game was almost over. There is also usually not nearly as many in my area during one game. When I saw 2 publish this morning, even one on the umsl campus, where I am living, I knew that I had a shot. I saw the one in Maryland heights publish before I woke up. But after I got ready for the day, the one closest to me was still active. So I left right away and took the umsl shuttle to within a half a mile of the cache. It took a while to find, I even thought I might have to bushwhack. But that would have been the last resort. After looking high and low and all around, I found it. Tricky find. Found at 10:41 AM. Thanks for the tag.

202 - Mousam Mammoth

Deering Ridge Rd, Shapleigh, ME, US

Claimed by geokatcher 2 years 8 months ago (1d 7h 15m 25s since publication)

Beautiful spot! This is my first time playing Snag-the-Tag. Thanks!!

203 - Mammoth returns to Scarborough!

Desfosses Ave, Pine Point, Scarborough, ME, US

Claimed by pamburglar 2 years 9 months ago (7h 23m 6s since publication)

Went on a beautiful walk down part of the Eastern Trail I hadn’t been on since winter. I had a much easier time without the snow! Stopped to smell the flowers along the way, got to a dead end, and before I knew it I was participating in a prehistoric excavation. He was safe and sound. Cool spot!

205 - Forest Park Mammoth

Forest Rd, Fanwood, NJ, US

Claimed by Fur007 2 years 8 months ago (7h 36m 15s since publication)

Read the email that a mammoth was sighted in Fanwood, but I was all the way in Seaside Park. Thankfully, it was changeover day and the traffic North was absent. Hopped off the GSP and made the quick find! Thanks for placing this wooly beast here! Have missed so many around NJ and upstate NY, I feel super lucky today!

206 - Hugh Force Canal Mammoth

Mill Rd, Wharton, NJ, US

Claimed by Explorer 2 years 8 months ago (1h 27m 24s since publication)

I was out for a walk along the canal this morning when I got the email alert about this cute little mammoth sleeping by the lock. I had the lock in sight so made the brief walk over and started the search. Within a few minutes I had him spotted. I didn't expect to find one of these so close to home, as I have already missed out on a few in the area. Of course I couldn't remember my account info to log this from the area, so had to wait until i got home to claim my find. Thanks for hiding this one so close to home.

208 - Oak Harbor Park

SE City Beach St, Oak Harbor, WA, US

Claimed by Thundercity 2 years 7 months ago (11h 46m 49s since publication)

What a fun park! I can’t wait to spend more time here! Thank you for the great adventure!!


W Greenwood Rd, Spokane, WA, US

Claimed by Haminnaro 3 years 1 week ago (1h 8m 48s since publication)

My alarm went off at six and this email came through two minutes later. I got ready to go to work grabbed my lunch and out the door I went. I take I 90 pass this place on my way to work so a little detour was in order. Arrived at GZ and spotted what I was looking for. TFTF.


E Holman Rd, Spokane, WA, US

Claimed by Msb2017 2 years 10 months ago (3d 7h 0m 41s since publication)

My first one so I was very excited to be able to get this!!!

214 - Wetlands Mammoth

WA-203, Carnation, WA, US

Claimed by plr359 2 years 9 months ago (3h 20m 33s since publication)

Note later

215 - Stillwater Mammoth

Snoqualmie Valley Trail, Carnation, WA, US

Claimed by NepoKama 3 years 1 week ago (1h 44m 38s since publication)

Cold morning find with FenchurchE in the fog.


Freeman Ct, Schenley, Youngstown, OH, US

Claimed by PeterBoyBoyFloyd 2 years 7 months ago (1d 0h 18m 34s since publication)



US-62, Newport, Youngstown, OH, US

Claimed by steelersrull 2 years 7 months ago (7d 3h 8m 33s since publication)



Chapel Terrace Path, Athens, GA, US

Claimed by GeoMonkeyTiger! 3 years 1 week ago (6h 24m 41s since publication)

Wow! Didn't think I would get this!! The website for the gardens said they opened at 7, so I set out early this morning to make the grab! It is about 50 minutes from home, so it's not a short drive. When I got here, the sign at the gate said they wouldn't open until noon. I couldn't just hang out for 5 hours so I went back home. I couldn't decide if I was going to go back or not. About 11, I decided to go for it. I figured my chances were small since I had so far to go, but thought maybe the decently heavy rain would be a deterrent. I parked the car and didn't see any obvious geo mobiles nearby. I hiked the short distance to the site. The hint actually had me looking in the wrong places for a bit, but when I expanded my definitions and trusted to coords, I was rewarded with the tag!

221 - Star gazing Mammoth

GA-77, Hartwell, GA, US

Claimed by TeamSheppard 2 years 7 months ago (4h 5m 7s since publication)

Heard it dropped and even though it was 1-1/2 hours away from home and a dark and stormy night. I hoped and prayed that no one else was crazy enough to go after him. Worried the park gate would be locked and didn’t know if the creature was locked away behind the garden walk. The prehistoric gods were with me this night. Walked along the fence and found the garden gate open. I was able to grab this guy who was nestled dryly in the crook of a tree. Even grabbed the nearby geocache. Fun evening. Now to make the migration hone where a dry abode and clothing awaits.

223 - East meets West

W Rd, Ukiah, CA, US

Claimed by 007BigD 2 years 10 months ago (1d 10h 3m 19s since publication)

SNAGGED @3:40pm 2nd visit here today. 1st was a torrential downpour. had two Littles with me and Halo the pup. We searched in the heavy rain and decided to give it another try on the way back out. Sure nuff the rain has let up enough for us to rescue the mammoth from the tar pit of which it had been in for some time. Many thanks for placing it here. Made for a fun trip out this way for us and... WE SNAGGED A TAG! Till Next Time!

224 - Blue Lake Loch Ness

Blue Lakes Rd, Upper Lake, CA, US

Claimed by Silly_one_75 2 years 10 months ago (5h 4m 39s since publication)

Saw the alert come up and I was on it! Made the hubbs get up early and off we went looked for a few minutes and then there it was. Grabbed it and off we went. Whoohooo super excited to find it!

229 - Pinkie On Parade

TN-135, Algood, TN, US

Claimed by Carolina MOOn 3 years 1 week ago (9h 58m 12s since publication)

Bad stormy day...drove an hour to search. Awesome location

230 - Zoo Who?

South Nashville, Nashville, TN, US

Claimed by rachaelwbeard 2 years 9 months ago (1d 6h 2m 51s since publication)

Just lucky that this popped up yesterday. Kicked the log over and there it was. Cute little elephant. Fun game.

232 - A behemoth watching behemoths.

Winchester Rd, Memphis, TN, US

Claimed by Chembrat1021 2 years 7 months ago (21d 14h 36m 58s since publication)

Interesting game

233 - Harry takes a dip.

W Front St, Heber Springs, AR, US

Claimed by Batman1usa 2 years 7 months ago (5d 7h 13m 44s since publication)

Took some time but finally managed to get me one. Had to use some Geo-skills to retrieve it but got it done.

235 - A Mammoth View

Lake Easton State Park Rd, Easton, WA, US

Claimed by RCWard 2 years 9 months ago (7h 51m 35s since publication)

Saw this publish this Morning and saw that I was on our route to Seattle on our move from Utah to Guam. So I kept an eye on it throughout the day to see if anybody had found it and no behold nobody had found it I finally got to the coordinates. After watching out your tags near me and three different states I finally managed to get one before I was found. Thanks for putting this out! RCWard

236 - Mammoth visits the Dinosaurs

Burke-Gilman Trail, Fremont, Seattle, WA, US

Claimed by 2nd1of3 3 years 1 week ago (1h 1m 40s since publication)

Grabbed this after dropping my son off at the airport. Love the dinosaurs.

241 - Arizona Mammoths Found Here!

E Lehner Rd, Hereford, AZ, US

Claimed by felixrocks 2 years 9 months ago (15h 37m 47s since publication)

9:20 p.m. Yay... Metrorail & I saw this had published this morning, but we were in our hotel in Chandler about 200 miles away and 111 degrees outside, so it was a no go. At 5:00 p.m. we were waiting for dinner & saw this little guy was still not claimed so we decided to go for it. Finished up & hit the road. Very dark when we got here. Took a bit to find with a flashlight, but found it was. Now to drive back, should get to Chandler about 1:00 a.m. Thanks for placing this Mammoth to find. The placement could not have been more appropriate for the Mammoth Snag the Tag. Amazing history of the area. Thank you for bringing us here. Wish I could give a favorite point. [:D]

242 - Kartchner Caverns Mammoth Rocks!

AZ-90, Benson, AZ, US

Claimed by RS Arizona 2 years 9 months ago (1h 55m 8s since publication)

Heard about this game and have been looking for one of these Woolies within a reasonable driving distance of Tucson. This is one of my favorite state parks at the foot of the beautiful Whetstone mountains. Wasn't sure what to expect when I pulled up. The coordinates were right on for this but it took some scrounging around to make the find. The traffic going into the park was looking at me a little crazy. Finally peered into the correct spot and the coveted Mammoth was mine. Success! Thanks to whoever placed this for me to find. :)

244 - Wooly mammoth social hour

NW 82nd Way, Sunrise, FL, US

Claimed by Dockdog 2 years 8 months ago (2h 49m 58s since publication)

I was already in the area when this one popped up and I had a feeling where it might be. It was nice a quiet this morning so I had plenty of time to searsh. I snagged the Tag with in a few minutes. Thanks for hiding this one. A nice addition to my collection.

245 - Emo mammoth

Mariposa Ct, Riviera, Coral Gables, FL, US

Claimed by TheDeadpoolians 2 years 8 months ago (14d 10h 1m 47s since publication)

I came out on a mission to find this Emo friend. I heard he was feeling blue and was stuck down under. Found him! This is our first tag/geo coin and we are very excited to be part of a new aspect to the geocaching game!

247 - Ice age

S Military Trail, Deerfield Beach, FL, US

Claimed by Dolfinando 2 years 9 months ago (41m 32s since publication)

I saw this published this morning near the house so I detoured while heading to work and made the grab. I'll keep him chilled in my lunch cooler.

248 - Wool in sheep's clothing

NW 47th St, Lauderhill, FL, US

Claimed by ikolor 2 years 8 months ago (1h 14m 21s since publication)

I saw this publication this morning, hopped on my bike and rode over to where this woolly mammoth was hiding. Cute location!got the connection. Thanks for playing


Bilgers Rocks Rd, Grampian, PA, US

Claimed by HappyBrian 2 years 7 months ago (24d 15h 21m 59s since publication)

I'm new to SNAGTHETAG. My friend GreenNikki told me about it and I had to take part. She told me she had hidden one but left the location a mystery. I logged on today and realized it was extremely close to where I was! I looked at the pictures and knew exactly where it was. I had been here many times before but never near this amazing rock structure! I looked around for about 10 mins before I had the Mammoth in hand! Thanks GreenNikki for introducing me to a new aspect of thre game!

251 - PA's Oldest Mammoth?

Old State Line Rd, Waterford, PA, US

Claimed by markymark66 2 years 7 months ago (1d 1h 22m 18s since publication)

Made the 2 hour trip to find this!!

253 - Look under the skirt

Twin Brook, Chattanooga, TN, US

Claimed by BubbaBear332 3 years 1 week ago (2h 25m 45s since publication)

Yay I made the prehistoric find at 8:25!!!

254 - Stop don't go any further

Pleasant Grove Church Rd SW, Cleveland, TN, US

Claimed by JhaynesVFL 3 years 2 weeks ago (3h 31m 37s since publication)

Can’t believe we found this! We live almost an hour away and the drop was 2 hours old when I saw it! Neat hiding spot too.


Bass Pro Dr, Kodak, TN, US

Claimed by Redn3ck 2 years 7 months ago (9h 20m 18s since publication)

Well saw this pop up let yesterday evening and I woke up early figured why not give it a shot to try to see if I could find one so left the house about 3:30am and got there about 5 and had a look around and sure enuf it was still there Thank for the tag! My first one don’t know how I had never found this mini game for geocaching lol

257 - Mammoth...meets Mammoth...

Green Corner Rd, Hartford, TN, US

Claimed by Inspiritable 2 years 9 months ago (11h 32m 43s since publication)

Drove a little over an hour to find this guy hiding in some rocks!

259 - Padilla Shore

La Conner and Samish Rd, Mt Vernon, WA, US

Claimed by Lavendarpetals 2 years 8 months ago (1d 17h 13m 4s since publication)

Doesn't everyone Snag their Tag at night? Couldn't believe it was still there! Thanks.

260 - Gravel Pile Gone!

Pear Point Rd, Roche Harbor, WA, US

Claimed by Balkamper13 2 years 7 months ago (31m 52s since publication)

Just happened to be working down the road when this one popped up. Put work on pause to go hunt it down.

261 - Suburban Mammoth

Executive Park, BRWNSBORO VLG, KY, US

Claimed by ❤️thekitties 2 years 7 months ago (5h 7m 5s since publication)


263 - A Sweet Tusk

W Court Ave, Jeff, IN, US location_on N 38 16.424, W 085 44.586 local_parking N 38 16.427, W 085 44.586

Even prehistoric animals apparently have sweet cravings. This one has found a local sweet spot and hasn't left since. Better not leave him out there too much longer or you won't even be able to move him. He doesn't go far from the entrance hoping folks take pity and throw him a donut or cake. Be sure to wash it down with some coffee.

268 - Fossil Ridge

S Mall Dr, St. George, UT, US

Claimed by Scoutgma 3 years 1 week ago (1d 3h 43m 36s since publication)

Saw this pop up and even tho it is raining I had to see if it was still there. Bingo, my first snag a tag ever! Thanks

269 - Dinosaur Discovery Site

E Riverside Dr, St. George, UT, US

Claimed by StevensAdInfinitum 3 years 1 week ago (1d 2h 43m 17s since publication)

Found it with ease after wandering around for twenty minutes. I was way off!

271 - Wanapum Overlook

Royal City, WA, US

Claimed by Lindsayk 2 years 10 months ago (1d 11h 51m 27s since publication)

Spent about 20 minutes wandering about checking out the rocks - there's a Lot of them. Decided to go to the GPS coordinates and start there. The picture of the big rock on the page is a bit of an optical delusion. I was able to identify the smaller rocks and presto. About a 2 1/2 hour journey. Thanks

272 - Got water?

Highland Rd, Benton City, WA, US

Claimed by Mcushla 3 years 1 week ago (1h 31m 7s since publication)

It's a good thing I brought my own water !

274 - Charlie Mammoth

St Charles St, Rapid City, SD, US

Claimed by Holly 101 3 years 1 week ago (5h 29m 20s since publication)

Found him!

275 - Andy Mammoth

Founders Park Dr, Rapid City, SD, US

Claimed by shorty 605 3 years 1 week ago (1d 6h 25m 20s since publication)

I’m surprised it hadn’t been found so off I went. And found it first!!

277 - Greenback Castle

Russell Hollow Rd, Maryville, TN, US

Claimed by Leftpaw 2 years 10 months ago (3h 38m 18s since publication)

Awesome castle, had no clue it existed. Thanks for the awesome hide.

278 - Museum Worthy

Cir Park Dr, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, US

Claimed by Yomegranate&Ol'Fogie 2 years 9 months ago (11m 39s since publication)

I (Ol'Fogie) jumped outta bed to address another day of pushing Prozac and pickles. Just as I fired up the cachemobile I got the notice that this new tag had dropped. It was only slightly off my regular route, so I made the quick detour to campus to score the find! Between the early hour and the pandemic, I pretty much had the place to myself. Thanks for the tag, Norelkfiend!

280 - Cougar Park

35th Ave SE, Mill Creek, WA, US

Claimed by Emmilliam 3 years 5 days ago (52m 29s since publication)

Woohoo! Made the find. Thank you for placing the tiny mammoth! I left the container in place just in case you want it back.

281 - Heron Park

152nd Pl SE, Mill Creek, WA, US

Claimed by benandjayme 2 years 9 months ago (45m 14s since publication)

Snagged it! When the game entered it’s long pandemic pause we weren’t sure if we’d be able to get one of these tags. Not knowing how many tags remain, we pounced the opportunity to rush out the door for this one. After a short drive to parking we enjoyed the brisk early morning walk through the empty park. We quickly recognized the landmark tree from the photos and had the tag in hand soon. Thanks so much for placing this one!

283 - JFK overlook stump with a mammoth

Hatchery Rd, Heber Springs, AR, US

Claimed by timmyjray 2 years 8 months ago (10h 56m 42s since publication)

We noticed the tag posted 6 hours prior, it was three hours time for a road trip. Nice drive, beautiful view, collected prize after a short time looking, now three hours back to the home front.

286 - Mission Mammoth - Monarch Waystation

Gresham Ln, Murfreesboro, TN, US location_on N 35 51.293, W 086 26.858

Can you read the signs? No need to search in the gardens. Tag can be easily accessed from the path. Happy Searching!

287 - Mission Mammoth - Nature Center

Cedar Forest Rd, Lebanon, TN, US

Claimed by TFAL 2 years 10 months ago (57d 7h 3m 51s since publication)

Decided to drive up from Birmingham to see if this tag was still there. Found it after a brief search, right before a group came running up to play in the playground.

289 - Mammoth Rock

Nature Center Trail, Austin, MN, US

Claimed by TheCatFam 2 years 7 months ago (3h 20m 15s since publication)

This mammoth was found by some enthusiastic explorers at JC Hormel Nature Center in Austin MN under a mammoth sized rock! Lots of fun was had by all!

292 - Mammoths Like Moss & Canyons

Co Hwy 187, Trenton, GA, US

Claimed by JLMJ86 2 years 10 months ago (52d 5h 40m 26s since publication)

It took me 3 trips of coming over here and finding the entrance closed! I finally called and found out they were open so I made the trip and made the find!

293 - Mammoths Like Muskies

Co Hwy K, Boulder Junction, WI, US

Claimed by Crow-T-Robot 2 years 8 months ago (6h 9m 4s since publication)

Way cool! A long drive (3 hours), but I'm on vacation, so this was a fun day trip. Loved exploring the surrounding area. So many beautiful lakes and forested areas. There were lots of boats on the water and on a firecracker of a day like this, it just screamed summer fun. Tag was easily found.

295 - Hi and High

N Union St, Ponca City, OK, US

Claimed by zombiek1310 2 years 8 months ago (2h 38m 54s since publication)

Found on the way home from work!

296 - Waiting for help and protection

E Washington Ave, Arkansas City, KS, US

Claimed by Wall77 2 years 8 months ago (1h 49m 37s since publication)

Headed to town for a Dr. visit and saw this Wooly had published. Luckily it was still there!!!! Thank you

301 - Wilbur, the Woolly Mammoth Goes for a Drink

Seawall Dr, Port Acres, Port Arthur, TX, US

Claimed by Happyfeet71 3 years 6 days ago (2h 50m 13s since publication)

It was just hanging out in the park

302 - Save Weston, the Wooly Mammoth! HURRY!!!

Sugar Land, TX, US

Claimed by Kurosity 2 years 8 months ago (2h 29m 52s since publication)

Yay! First one and so excited. Got a bit dirty but glad I passed on the shower this am to run out here!!

304 - Mammoot

Jetstream Ct, Southbelt / Ellington, Houston, TX, US

Claimed by LuckyLaces 2 years 8 months ago (50m 44s since publication)

My dog Buddy and I were out for a walk and thought we would try for this one and it was still there!

305 - Wally

10th St, Stagecoach, TX, US

Claimed by [deleted] 2 years 5 months ago (67d 5h 4m 4s since publication)

HI, I am Wally the Woolly Mammoth. I roam the underground tunnels of Magnolia, TX. There are lots of secret chambers down here to hide in. I am excited to have knowledge of the snagthetag movement. I feel joining this secret group will enable me to finally get a forever home. Looking forward to my new digs. You can find me hanging out here.

307 - No Clearance Mammoth

Germantown Greenway, Germantown, TN, US

Claimed by Wrath557 2 years 8 months ago (12d 7h 37m 48s since publication)

Well this time i was victorious. After a "No Luck" last week, Eagle and I made our way out to GZ for a search. We searched high and low for 30 mins and still no luck. I think I need a refresher course on Geocaching because I must have looked at it 4 times and never saw it. Luckily with PAF, I was given a direction and saw it as I approached. Good hide!! Great location! Thanks for the fun! Happy Hunting!

308 - Mammoth in the Park

Overton Park Limestone Running Trail, Midtown, Memphis, TN, US

Claimed by bmiller 2 years 7 months ago (2d 8h 29m 0s since publication)

Found this little beauty stuck in a tree in Beautiful Overton Park in Memphis. Thank's so much to the hider! It was fun trying to find this Mammoth.

310 - Mamut in the Park

Oakbrooke Dr, North Little Rock, AR, US

Claimed by MathSeeker 3 years 5 days ago (8d 12h 55m 13s since publication)

How exciting! Woodwalker9 and I snagged this mammoth! The area was a little busy for social distancing, but we kept our distance and rescued Mamut from his hard labor.

311 - Enlightened Mamut

Johnson Dr, North Little Rock, AR, US

Claimed by Bonita10 3 years 1 week ago (53m 5s since publication)

I love going to the library, but this made it even more fun! Now I have to wait for the library to open. I will think of a name for my Mammoth in the mean time.😁

316 - A Mammoth Mistake

CT-85, Oakdale, Montville, CT, US

Claimed by Firefighter Skippy 2 years 8 months ago (7h 24m 20s since publication)

Got this after an hour drive.......trying to just stay ahead of the rain. Had some muggles sitting next to the spot eating ice cream in the drizzling rain.

317 - Woolly Stomping Grounds

Red Trail, Rocky Hill, CT, US

Claimed by MathAdams 2 years 8 months ago (1d 7h 17m 35s since publication)

I made a quick find right where the hint said. This is my first snag the tag to find. Not a sole around to hinder the search, seems the heat kept them away.

319 - Dinosaur Resource Center

US-24, Woodland Park, CO, US

Claimed by Panda413 2 years 9 months ago (3h 52m 28s since publication)

Didn't know if it would still be there as I was getting a late start. The way geocaches are found so quickly for the FTF I thought my chances were low. Took me a little bit once I got to GZ, but there it was, under a rock....the last place I looked! Thank you!

320 - Garden of the Gods Viewpoint

N 30th St, West Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs, CO, US

Claimed by CoSnowBunny 2 years 9 months ago (3h 20m 14s since publication)

We got up late, around 8:30. We weren't sure if we would get it on time, but we tried anyway. The entire ride was filled with suspense. As we turned every corner, we grew more excited especially since we did not see any cars on this less traveled road. When we got to the location, we frantically searched around hopeful that we would snag the tag. And sure enough, there it was hanging in the tree!

325 - Mammoth travels the Erie Canal

Co Hwy 20, Carroll, OH, US location_on N 39 49.041, W 082 44.195

Mammoth has traveled far and wide and ended up in a lock that used to be part of the Ohio and Erie Canals! Find me hiding in the lock!

328 - El Rojo's Mission Mammoth Tag

CA-33, Taft, CA, US

Claimed by m/jwolfe 3 years 1 week ago (9h 44m 26s since publication)

Nice trip out to Taft after work. A little difficult to retrieve but I got it. The photos were a definite give away. Thanks for the fun and the tag

329 - Bakersfield 9/11 Memorial Mammoth

Buena Vista Rd, Seven Oaks at Grand Island, Bakersfield, CA, US location_on N 35 20.582, W 119 07.715

Come find this Mammoth at the Bakersfield 9/11 Memorial. Are you in America or California?

331 - Montgomery Ranch

Taylor Ln, Grant, Redding, CA, US location_on N 40 31.264, W 122 28.699

Look for the suspicious pile of rocks!

334 - Mammoth Trail

Gulf City Rd, Southside Rural Community, Ruskin, FL, US

Claimed by Angelic13Momma 3 years 1 week ago (2h 25m 27s since publication)

Second try’s a charm. I drove for over an hour from Brandon for one in Spring Hill, only for someone to beat me by 15 minutes 😂. I updated alerts for my area and this one popped up! Rushed right over and caught a beautiful sunrise! Thank you!

335 - Mammoth Butterfly

75th Ave N, Pinellas Park, FL, US

Claimed by Foxy 3 years 1 week ago (3h 4m 14s since publication)

I was lucky enough to be in the area and saw this wooly mammoth was literally only a mile away from where I was.. had to fight to see in the rising Morning Sun to make the turn at the location, I was approached by someone not happy that someone used several inches tape to wrap the tag around the metal art work butterfly ( as they saw me using my car key to try to cut the tape off.. the word vandalism/police was brought up and I apologize profoundly that this person who hid it obviously doesn't know that . And threw a few more very sorrys out (that seem to ease thier mind and calm down a bit).. oh forgot to mention on the way back to the car I had three black cats run out around me in the parking lot where I parked...I don't know if that's a bad omen or a good one

337 - Woodsy Strip Mammoth

Prairie Trail, Coeur d'Alene, ID, US

Claimed by AmyGirl70 3 years 2 weeks ago (24m 4s since publication)

Wow. Can't believe my luck. Up here for an appointment and BOOM!! Got it. Thank you

338 - Stone Age Mammoth

High St, Priest River, ID, US

Claimed by wiildrose 3 years 1 week ago (5h 17m 28s since publication)

Mammoths like rocks that remind them of their prehistoric homes. This little guy waits for you amidst the larger rocks, hidden under a small rock to keep him safe until you snag him and take him home. Parking available in adjacent lot.

340 - Red, White & Blue

Littleton, CO, US

Claimed by Grizzlycacher 2 years 10 months ago (2h 0m 42s since publication)

Early start before work. I’ve been waiting anxiously for one of these in our area!

341 - MAMMOTH Heights

Stonegate Pkwy, Parker, CO, US

Claimed by Out14nd3r 2 years 10 months ago (2d 4h 24m 38s since publication)

Wow this is cool. Beautiful morning.

343 - Wilbur the Woolybear

SW 192nd Ave, Cooper Mountain - Aloha North, Beaverton, OR, US

Claimed by Y2K' 3 years 1 week ago (1h 44m 18s since publication)

Seen this one pop near the house, headed out the door and went to cooper mountain and I didn’t follow the cords lol it actually was in a near by park across the Hwy. I got to gz and found this little guy pretty quickly

344 - Wilma the Wollybear

OR-217, Beaverton, OR, US

Claimed by Team Mars 3 years 1 week ago (4h 48m 56s since publication)

Just as I was going to the vet with our newly adopted doggo, I spotted 2 of these tags close. One was 5 miles away and got claimed. Kept an eye on this one and it still hadn't been claimed yet. Made the drive down, wandered around, and finally made the grab. Thanks to the hider!

346 - Lost Mammoth in the Woods

NC-751, Durham, NC, US

Claimed by StuffedPiggy 3 years 1 week ago (9h 26m 41s since publication)

Saw this pop up this morning! It was only 23 mins from home so made the drive out here this afternoon to look. At first I searched and didn't see it so expanded still coming up empty. Then I went back to the original spot and looked a little more, moving dirt and debris aside to reveal this guy! What a good hider he is! 😁

347 - The Womble Family's Pet Mammoth

County Park Dr, New Hill, NC, US

Claimed by Millasmommies12 3 years 3 days ago (11h 45m 36s since publication)

We have always been hiders but weren’t able to buy a package this time. The kiddo REALLY liked the tags this time because they are studying Mammoths in school... or they were! When one popped up not too awful far from us last weekend, we packed up and drove the nearly 3 hours. About 5 minutes out, the tag was claimed. We knew this was a risk and hoped more would publish somewhat close and soon. When this one popped up, we headed right out... holding our breath! Made it to the park only to find the trails were closed. But we found a park authority individual and he assured us that the walking trails were NOT, only the biking trails. So, we took off in hopes we were the only ones here. Got a bit confused but finally found the sleeping mammoth right where she’s been for sooooo long! Blanket of pine needles still covering her and all. Needless to say, the kiddo is over the moon! Thanks for hiding this!

349 - Mammoth, Illinois ?

Co Hwy 20, Monmouth, IL, US

Claimed by CacherCarol 3 years 4 days ago (4h 40m 59s since publication)

This guy. I’ll tell ya. He woke me up. Made me drive an hour. Drove in a few circles. Dug while I should have looked up. Ugh! Ha! Saved this guy in the rain. Now he’s taking me to get a Starbucks. Thanks for the coin and adventure!

350 - Mammoth, Iowa ?

Co Hwy E29, Monmouth, IA, US

Claimed by Narsilion09 3 years 1 week ago (1h 43m 37s since publication)

Love this old school house....prbly should date back to Woolly Mammouth! If the rocks could only talk, imagine the stories. Tanx for playing!

352 - Beaver Falls Cemetary

PA-588, Beaver Falls, PA, US

Claimed by WeTravelForCache 3 years 1 week ago (1d 5h 4m 42s since publication)

Saw this pop up yesterday but was busy and couldn’t make the 1.5 drive from Cleveland Ohio. Got up this morning and saw it hadn’t been found yet and with everything going on in the world today the wife and I decided to make the drive. I kept refreshing the page to make sure nobody made the find yet. Got to the cemetery and pulled in the first entrance by the mausoleum and made the trek up the hill to the coords only to find there is a road right there, ugh! Looked for about a half an hour and couldn’t find the tag. Had a few choice words to say thinking someone had found it but didn’t log it yet and we came this far for nothing. I posted a note as such and we started the disappointing drive home. Before we got to far I received a message from the hider describing the hide so we turned around and went back. Thank you so much cause when we got there we made the find. It was a very good hide seeing my wife put her hand on it and didn’t even realize it. Thanks for the adventure and now we make the trek back home.

353 - Hill Cemetery

PA-65, Baden, PA, US

Claimed by 3beaglenite 2 years 10 months ago (48d 4h 48m 15s since publication)

After 6 wks of staying home it was time for a road trip. Got up early, full tank of gas and plenty of snacks so Squish and 3beaglenite wouldn’t have to get out of the car made our way from Columbus OH. Beautiful sunny day and you weren’t hallucinating. There was a mammoth hiding in this very old cemetery!

355 - Look out for Spit!

Fidalgo Bay Rd, Anacortes, WA, US

Claimed by LizzyRN 3 years 1 week ago (56m 46s since publication)

Sophie and I snagged the tag. More later. Don’t want anyone making a drive out only to find this gone. Later: I woke up extra early. I checked my email as my coffee brewed. What? A Mammoth in the next town over? Let's go! Sophie the Chocolate Lab and I hit the road. It was still dark outside, but dawn was coming. It was tons of fun having the Tommy Thompson all to ourselves. We made our way to the coordinates and quickly made the find. We watched the sun rise over the refinery, saw lots of birds this morning. It's amazing to watch the gulls drop their breakfast shells on the rocks or pavement to open them up. Ingenious! Thanks for the fun!

356 - "Smell Like the Breath of an Elephant"

Harris Ave, Fairhaven, Bellingham, WA, US

Claimed by Ebaben3 3 years 1 week ago (9h 8m 40s since publication)

Well, we were shocked when 9 hours later we still had no notification that it was found. To our surprise we made the find!

358 - New Trail, New Adventure

Blair River Rd, Hazelwood, Pittsburgh, PA, US

Claimed by KendragonX 3 years 4 days ago (7h 30m 8s since publication)

Got to the gz and had to out wait a muggle. Did not take long for that. Looked at the fence but not there. Looked at pis again and went and started checking the shrubs. Bingo after a short search there. Know that this place was here but did not know there was a trail here. Thanks!

359 - The Iron Mushroom

PA-51, West Mifflin, PA, US location_on N 40 20.291, W 079 57.146

A big animal needs a big snack. And what better snack for a Steel City Mammoth than an iron mushroom!!!

367 - Mamut at the Park

Thornhill Dr, North Little Rock, AR, US

Claimed by MrSammy99 2 years 9 months ago (3d 15h 56m 44s since publication)

I’m so excited! I don’t know what to say.

368 - If Penguins can fly, why not Mamut!

AR-161, Little Rock AFB, Jacksonville, AR, US

Claimed by flowten 2 years 9 months ago (3d 11h 2m 58s since publication)

I was informed about this mission by a fellow geocacher. This was totally new to me. Really had no idea what I was doing and have no idea who left this tag but I really appreciate it. I think I'd like to leave a few somewhere. Going to do some more research on this. Thanks so much.

370 - The Marburg Mastodon

Concession 5 Woodhouse, Port Dover, ON, CA

Claimed by Swamper68 3 years 1 week ago (57m 36s since publication)

Woke up early this morning and seen the email. Decided I needed to get out of the house for a bit. Found this one quickly as the hint was spot on. There are two hides spots here but picked the right one the first time. Thanks for the story!!

371 - Windemute Farm Mastodon Mandible

Windham Road 11, Simcoe, ON, CA

Claimed by dmlookhere 3 years 5 days ago (2h 47m 55s since publication)

No Mammoth here, but they did find a mastodon Mastodon were shorter and stockier than mammoths with shorter, straighter tusks. Mastodons were wood browsers and their molars have pointed cones specially adapted for eating woody browse. Mammoths were grazers, their molars have flat surfaces for eating grass In 1905, a mastodon mandible and several molars were found on the farm of T.B. Wintemute, Concession 10, Lot 10, Windham Township, Norfolk County. photos found on

376 - I 94 view

Mandan Ave, Fort Rice, ND, US

Claimed by casinoman 2 years 7 months ago (2h 14m 19s since publication)

picked up

377 - I 94 Eastbound Rest

132nd St NE, Bismarck, ND, US

Claimed by Tuckerjay 2 years 7 months ago (10h 13m 52s since publication)

After a long geocaching weekend we discovered this game assited and off to the races we went after 2 failed attempts at scoring one earlier we were finally able to snag a tag mission complete


Mill Run Rd, Altoona, PA, US

Claimed by r.e.s.t.seekers 3 years 1 week ago (59m 14s since publication)

I'm not sure that the Game Commission lists this season, but I knew that hunting was permitted where this beast was spotted. It was still dark when RJ-Pup and I set out and it was surprising how many others were travelling around town. I could see a glow in the distance, which must have been the city lights, as the rain and earliness meant it was not yet the rising sun. The friendly beast was found as pictured, then RJ-Pup and I walked a bit up and down the road for her to have some sniffing time.

380 - Fossil hunt

31st St, Altoona, PA, US

Claimed by Timothy the Pirate 2 years 7 months ago (23d 6h 23m 11s since publication)

I'd been voyaging through the fair port of Altoona a week ago, and I tried with me crew to locate this little scallywag to no avail. Today, we gave it another try and found success. Now I be possessing a mammoth magnet. Yarrr! Timothy the Pirate

382 - Mammoth #382

Columbia Dr, Altoona, PA, US

Claimed by Abbydoodle 3 years 1 week ago (5h 44m 38s since publication)

Came across this beast while out and about practicing Social Distancing. Stores are out of meat so this guy will make for a good dinner! 😂


Chimney Rocks Access Rd, Hollidaysburg, PA, US

Claimed by Team-2-B 2 years 7 months ago (18d 13h 55m 53s since publication)

I just heard of snag the tag. Made the drive and the short steep hike and found it under the bench. Thanks

385 - This is the Woolly Place

Sunnyside Ave S, University, Salt Lake City, UT, US

Claimed by Tru Star 3 years 1 week ago (7h 23m 33s since publication)

So cool! I was at home watching The Geocaching Vloger and he said he had one near him.... I'd never heard of this game. Looked it up and there was one next door to my sisters work. I've dragged her into the geocaching world and I ask her to go find this one. She was there and back to work in 5 min! She loved this random game! Thanks for the hide. Ps I think she might hid her first cache using the nano tubes! So fun.

386 - Woolly in a Portal

Interstate 80, Salt Lake City, UT, US

Claimed by Iverson2010 3 years 1 week ago (3h 15m 56s since publication)

It took a minute to find the cash. The the new snow currently following wasn’t very helpful. After about 10 minutes of looking I was at finally able to find it and collect the mammoth.

388 - Mammoths on Jupiter??

Smith Ave, Mt Washington, Baltimore, MD, US

Claimed by joejackson 2 years 10 months ago (5h 11m 34s since publication)

Originally tried to find the Mammoth at the Royal Farms (Royal Harms) in Rosedale. Struck out there so detoured over to Mount Washington and found this one very quickly. Why is our weather in May suitable for finding frozen mammoths? Should be a lot warmer!

389 - Mammoth Roaming with the Dinosaurs

MD-43, Nottingham, MD, US

Claimed by Kbittner14 2 years 10 months ago (1h 0m 45s since publication)

Saw this mammoth publish as I was getting ready for work. Decided I would give it a shot despite being in nice clothes. I did try a closer approach at first but quickly realized that was not an option. Moved to the park and ride and made the quick walk. Signed the cache log and went on my way. I did see a box turtle on my way out! Thanks for the early morning adventure!

391 - My other relatives in here...

Bismarck, ND, US location_on N 46 49.142, W 100 46.738

This mammoth could belong here in this location. Come check the inside out. Open from 9-4. The tag is not inside the building. Best thing to do is to park your “bike” and look for me

392 - I 94 Westbound Rest

I-94, Menoken, ND, US

Claimed by Mommaj8 2 years 7 months ago (15h 13m 40s since publication)

Waited all day to make the trip an decided at about 730 pm that he needed to come home

397 - Mammoth in Greenwood

State Park Rd, Ninety Six, SC, US

Claimed by RobinMohawk 2 years 10 months ago (2d 14h 47m 35s since publication)

I had forgotten that I signed up for notifications for Snag the Tag. I got the notification for this tag and had to research it again. I don't remember how I discovered this game but it was probably in one of the info emails I receive. This is an unusual part of the game so, yes, I'm interested, very interested. I'm a FTF hound with 787 FTFs for 3343 finds so this would be different but similar to a FTF. In spite of a two hour drive from Lake Lure, NC I had to try for this one. It actually took some time to find the tag. No obvious disturbances to the mulch but I was concerned someone beat me to it. Finally, I saw it. Whoohoo! The Mammoth is MINE! Thanks for the unusual twist to this game. Love it. Namaste, rw (-:= My 8-year old granddaughter studied fibonacci numbers recently. I was in college when it was introduced. Can you determine what two fibonacci numbers are represented in the pine cone? This is so fascinating I had to include it here. The cones were found near the sign.

398 - Ashley the Mammoth

Columbia, SC, US

Claimed by Coopsgrl99 2 years 7 months ago (4h 0m 26s since publication)

Snagged while out helping a friend

400 - Another Extinct Thing In GBP 1

Equestrian Field Access Trail, George Bush Park/Eldridge, Houston, TX, US location_on N 29 44.100, W 095 41.322

Trains and now mammoths used to run through here.

401 - Another Extinct Thing In GBP 2

George Bush Park/Eldridge, Houston, TX, US location_on N 29 44.188, W 095 43.340

Trains and now mammoths used to run through here.

409 - Ice Age Trail Hunt

Mariner Dr, Hartland, WI, US

Claimed by Silyngufy 3 years 1 week ago (1h 29m 27s since publication)

I was up before the dawn. I suddenly heard the trumpet cry of a woolly mammoth! Oh wait, it was just an email alerting me to the fact that a mammoth was on the loose near me. I gathered my necessary hunting supplies which took a while because I was doing everything in the dark. After making my way toThe last known spot of the elusive creature, I was trying to decide where to leave my trusty steed. (Yes my ice age has horses). I finally decided to push the boundaries and leave it in an unsecured spot. Hopefully it will still be there when I get back victorious. At first the mammoth trail was hard to detect. But then I saw a glimmer of hope and I was off and hunting. Like any good hunting trip, the trail wound through beautiful scenery and I had The place to myself. As the Dawn was approaching the mammoth trail became easier to spot. But at one point, the tricky little mammal decided to veer off his chosen course. But again like any good hunter I kept going forward and was able to pick up his trail once again. All of sudden I saw movement up ahead. A creature was approaching. This is it! Oh, wait, it’s just a dog. It was soon after that but I spotted the great beast and made the capture. Thanks for the great hunt and now it’s time to go back to my shelter and wait out our Ice Age.

410 - Shadow of the Glacier

Ice Age National Scenic Trail, Eagle, WI, US

Claimed by PAMag76 3 years 1 week ago (2h 28m 23s since publication)

I saw this publish and I jumped in the car made the 2-hour drive here from Chicago. Got stumped on the first stage... but got a little help from a previous Hunter and made the find quick enough. totally worth the drive thank you so much for this amazing tag.

415 - Gimmy Some Water!

Pleasant Valley Dr, Charles Town, WV, US

Claimed by gr8caches 3 years 5 days ago (3h 34m 2s since publication)

It was growing tusks from drinking the water...

416 - Mammoth Invasion

US-40 ALT, Funkstown, MD, US location_on N 39 36.532, W 077 42.315

A Protector stands ready to repel any Mammoth that may enter this small town. The small hairy creature was scared and hid under the electrical box behind the brick monument. "Come save me!" it calls.

418 - number 2

Milwood, Austin, TX, US

Claimed by LadyBlackCat 2 years 9 months ago (1d 7h 44m 37s since publication)

Carrot Killer and I raced to this North Austin location when he realized that this Mammoth was apparently still in hiding! We were thrilled to find him and snag our first tag! Thanks for this fun adventure this afternoon!

419 - Number 1

Guadalupe St, Hyde Park, Austin, TX, US location_on N 30 18.679, W 097 43.949

421 - Morty Mammoth

MD-34, Boonsboro, MD, US

Claimed by Stlcards4ever 3 years 4 days ago (1d 4h 43m 40s since publication)

Yeah!!! We found Morty!!

422 - Maggie Mammoth

MD-65, Hagerstown, MD, US

Claimed by tazscouter 3 years 4 days ago (6h 6m 6s since publication)

Quick find. Love this part of the cemetery.

424 - The Mystery of the Last Mammoth

S Sunnylane Rd, Burntwood Mobile Home, Oklahoma City, OK, US

Claimed by kbkwick 3 years 1 week ago (3h 18m 56s since publication)

After waking up this morning and seeing this one had posted right down the street from me I thought I would give it try. Figuring it would already be claimed I made my way over to the Museum and what to my surprise it was still there. Finding this little jewel made my day of Quarantine so much better. Thanks for placing this tag in OKC.

425 - Mammoth At The Museum

Parrington Oval, Norman, OK, US

Claimed by PuppyPlayingCache 2 years 7 months ago (4h 20m 22s since publication)

I couldn’t believe my eyes, as I stared down at my phone. It was early morning and I had just received wonderful news. As I stared down at my phone, confirming a new mammoth in my area, excitement began to boil. It was just yesterday that I had checked to see, for the first time in awhile, if any mammoths had made it to Oklahoma, only to be disappointed with negative results. With only 28 days left, I had felt my luck running out on ever getting that mammoth. So as I stared at my phone, letting the news sink in, I knew this was it, my chance, and booked it out door. As I drove in the early morning rush hour traffic all I could think was “please let anyone else going after this mammoth be stuck in morning traffic too!” As I got closer to GZ, I realized exactly where I was headed. When I pulled into the Sam Noble Museum parking lot, I set my eyes on the most obvious host that I knew would have my mammoth. I made a beeline out of my car and to the host...the buffalo statue. I was buzzing with excitement as I skipped my way up. After feeling under hooves, my hand landed on the container and my heart skipped a beat. Still in disbelief, I opened that container to find my reward! Finally!! There’s no better way to start a morning off than with snagging the tag! To the rest of my caching peers, I wish you all good luck on the last 28 days. And a big thanks to those making it happen! ~PuppyPlayingCache68~


BC-3, Grand Forks, BC, CA

Claimed by 2 years 8 months ago (2h 16m 17s since publication)

Woot! Good thing I was already up early to drive to Castlegar today!!


Crowsnest Hwy, Grand Forks, BC, CA

Claimed by Glade-iators 3 years 5 days ago (6h 17m 2s since publication)

Yes!! Wasn’t to slow this time! Great snag this morning

430 - Hungry hungry mammoth

NW 66th St, North Fort Lauderdale, Fort Lauderdale, FL, US

Claimed by Africacher 2 years 8 months ago (1h 29m 15s since publication)

I sure could use some ice age type weather on this hot Florida day. Thanks so much for this awesome woolly mammoth!

431 - Choo choo mammoth

Spring Garden, Miami, FL, US

Claimed by Garbageman85 2 years 8 months ago (1d 11h 37m 43s since publication)

My back is out and could’nt make the grab without my daughter!

433 - The Mammoth's Remains

Palmetto Rd, Belleair, FL, US

Claimed by CountrySkye 3 years 2 days ago (1d 7h 24m 15s since publication)

I’m glad this mammoth didn’t go extinct before I could get him. The pictures were a godsend for this find. Without them it would have been a needle in a haystack situation. Thank you Marlinspikette for hiding!! What I really love about geocaching and related games is when it takes you somewhere you never would have found on your own. This snag did just that. Happy Monday!

434 - Manny the Mammoth


Claimed by rosepetal2416 3 years 1 week ago (2h 37m 23s since publication)

was visiting area to see my brother, over coffee this morning I saw a wooly hiding near were he lives , woke him up and made him rush me to find it before leaving for home.. thanks

436 - Manistee Michigan Mammoths Run

S Lakeshore Dr, Stronach, MI, US

Claimed by Mudlark9 2 years 10 months ago (1d 14h 36m 2s since publication)

Thanks for the Mammoth! Great tag at a beautiful place. Thanks

437 - Iron Works Mammoth

Jones St, Stronach, MI, US

Claimed by debbiedoll 2 years 10 months ago (4h 29m 24s since publication)

Found it

439 - Take a step back

Scurlock Rd, Freeland, WA, US

Claimed by Crouchcrew 3 years 4 days ago (10h 44m 48s since publication)

My first ever snag at a totally awesome and appropriate location! Thank you snag hider!

440 - Flinstone Mammoth

SE Bayshore Dr, Oak Harbor, WA, US

Claimed by Cbagaason 2 years 7 months ago (6h 49m 10s since publication)

Got it. I guess I know where I am caching today. What a beautiful spot. Thanks!

446 - Mammoths rock

SW 79th Ave, Miami, FL, US

Claimed by Jbean2921 2 years 8 months ago (24m 29s since publication)

It was meant to be! On my way to the airport when this published. Thanks 😝😍

454 - Mammoth sips from Brush Creek

Ericsson Dr, Warrendale, PA, US

Claimed by elijomikmini 2 years 10 months ago (3d 14h 3m 12s since publication)

Wow! You totally made the day of 2 people today! I heard about snag-the-tag last night at a virtual geocaching happy hour last night. I really needed to get outside today and decided to embark on an adventure. I enlisted the help of my cousin's teenage son because he is going stir crazy with the COVID restrictions right now. Once he heard about it, he was totally on a mission to find this thing. He has never geocached before, but I think he will start doing it now. Thanks so much! Great coordinates and directions for finding it.

455 - Mammoths Congregate Here

Hazel Ave, Fair Oaks, PA, US

Claimed by thorscouts 2 years 10 months ago (6h 11m 15s since publication)

We have never had one of these hidden near us, so my mom and her husband helped us out getting this mammoth in the park near where they live. Mom said she almost had an asthma attack going up the hill. Thanks so much! We are very excited!

457 - Mammoth Loose in Caz Park

Potters Rd, Cazenovia Park, Buffalo, NY, US

Claimed by Deadliest Cachers 2 years 3 months ago (186d 15h 23m 3s since publication)

The elusive mammoth has finally revealed itself.

458 - Mammoth Bone Yard

Petrie Ln, Lyndonville, NY, US

Claimed by Death Walker 2 years 9 months ago (11h 32m 1s since publication)

Got to the location and started looking for the tag. A couple showed up and started taking pictures of the headstones. They left and I kept searching. Another car showed up and it was sassy octopus. We signed into the cache together and kept looking for the tag. I moved a dead piece of wood and she spotted the tag. Being the gentleman that I am, I told her that she can have it. She told me that since I moved the dead wood I can take the tag. Asked if she was sure. We talked for a little bit and went out different ways.

466 - Easter Hill Seemed appropriate!!!

Easter Hill Dr, Grand Junction, CO, US

Claimed by Bearmoose 3 years 1 week ago

Good visit

467 - Visiting distant relatives

S Broadway, Grand Junction, CO, US

Claimed by whizzkid 3 years 1 week ago (2d 8h 20m 27s since publication)

found at easter hill

469 - The Mammoth and the Glacial Erratic

Snelling Lake Rd, St Paul, MN, US

Claimed by Aurora Spirit 3 years 6 days ago (11h 15m 12s since publication)

Embraced the spring rain and found this mammoth!!!

470 - Mammoth and the Glacial Erratic #2

Middle Rd, Jordan, MN, US

Claimed by Starwarsfan 2 years 9 months ago (33d 12h 26m 47s since publication)

We had to make a trip to Chaska and this was just to close not to go get. No water today. A nice easy walk and no bugs to bother me either. It took a little bit to find but I eventually found the right beacon and scored the goods. There were a couple of climbers doing there thing on the large erratic. Thanks for the tag.

472 - Glamm Mamm

80th Ave, Seminole, FL, US

Claimed by adrisan143 2 years 8 months ago (15h 13m 55s since publication)

I actually found the cache that this tag was located at almost two years ago. I heard about it earlier but was at work. Stopped by after I finally got off and it was still there. Thanks for the hide.

473 - Art the Mammoth

Co Rd 694, Seminole, FL, US

Claimed by DROFly 2 years 8 months ago (2d 14h 37m 11s since publication)

Cool fond tonight

475 - Stop The Extinction

FL-817, Plantation, FL, US

Claimed by Ladybmx 2 years 9 months ago (2h 6m 13s since publication)

On my way to work made a quick stop. TFTT

476 - A Trunk For A Trunk

Perimeter Rd, Plantation, FL, US

Claimed by mosquimoyo 2 years 9 months ago (1h 20m 17s since publication)

HA! HA!!!! MINE!!!! MINE!!!!! No need to scratch no itch this morning; but, this was a great activity to entertain Captain Cheo. Already dressed for the occasion, with ease we made it up from the Town of Davie a spotted this Mammoth right on "Target"!!!! He is so CUTE!!!! We will enjoy, cherish the memory, and take good care of it. Thank you very much!!!!!!

485 - My first hide

US-50, Albany, OH, US

Claimed by mrsrobinson62 3 years 1 week ago (5h 1m 16s since publication)

On this cold and windy Saturday morning we drove from Gallipolis to capture the Mammoth. Easy find.


Mt Pleasant, PA, US

Claimed by Drunkin Monkeys 2 years 11 months ago (13d 12h 14m 52s since publication)

Woot woot! Quick find by these monkeys!


Whites Woods Trail, Indiana, PA, US

Claimed by Rogue Squadron 2 years 11 months ago (28d 18h 33m 7s since publication)

Not sure what kind of experiments are going on around here, but I found this guy running around near the Visitor's Center. Dr. Wu must've gotten a hold of some mammoth DNA somehow and decided to branch out. Not quite as dangerous as some of the creatures roaming the nearby woods, but an excellent discovery nonetheless.

490 - The Honorable Mammoth

Gardenia St, Belleair, FL, US

Claimed by JesseC09 3 years 6 days ago (6h 42m 46s since publication)

I got it! surprised it lasted here for the 6 hours it did.

491 - Preserved Mammoth

Highland Ave SE, Largo, FL, US

Claimed by GeoCharmer81 2 years 10 months ago (18h 30m 18s since publication)

I was out to pick up a newly adopted pet hedgehog. The cell rang, so pulled over to answer. My friend said there was an unclaimed Mammoth. We made arrangements to meet at Largo Central Park Nature Park to look for it. We were just about to give up, and he looked at the photo one more time and exclaimed, 'ooo, I know where it is'!!! Thankfully, we were together or it's not likely I could have reached it. Yeah, my first Snag The Tag---thank you to the hider and sponsors!!!

493 - Pleistocene, Naturally

Bonneville Shoreline Trail, University, Salt Lake City, UT, US

Claimed by Meekeedragon 2 years 8 months ago (3h 46m 7s since publication)

When you wake up to call from your dad asking you to drop everything, drive thirty minutes, and go mammoth hunting, you do! Thanks for the find, very cool hiding spot!

494 - Wall I Wonder?

1300 E, Sugar House, Salt Lake City, UT, US

Claimed by IvanDugan 2 years 8 months ago (6d 10h 24m 3s since publication)

Was just randomly checking facebook and saw how close this one was to me. Decided to go give this one a shot! Got lucky and came up with the find. Thank you!!

502 - Mammoth Trail Walk

S Jefferson Ave, Saginaw, MI, US

Claimed by TinaAlmighty 3 years 4 days ago (9h 43m 23s since publication)

It's a little chilly and wet out and about today, but it was also my first day with a rotating early schedule so when I saw several of these had published i was intrigued. Most were too far away to justify chasing, but this once was right in my old stomping grounds. Then my lunch ended and things got hectic at my essential workplace again and i forgot about mammoth hunting. Got home to the working- from- home isolated hubby and something ge said made me think of it again. I thought for it would be gone, but he agreed to come with me when i saw it still available. So we headed outside for some exercise. Apparently we were being socially distant on the trail lol (see pic). And then we happened to find a geocache container in a tree... and look...and behold... we found a wooly mammoth! Thanks for hiding him! We left you the container for future use.

503 - God Bless America

S Michigan Ave, Saginaw, MI, US

Claimed by 2xArcher 2 years 8 months ago (1h 31m 57s since publication)

That was an awesome spot for the hide. I love the statue.

505 - Peaceful View

John Stevens Way, Hoquiam, WA, US

Claimed by seod42 3 years 1 week ago (2h 16m 44s since publication)

Got my Mammoth on a good morning dig. The view is not so good very foggy.

506 - Twin Towers

Lambert Rd, Elma, WA, US

Claimed by Jim and jan 3 years 1 week ago (3h 46m 56s since publication)

Sun came out for the find. Thanks for the fun

508 - Uncle Paul

Alpena, MI, US

Claimed by MaxGM 3 years 1 week ago (2d 10h 15m 3s since publication)

Visiting Grandpa and Grandma and finding a Woolly Mammoth. Thank you for placing this cool tag

509 - Lobdell Remains

Birch St, Onaway, MI, US

Claimed by WiltonInRealLife 2 years 10 months ago (6h 5m 8s since publication)

We thought it was at the Abraham Lincoln Statue because of the picture, but it was on the surveillance camera pole. The hint is Shine On, but that’s not a light pole, lol! Anyway, it was fun to find and it’s cool one was hidden by us because we’re in the middle of nowhere.

511 - A Mammoth Fit for 2020

SE Floresta Dr, Port St. Lucie, FL, US

Claimed by afishoutawater 3 years 2 weeks ago (4h 21m 23s since publication)

Thank you! I’m visiting from Michigan and have hidden there for SnagTheTag.

512 - At the fruit market

SE Coral Reef St, Port St. Lucie, FL, US

Claimed by Hm1usnret 2 years 10 months ago (5d 9h 13m 58s since publication)

Found this guy at the new park in PSL


Phinney Ave N, Phinney Ridge, Seattle, WA, US

Claimed by Duma332 2 years 7 months ago (1h 30m 54s since publication)

This was so close to my house I had to try for it even though an hour had already passed. I knew exactly where it was. So fun to find it still there!


Fremont Ave N, Phinney Ridge, Seattle, WA, US

Claimed by Latetrap 2 years 10 months ago (1h 16m 16s since publication)

Awesome. A tag on the left coast! I was enjoying my first cup of coffee when I saw this publish. Not too far away, traffic was light and parking lot was empty. It did take some effort to coax the friendly mammoth from his hiding place though.

517 - Mammoth Reception

Trilogy Cove St, McCullough Hills, Henderson, NV, US

Claimed by Kris32 2 years 9 months ago (2h 5m 19s since publication)

Thanks! On way to BC.

518 - Mammoth Bowling 🎳

S Valley View Blvd, Las Vegas, NV, US

Claimed by mineral54 2 years 9 months ago (5h 54m 9s since publication)

Was receiving secret intel while waiting to stelthly move to the target area. Hit the trail and before we knew it we had it in hand. Sweet little coin!!! Thanks Oh P.S. Was so excited to find it I forgot to take a pic. :)

520 - American Mammoth

War Veterans Memorial Park, N REDNGTN BCH, FL, US

Claimed by IslandWays 3 years 4 days ago (6h 48m 41s since publication)

I came and snagged this tag earlier this morning but was unable to claim it until now due to app/phone issues I think. Thank you so much for getting me out of the house in these crazy times. Love this park.

521 - Battlefield Cross Mammoth

War Veterans Memorial Park, N REDNGTN BCH, FL, US

Claimed by harmony25 3 years 3 days ago (4h 53m 23s since publication)

Sweet find

523 - The Mammott Fish

125th St, Largo, FL, US

Claimed by Bottom Waits 3 years 1 week ago (1h 6m 0s since publication)

I missed one of these by 11 minutes last week and it was not going to happen again. I was up and ready to go when the notification was posted. I knew exactly where to go since I was just there over the weekend. I must admit this one was hidden good but the photos and description helped s lot! Thank you so much for hiding one near home and in such a great location.

524 - Botanical Mammoth

125th St, Largo, FL, US

Claimed by CPTBGNS 3 years 1 week ago (1d 1h 21m 38s since publication)

woohooo...was surprised this was still hidden..i showed up exactly 7am and gate was open.. the hunt was on... was still night out at 7am so had to use my internal night goggles to read signs to direct me in the right direction. Completely missed a couple of the pictured hints .and walked all the way around the perimeter coming into a different side then spotting my error.. Victorious on my search for the woolly mammoth..


14th St NE, East Wenatchee, WA, US

Claimed by Quiltist2 3 years 1 week ago (7h 58m 5s since publication)

Do I shelter in place are join the race? Had to go for it. Thanks for the hide.

533 - WOOLLY

Icicle Rd, Leavenworth, WA, US

Claimed by jettsupler 2 years 9 months ago (2d 12h 2m 26s since publication)

A friend and I were on a road trip in the area and made the journey to find this tag upon hearing it hadn't been claimed for two days. We found it and were treated with a stunning view of the mountains above and the river below.

535 - Flyingmammoth 01

Glade Dr, Reston, VA, US

Claimed by DugTheGreenKnight 3 years 1 week ago (6h 3m 56s since publication)

Got it! Thanks to Dolly Bug Pug for telling me about it.

536 - Flyingmammoth 02

Sugarland Run Trail, Herndon, VA, US

Claimed by bvargish 2 years 10 months ago (1d 2h 45m 18s since publication)

Victory! :) Was a magnet on the outer left side of the metal plate below the railings.

538 - Mammoth Watering Hole

Agerter Rd, Delphos, OH, US location_on N 40 43.795, W 084 15.355

Lima's newest reservoir. At the base of signpost.

539 - Spiritual lift

Shawnee Rd, Fort Shawnee, OH, US

Claimed by DPack5 2 years 8 months ago (1d 11h 19m 29s since publication)

Wow! One popped up on my FB feed that was 1-1/2 hours away. I sat there hemhawing around with, “should I go, should I not go?” What to do. Talked to my husband and he said, “if you wanna go then let’s go.” So glad we did! We pulled into the parking lot and lifted the skirt of that light pole and sure enough...there the mammoth sat! So happy I finally got my hands on one!!! Thanks to the hider who put this here!

541 - Learn about Nevada

River Rd, Dayton, NV, US

Claimed by tubatad 3 years 4 days ago (6d 8h 38m 57s since publication)

I actually sent a muggle out to find it for me and she just picked it up for me.

544 - Stone Valley Mammoth

Discovery Rd, Petersburg, PA, US

Claimed by clpjr2 2 years 10 months ago (44d 7h 21m 25s since publication)

Was in the area working the Clearfield County geo-tour when new postings popped up. Less than 1 hour away....couldn't resist. Even though we are Purdue Boilermaker alumni and it was flipping freezing and snowing in May....we still appreciated this park of our Big Ten rivals. Boiler Up!!!

545 - Brush Run Mammoth

US-220 BUS, Altoona, PA, US

Claimed by AdeenaH 3 years 1 week ago (4h 25m 0s since publication)

Just getting into geocaching. Rolled out of bed and decided to try this one not too far from home. Tftc

550 - Woolly went for a walk

Jupiter Hills Ln, Green Valley Ranch, Henderson, NV, US

Claimed by sadee joi 3 years 1 week ago (1h 33m 33s since publication)

I was really hoping to capture one of these wholly buggers. Debated on going as this one was a little ways away from where I live. Not sure if I would have another chance I took advantage of it. Once I was in the area I made a short walk, first place I reached I found the little guy. Thank you so much for the time and effort put into hiding this tag.

551 - Rings of Age

Casady Hollow Ave, McCullough Hills, Henderson, NV, US

Claimed by Daretheangel 3 years 3 days ago (1h 33m 45s since publication)

This was my second time trying to spot this mammoth. My poor girlfriend has woken up both times with me around 7 o clock to find them. Well I found this one!! I’m so happy!

553 - Mammoths on the Moon

Joe DeNardo Way, Moon, PA, US

Claimed by alecbeast05 3 years 5 days ago (1d 11h 47m 12s since publication)

Who knew mammoths once roamed the township of Moon! Looks like this little guy got left behind after the last ice age. Find him hiding out in an artificial “cave” away from the rain and snow. Hint: lifting a skirt should shed some light on his hiding place.

554 - A Mammoth-Sized Raccoon

Cabin Rd, Georgetown, PA, US

Claimed by 27Jack 3 years 1 week ago (2d 9h 50m 12s since publication)

Decided to go out on another adventure today and try to grab a Woolly. I started at 10 AM when a posting popped up about 40 miles from home. I fired up my reliable steed, Sophie and headed out. It was a bit of a treacherous journey. We encountered thick fog. But we pushed on. We arrived at the site just as the sun peeked through the sky. I spied the woolly mammoth’s cave and poked my head inside. Nothing. I looked high and low. Nothing. I decided to check the log page and lo and behold, he had already been captured!! Hmmm... What to do? So... I checked the map and found that there was another one about 2.5 hours away and he had been around for a couple of days. So, Sophie and I set off again to see if we could capture a Woolly. We traveled far and wide and on roads we had never been on before. About 2.5 miles out we made a turn... and the gate was closed and locked. I looked at the map again and thought I found another route. We wound our way to the East entrance and found the gate open!! We headed into the park. The GPS numbers kept going down! With my heart beating, I crested a hill and looked to my left. There it was, the scene from the first picture! We were on the right track!! I saw the rock formation. I slowly crept my way up to the cave. I peeked in. There he was!! Sleeping soundly. So I gently woke up this Woolly. I told him about a wonderful and magical place called “home”. I asked him if he wanted to go home with me. He snorted a yes! Now Sophie, Wooly and I will make the trek back to North West Ohio. Only 178 miles from here. Oh... we might spend some time finding treasure on the way back. We are Out On Another Adventure you know!! Thank you for the fun!!

556 - Wal Mammoth

Outlet Collection Way, Auburn, WA, US

Claimed by rumbleGnomeS 3 years 2 weeks ago (2h 25m 32s since publication)

We were unable to purchase a hider pack because we weren’t fast enough so we’ve been waiting for this to pop up! I saw an hour ago there was one 15 miles from my house so I got the kiddo up and hurried down here for the find!

557 - Fire Starter Dragon Mammoth

WA-515, East Hill-Meridian, WA, US

Claimed by Laurie253 3 years 1 week ago (2h 45m 22s since publication)

We didn’t remember to look for the snag the tag notification until 8am. Debated about whether it would still be there but we went for it. Yay! It was still there. Thanks for the fun!

562 - Mammoth at Maple Shade Park!

Algonquin Dr, Horseheads, NY, US

Claimed by Matthew1217 3 years 1 week ago (1d 7h 22m 19s since publication)

Was surprised to see this was still out there after I got back from Texas! My father Cattsteelie was with me for the find! Now I need to find him one!

563 - Mammoth at the Museum!

County Rd 17, Horseheads, NY, US

Claimed by Cattsteelie 3 years 1 week ago (5h 15m 10s since publication)

I am 73 years old so instead of me being out during this critical time in our lives my son went by himself to pick up the prize for me. Thank you for putting this little guy out. I will be looking for more of them as the stay at home restriction is lifted. Cattsteelie Beaver Dams, NY

565 - CrownMammoth

Huff, ND, US

Claimed by Aas97 2 years 7 months ago (1h 36m 1s since publication)

Woke up to an email alert that this guy had been released. Noticed it was very close by so jumped in my car and drove out to GZ. Had to wait a few minutes for some people that were fishing to load up and leave before walking over and making the grab. Very cool!!

566 - Playing Around

Mandan, ND, US

Claimed by CachingWaldo 3 years 5 days ago (9h 58m 30s since publication)

Watched this all day! Drove 80 miles to catch this mammoth! Caught it;

568 - Mammoth at the Park

Anderson Snow Rd, Spring Hill, FL, US

Claimed by Tjheath62 3 years 1 week ago (4h 42m 6s since publication)

Didnt take long to grab this one with the place being empty. Made the grab only to realize there are two coins in the baggie. Will try to get hold of the hider.

570 - Swing by me Mammoth

Lawndale / Wayside, Houston, TX, US

Claimed by Rich & Lola 2 years 10 months ago (9h 44m 43s since publication)

This was like looking for a needle in a haystack. This being the first one we looked for and not knowing what to do or look for may have been a factor. Note to self, don’t look for a container. It took 30-45 min of searching and almost giving up. Luckily, Rich decided to look where the wood and the rock met. When I went to log it I had a terrible time trying to figure out how to log it because it was marked as missing. It’s a beautiful tag. Reminds me of a fun day Rich and I had caching at Pioneer Park in Illinois. A Mammoth was found buried there, so they now have a museum there. I have been interested in Mammoths ever since. Thanks.

571 - Lawndale Mammoth

Griggs Rd, Lawndale / Wayside, Houston, TX, US

Claimed by Finnfive 2 years 9 months ago (7d 12h 30m 49s since publication)

After watching this for some time, decided I'd give it a shot tonight and see if it was indeed still there. It was quite the adventure, but now we finally have one of the mammoth tags! Thanks to the hider!

572 - Eldridge Park Mammoth

Creekway Dr, Cypress, TX, US

Claimed by NanoBanana 2 years 9 months ago (57m 55s since publication)

Woo hoo! I got a mammoth! Thanks for placing!

573 - Cypress Top Mammoth

Hempstead Rd, Cypress, TX, US

Claimed by Buddy598 2 years 7 months ago (12h 34m 42s since publication)

Thank you daddy for snagging the tag for me. ❣️KJ

574 - Kissing Tree Mammoth

Louetta Rd, Spring Creek Oaks, Spring, TX, US

Claimed by geojrh 2 years 8 months ago (1h 2m 39s since publication)

New for me

575 - Bear Creek Park Mammoth

Addicks / Park Ten, Houston, TX, US

Claimed by navystud 2 years 8 months ago (3h 9m 51s since publication)

In was out geocaching and decided to give this one a try. This was my 1st attempt. Thank you to the person who hid it.

577 - Royal Harm

62nd St, Hollander Ridge, Baltimore, MD, US location_on N 39 18.659, W 076 31.820

Easy snag and grab... not the way i wanted to deploy these but the Covid changed a lot of things

580 - Mammoth in Edmond

E Edwards St, Edmond, OK, US

Claimed by Sparky245 3 years 1 week ago (4h 11m 16s since publication)

I saw this post and waited a bit expecting someone else to get it but finally decided to start the 40 minute journey in expecting the email ding to sound that someone else had gotten it. But it never came! And I found it! I put the rock back so the hider can come back and get it. Thanks for the hide and the awesome tag!

581 - Mammoth in Guthrie

S 2nd St, Guthrie, OK, US

Claimed by FLMathfreak 3 years 1 week ago (4h 8m 16s since publication)

This Hibernating Mammoth was quietly practicing his own social distancing. In a fitting place as well. This ancient beast chose an equally ancient and historic city to hide quietly among the many heroes represented at the location. Curious that such a large beast could fit in such a small hiding place. But I managed to coax him to come along with me and shared some protective gloves and sanitizer wipes for his trip.

583 - Fallen tusks

N Myrtle St, Mead, WA, US

Claimed by Diewaschmachine 3 years 1 week ago (55m 44s since publication)


584 - Hatchlings

E Day Mt Spokane Rd, Colbert, WA, US

Claimed by Turtleshells 2 years 10 months ago (46m 6s since publication)

I woke up at 6:08am for some odd reason saw this one post like 15 mins away from me and decided to go tey for it. I threw on clothes and headed out the door. Found 4 of the 5 eggs and as soon as I found the mammoth I stopped looking. Did not think I would be doing an easter egg hunt at 6:15 in the morning 😄. Lol I am scratched and stinging time to go home and shower. Thanks for hiding it.

593 - Jack Flash Mammoth #1

Antero Dr, Cañon City, CO, US

Claimed by desertdigger 3 years 1 week ago (4h 6m 55s since publication)

I was e-mailed by my sister about this tag near home, so i ran right out and snagged it!


Macon Dr, Baton Rouge, LA, US location_on N 30 20.791, W 090 59.308

Mammoth makes it to the ball field.


I-55, LA, US

Claimed by umilynn 3 years 1 week ago (2d 9h 40m 37s since publication)

Found this little guy stuck on a rail. We didn't know what he was at first, but then I found this website. He certainly brought a smile to our faces. Thanks for that <3

601 - Mammoth Meets Mastodon

Clinton River Trail, Rochester Hills Corporate Center, Rochester Hills, MI, US

Claimed by Gerardvl 3 years 3 days ago

Wasn't really expecting this to be here but I had to get out of the house and enjoy the misty day anyway before another work at home week. Nice walk and very happy find. Thanks much for sending this out! Firat time hearing of this, and Fun game

602 - Mt.Holly Mammoth

Dixie Hwy, Holly, MI, US

Claimed by Jennajoy5 3 years 4 days ago (7h 18m 59s since publication)

Been watching the PA mammoths in hopes to claim one as soon as the state opens back up. Saw these pop up this morning so got the fam going and made the drive from the west side of the state to make the snag! Found the little guy hanging out right where he was supposed to be. Thanks! First time playing this game within a game and was not disappointed!!

613 - Pinnstef57’s Woolly Mammoth snag-a-tag

W Villages Pkwy, Venice, FL, US

Claimed by willplock 3 years 1 week ago (1d 6h 12m 20s since publication)

Found on 2nd time around

614 - Pinnstef57’s Second Wholly Mammoth tag

Sanibel Captiva Rd, Sanibel, FL, US

Claimed by Rbmotmot 2 years 10 months ago (2d 5h 43m 38s since publication)

Was surprised to see that this hadn’t been found yet this morning so convinced my wife to let me wander out today and try to find him. Everywhere was deserted so retrieval was pretty simple and the hide was in great shape.

616 - Mammoth Loose in the Myakka River

N River Rd, Venice, FL, US

Claimed by SWilliams08 2 years 8 months ago (43d 9h 36m 26s since publication)

We found it kayaking in the Myakka River

617 - Bishop's Woolly Mammoth

US-41 BUS, Bradenton, FL, US

Claimed by FloridaTBHunter 3 years 6 days ago (4h 49m 53s since publication)

I didn’t know Wooly Mammoths existed in Florida, much less hanging out in a tree.

619 - Beaver Creek Water Trail Access Mammoth

NW 86th St, Johnston, IA, US

Claimed by Gamsci 3 years 3 days ago (3h 15m 7s since publication)

Three hours after publication and a bit of a drive but it was still there! Thanks!

620 - Summerset State Park Mammoth

Elk Horn St, Carlisle, IA, US

Claimed by JSmiles07 3 years 4 days ago (1h 43m 27s since publication)

Woke up around 7:00am and my heart leapt to see one at my favorite park, Summerset! About a 35 minute drive away I wasn’t sure I had any chance at it, but that didn’t stop me from bailing out of bed and making the dash anyway. Arrived at GZ and made a quick (and super exciting!) find. Whoo!

623 - Wolf Pack--Star's Mammoth Tag

Conglomerate Loop, Eynon, Jessup, PA, US

Claimed by hems79 3 years 1 week ago (5h 45m 53s since publication)

Found it! Thank you for bringing me back to this beautiful preserve!

628 - A Veteran Mammoth

E Sherman St, Caro, MI, US

Claimed by Blue water wanderer 3 years 3 days ago (3h 17m 54s since publication)

I heard a rumbling noise as I approached the area. I peered around the corner of the memorial and there it was...A sleeping mammoth.

629 - Pedaling Mammoth

M-52, St Charles, MI, US

Claimed by Graywolf5 3 years 4 days ago (2h 43m 6s since publication)

This community has a well kept biking, walking trail. So one little mammoth is hidden on one, huge bicycle located in the heart of the town.

637 - Natural History MAMMOTH

Wakara Way, University, Salt Lake City, UT, US

Claimed by Big&Old1 2 years 10 months ago (4h 3m 25s since publication)

Thanks for the gift/swag. My daughter and I came from Orem to get it. I have been trying so hard to find one. My daughter works right next to this sign. So she new where to go.

638 - Mammoth GHOST Town

Main St, Eureka, UT, US

Claimed by drgw3128 2 years 10 months ago (14h 38m 12s since publication)

This was the exclamation point on a great day that accidentally involved 5 counties. (I gave into temptation for counties 4 and 5 for this and a pair of FTFs.)

640 - Ancient Mammoth Seeks Same

51st Ave NE, Marysville, WA, US

Claimed by Neonpinkcrayon81 3 years 1 week ago (17m 16s since publication)

Didn't have time to clean my crusty eyes. Saw there was a tag in Marysville. Woke my sister up and the dogs and headed out the door.

641 - Power Walking Mammoth

Bayview Trail, Marysville, WA, US

Claimed by syoliver 3 years 1 week ago (58m 34s since publication)

Good thing I planned time off from work! Would’ve never had the chance. Even though no one was around I RAN from the car to GZ. Glad to see there is a hider in these parts!


OH-172, Kensington, OH, US

Claimed by Ocz 3 years 1 week ago (1d 12h 56m 9s since publication)

I made that way harder than it needed to be. Thanks for the fun!


Fewtown Rd, Atwater, OH, US

Claimed by labrat44805 3 years 3 days ago (1d 2h 31m 35s since publication)

Drove here from Ashland today when I saw nobody had claimed thos one yesterday. So excited to have my first snagtag. Thanks for placing this one here

646 - Mammoth Trunk

Fairmount Blvd, Moreland Hills, OH, US

Claimed by Zshelbywood 3 years 2 days ago (11h 36m 8s since publication)

Quick find while driving in-laws to Cleveland. Excited as other cachers I know have located the others. Great tag!! Thanks for staching!!

647 - Mammoth rides RTA

I-480, North Olmsted, OH, US

Claimed by bryon 3 years 4 days ago (2h 35m 4s since publication)

OMG my first snag! Saw this pop up at 609am, figured 2 hours later by time I got the kids ready I'd have no chance. Sped there anyway from amherst, and there it was! Thank you so much for a cool experience!

655 - Honoring the Past

Goethals Dr, Richland, WA, US

Claimed by QueenCrazyCru 3 years 1 week ago (40m 13s since publication)

Snagging this little friend was a nice reprieve from all the chaos this morning. Thank you so much.

656 - Honoring his Ancestors

S Cantera St, Kennewick, WA, US

Claimed by Redpoppy34 3 years 1 week ago (58m 0s since publication)

Its beautiful!! And loved it being at the Dig site. Thank you!!!!! Our first tag❤ named it Rocky Had a rock in container...

658 - Just around the bend

M-32, Atlanta, MI, US

Claimed by CandZsloot 3 years 1 week ago (8h 21m 48s since publication)

Found the awesome Mammoth at the bend

659 - Java gallery

M-32, Atlanta, MI, US

Claimed by Hooked on u 2 years 11 months ago (5d 10h 17m 28s since publication)

Had friends in the area and they were kind enough to grab this for us ❤️ Thanks for the fun!

661 - Haven Hill Mammoth

Haven Rd, White Lake, White Lake Charter Township, MI, US

Claimed by rctucker304 2 years 11 months ago (3d 11h 25m 11s since publication)

Decided to take a walk with the family to go look for a mammoth

662 - The Game

S Leroy St, Fenton, MI, US location_on N 42 47.746, W 083 42.301

667 - J27's Mammoth 667

Oak Grove Cir, Valley Creek, Garland, TX, US

Claimed by Teambeeman 3 years 1 week ago (3h 59m 16s since publication)

Wow! How fun! Drove all the way from Fort Worth for this one thought for sure it would be gone on the 50 minute drive. Can’t believe this guy sat here for almost 4 hours thank you so much!

668 - Ellie May

Creek Meadow Ln, Valley Creek, Garland, TX, US

Claimed by BorninTXgal 3 years 3 days ago (6h 14m 19s since publication)

@11:59am I Was super happy to see that this was still up for grabs! :) I drove up, saw it, jumped out, and snatched it up ;) Thank you so much hider! :)


Hazen Drive, Concord, NH, US

Claimed by CARPEGEO 3 years 1 week ago (5h 24m 8s since publication)

Found at a wonderful NH State Memorial for the Highway Dept.

674 - I thought it was just a rock!

Owl St, Thornton, NH, US

Claimed by Eirelass 2 years 10 months ago (4h 41m 38s since publication)

In 2004, PSU Biology Professor discovered a woolly mammoth tooth in this town. Mammoth is a short distance off the highway. Small pull off area makes for an easy grab.


US-1, Center Groton, Groton, CT, US

Claimed by schwandt 3 years 4 days ago (6h 16m 46s since publication)

I like this area... particularly in these unsettling times. I found the tag fairly quickly and relaxed for a few minutes before heading off toward a solitary hike in woods. Thanks for hiding this here.

682 - Give Me Home Where the Mammoth Roam

Crawford Morrow County Line Rd, Galion, OH, US

Claimed by hobocarroll 3 years 1 week ago (4h 49m 13s since publication)

Drove up from Columbus when spied this was available. Nice sunny trip up until about 7 miles from Ground Zero. Ran into some serious fog. It's like a cross of Stehen King's The Stand and The Mist. Made the find rather quickly. Nice distraction.

683 - Fossils In The Rock

OH-598, Crestline, OH, US

Claimed by SequoiaLynn Sews 3 years 3 days ago (1h 24m 1s since publication)

Yea! This is a great way to start another long day of social distancing! Great location, I enjoy coming here often. Today it is super wet and windy. Thanks for the Wooley Mammoth tag!!!

685 - Edge of a home run

Ridgeview Ave, Georgia, VT, US

Claimed by Vtroyalsfan 3 years 4 days ago (7h 58m 32s since publication)

We were in the area going for essential supplies during our "Stay Safe, Stay Home" order and saw this pop up. A fun way to break the isolation of distance socialization.

686 - Island View

Hathaway Point Rd, Georgia, VT, US

Claimed by Dawnready11080 2 years 9 months ago (89d 12h 42m 35s since publication)

Decided to drive all the way from Portsmouth NH just to snag a tag and managed to find it in the cliff after 2 hours. 7 hours after leaving home this morning happened to turn into a success.

691 - Trampalina- A tiny mammoth story

Rock Rd E, Dunellen, NJ, US

Claimed by JerseyPirates 3 years 1 week ago (11h 54m 47s since publication)

Forth time is a charm today! Well, one time wasn't very long so we'll say third time is a charm. JonDavisHades and I spent the day in the area doing some of the local caches and the (somewhat) nearby Adventure Lab. Since I actually own part of a mammoth tusk, I was pretty determined to find one of bad boys. We had a hard time with this even with help from the CO (MO?) and triangulating GZ using the photos. Just as we were getting ready to call it a day, I saw a glint of light from the setting sun reflecting off of some plastic. Success!!! Thanks for the mammoth and thanks for the adventure.

692 - Stampalina- A tiny mammoth story

Oak Way, Berkeley Heights, NJ, US

Claimed by The Ancient Mariner 3 years 5 days ago (1h 32m 13s since publication)

Last Saturday was frustrated not finding the nearby Mammouth after a long search in a wooded area. So I was excited to see another in the area! I ran out the door hoping to snag this one. Took a good area search and then went back to the first spot I looked and gave it a “push” and it revealed the prize! Thanks to the owner for placing!

694 - Orton Hears a Who


Claimed by Hankpixie 2 years 9 months ago (6h 43m 39s since publication)

Yeah! My first tag find! I fee like such a newbie!!!

695 - Lin-Manuel Mammilton

Pickforde Dr, Misty Meadows, Columbus, OH, US location_on N 40 04.043, W 083 05.213

Lin-Manuel, the mammoth, went into a deep hibernation after attending A Winter Ball. He slept undisturbed until 2020, when he was rudely awakened by the sound and vibration of construction near his resting place. He was frightened and Helpless, not sure how he could Stay Alive. "What Comes Next?" He wondered. He shrank himself down and found a hiding place in The Room Where It Happens (for geocachers). He sent out a message to his friends to Meet Me Inside. And then he settled in to Wait for It. He knew that History Has Its Eyes on You, and he wanted to see who seeks, who finds, and who will tell his story. The Workd is Wide Enough, so don't give away your shot at finding him!

709 - Ellie

S Cedar Creek Rd, Gadsden, SC, US

Claimed by Phroglegs2 2 years 10 months ago (60d 7h 50m 32s since publication)

I found Ellie the mammoth tag in one of our favorite places to put our boats in Ceeder Creek. Thanks for a great addition to Caching!

710 - Manny

Twin Springs Rd, Newberry, SC, US

Claimed by OxbowM1 3 years 1 week ago (2d 14h 9m 37s since publication)

Went to look for a mammoth close by only to find that it had already been snagged by a geo friend of mine. So I drove to the Piedmont just hoping the animal was still there.....and lo and behold it was, so I put it in my pocket and went back to the Midlands! Thanks so much for the adventure!

712 - “Birdie”

County Rd 72, Delaware, OH, US

Claimed by hockeydaze 2 years 9 months ago (57m 12s since publication)

My first snag a tag and it’s a MAMMOTH! Thanks!!

713 - Mammoth Rock

Southwest Columbus, Columbus, OH, US

Claimed by Reward1 2 years 8 months ago (11h 0m 0s since publication)

Found at Greenlawn today, nice geocoin, great find

715 - Can you find the mammoth?

Chalan Pasaheru, Barrigada, GU

Claimed by Blygoat 2 years 10 months ago (11h 32m 12s since publication)

Saw this pop up and decided to try for it. Jumped on the moped and found this in no time. How fun!

716 - He's not Waldo, but can you find him anyway?

1, Dededo, GU

Claimed by tahoeguam 2 years 10 months ago (14d 13h 40m 47s since publication)

Couldn't get the new GPS to work when we were up in the area on Saturday picking up mangoes from a friend so had to try again on Sunday. Coordinates were way off, but went by what we had seen in the satellite picture of a former cache that was at the sight. After wandering all over trying to follow the coords, we just want to the boundary sign and easily found it lying there in plain sight. Finishing off grades so wasn't able to log right away. Thanks for the closest thing to caching I've done in quite awhile.

718 - Missing my Cousin

S 27th St, Near South, Lincoln, NE, US

Claimed by cwalford2 2 years 8 months ago (1h 39m 27s since publication)

I was just at the Zoo on Monday. Thanks for the hunt.

719 - A Mammoth Hit Out to Right Field!

Deer Park, Omaha, NE, US

Claimed by Hunter 2 years 7 months ago (7d 2h 33m 57s since publication)

Went out to find me a mammoth. Found it but dropped it and it fell under the seat of the car, way back. Finally was able to coax this ole mammoth out of the tight hidey spot he found. Now to log him, he has come in from right field. Thanks

721 - Woolly Rabbit/Dog Crossbreed

Oberlin Rd, Oberlin Village, Raleigh, NC, US

Claimed by GrammyGwen 3 years 6 days ago (9h 23m 53s since publication)

It's a Mammoth! I saw this one was nearby so I decided to make the drive over to find it. Luckily, the mammoth was safely hidden away and I convinced it to come with me. He is now reunited with his cousin that my daughter found. Thanks! :)

722 - Lost Woolly on Mammoth

US-64 BUS, Knightdale, NC, US

Claimed by davee-n-cachincarrie 2 years 10 months ago (3h 37m 12s since publication)

Accidentally stumbled on information about the hunt while searching Twitter early this morning and had to rush out ASAP and make the find. The mammoth was right where he said he'd be!

724 - Knox Box Mammoth

Wade Ave, Oberlin Village, Raleigh, NC, US

Claimed by Carbon8r 2 years 7 months ago (10h 1m 38s since publication)

We live one hour away and thought someone else would grab this quickly. So happy to see it exactly where the coordinates said it would be. Thank you!

730 - Blair County's "Mammoth Cave!"

Kettle Rd, Tyrone, PA, US

Claimed by Ninarosebud 3 years 1 week ago (1d 0h 34m 2s since publication)

I have never found anything like this. Only found out about the tags recently. I went for a different one yesterday and was almost there when it was claimed. I saw this one posted but figured I was to far away and would never make. I checked this morning and no one had claimed so I took a chance and off we went to look. I had no idea where we were headed but my hubby knew exactly where to go. Was right where we suspected. Thank you.

731 - From the Mesozoic to the Pleistocene

US-219, DuBois, PA, US

Claimed by rpjjpr 3 years 6 days ago (6h 42m 10s since publication)

Left on lunch break to find it. Thnkks so much! Mammoths are my favorite yet!

736 - Luther Burbank Home & Garden

Santa Rosa Ave, Burbank Gardens Neighborhood Association, Santa Rosa, CA, US

Claimed by GeoTabG 2 years 8 months ago (1d 12h 17m 16s since publication)

Didn’t see that this one published until this morning. I kept an eye on it all day and it was still not logged as found this evening. I had some time so I made the drive out. Found it as described. Thanks for the TAG! GeoTabG on, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok

737 - I see a Mammoth and I Scream!

E 19th Ave, Amazon, Eugene, OR, US

Claimed by Bad Duck 2 years 8 months ago (8h 34m 38s since publication)

This one has been found.

739 - Woolly Mammoth Visits The Zoo

Mesker Park Dr, Westside, Haubstadt, IN, US

Claimed by bucketto 2 years 11 months ago (6d 8h 32m 39s since publication)

I have been looking at this woolly boy for a week!! I decided to take a nice drive to get out of the house and maintain my social distancing. A 4 hour trip and the woolly is in the bag. I wish the zoo was open so I could visit. Hopefully soon it will be. Stay safe out there hunters!! The Bucket

740 - Woolly Mammoth Visits Wesselman's

Boonville Trail, Evansville, IN, US

Claimed by Wright04 3 years 2 days ago (3d 9h 37m 8s since publication)

We have tried getting this one 2 different times on 2 different days but there were always people sitting at the benches. Luckily there was nobody here today and the tag was there. Thanks so much for this tag. It is much appreciated!!

742 - The Bell Toils for the Mammoth

Sterling St, Watertown, NY, US

Claimed by GeocachingAdam 3 years 1 week ago (6d 7h 32m 34s since publication)

6 says! I can't believe I snagged one of these. Thanks to the Geocaching Vlogger for motivating me to get up off the couch and seek one of these out.

743 - Time Traveling Mammoth

Thompson Park, Watertown, NY, US

Claimed by Ritz2012 2 years 10 months ago (12h 15m 27s since publication)

Found it couldn’t believe I’d ever have one of these type of swag!


Rockland Station Rd, Kennerdell, PA, US

Claimed by CacheMeOutside018 2 years 7 months ago (9d 8h 28m 34s since publication)

Drove all the way from Cleveland area to snag this one. So happy it was still there. We ended up just parking on the other side of the half mile long tunnel. My caching partner was pretty freaked out walking through the dark tunnel but glad to find the Mammoth snag the tag on the other side! Its our first one and excited to find more in the future.


T522, Emlenton, PA, US

Claimed by legoscouter 2 years 8 months ago (1d 9h 37m 48s since publication)

I haven't done much geocaching lately, but when I heard this tag was near our cabin on the exact trail I was planning to bike on today, I just had to go find it. My mom heard about SnagtheTag from my aunt who had found a tag in May. When my mom got the text about the tag near us, she was really excited and couldn't even talk and explain it to us. We had to read the text ourselves because she was talking nonsense about a Muskox or Mollusk or something. My brother and I wanted to take flashlights and go look for it last night, but my mom was afraid we would get eaten by a bear or something. We were anxious to get up early so we could try and find the tag. We thought it was going to be right along the main trail at first and just looked for a bench. We finally realized we had gone too far and turned around. We were happy to see that we were the first to get there and to snag the tag. Thanks so much for hiding this for us to enjoy!

748 - CheshireGrin77 Mammoth 2

Inskip Rd, Batsto, Hammonton, NJ, US

Claimed by LittleEG23 3 years 5 days ago (1h 23m 15s since publication)

Was so excited when I seen this publish this morning my Dad couldn't get me ready fast enough and rush me to the truck..Made the around about hour drive and woke up just in time to snag this tag..My very first coin ever,now that's exciting..Thanks CheshireGrin77..

749 - CheshireGrin77 Mammoth 1

Atlantic City Expy, Batsto, Hammonton, NJ, US

Claimed by Emaguire89 3 years 1 week ago (3h 11m 11s since publication)

So much fun before work in the am

751 - Hidden at Hidden

IL-53, Lombard, IL, US

Claimed by Gwen 2 years 10 months ago (5h 1m 42s since publication)

I have been patiently waiting for one of these tags to arrive in my area. I was so excited to wake up this morning and see I had a notification for one close to home. I knew by the title exactly where it was! I walk here all the time. So much so that I know that the path to the location of this tag was flooded a day or two ago. We have been having major rain and floods all over the area. So I knew I had to pack up my duck boots. Luckily the water was just the top of my boots. The water actually had receded a little bit in this area. Because of the weather, overcast slightly chilly and damp I thought the parking lots might be nearly empty and they were. After waiting my way across the water and walking across the bridge and finding the tag and making my way back I did see a couple that walked on the path toward the flood and then stopped. Also mom with her two kids stopped in that general area and then went around Eagle Lake. I actually love Hidden Lake better because there are fewer people and often more wildlife spotted. But now I’m walking around the more populated Eagle Lake. When I read the description I was a little concerned before I looked at the map because an actual sign that talks about the sawmill is on Morton Arboretum property and they are closed right now. Luckily a quick look at the map showed me where I had to go. A little navigation over water and a previously waterlogged bridge and I was there. With no one else around. I took a look and found the tag! I snagged the tag! Thanks for the fun!

752 - Mammoth at Thatcher

Thatcher Ave, River Forest, IL, US

Claimed by pezgremlin 2 years 10 months ago (36m 21s since publication)

Found this mammoth tag at 6:34 am! It's a bit wet out today, but I headed out anyway to go try and find this tag. Hunting with the umbrella, it took me a couple of tries before I finally found it. Success! Thanks for hiding one close enough to home!

754 - Buzzy's Mammoth


Claimed by ST.FU 3 years 6 days ago (4h 0m 3s since publication)

Thanks for this cool Wolly Mammoth 😎

755 - Ancient Stairs

PA-100, Wescosville, PA, US

Claimed by LilMissMadison 3 years 1 week ago (1h 0m 18s since publication)

Yay, I got one! Daddy happened to get up to check on me cause I was fussing, and before going back to bed, looked at his email and saw one was close. He woke up mommy and sent her out to get me a present. Since it was super close to home, she got there, found it and got home super quick, before I even got up! Thank you for the shiney present!

757 - Molly Mammoth Meets Minerva in Moorhead

US-10, Moorhead, MN, US

Claimed by walleyemn 2 years 7 months ago (2d 5h 57m 30s since publication)

My first tag !!!!!! My family started this several months ago and I been wanting to get my first to catch-up to them. Thank you very much for the tag.

758 - Curious George Goes To The Park

4th St S, St Cloud, MN, US

Claimed by icecubeted 2 years 7 months ago (2d 2h 49m 40s since publication)

Woo hoo found it. Travelled 4.5 hrs to jordan each way, flood. Travelled 2.5 hours each way to moorhead and it was found 25 minutes before i got there. Woke up at 5, took day off of work and gotthe score.

760 - A Mammoth... ...Fossil?

W 29th Ave, Latah Valley, Spokane, WA, US

Claimed by trbyukon 2 years 10 months ago (10h 35m 22s since publication)

Just found a bit ago. My first snag the tag find. Heck of a wet day but took the Huskies and my son out with me for moral support. Otherwise I may have stayed inside where it's warm and dry. Was still a ton of fun finding it.

761 - A Mammoth Trail

S Cheney Spangle Rd, Cheney, WA, US

Claimed by KC7DQM 2 years 10 months ago (5h 0m 57s since publication)

This one published while I was eating breakfast. Decided to make quick detour on the way to work. This one can be a lil bit warmer now. Thanks for the tag.

763 - Ancient History

Indian Mounds Rd, Blakely, GA, US

Claimed by sfcchaz 2 years 7 months ago (11h 27m 15s since publication)

Made the 90 minute drive to the park early and was fortunate enough to find the tag. Thanks for the close by tag. Never thought I’d find one of these mammoths. Also created a short video for #22forvets for a challenge I’m working on.

770 - Mammoth goes country

Robinson Rd, Combine, TX, US

Claimed by McKsix 2 years 7 months ago (3h 52m 49s since publication)

Wife has been stalking these weeks in hopes that one would show up near us. This one showed up this morning. So my wife sent me on the mission. SUCCESS! We are SUPER excited!

772 - Nampa Mammoth

Garrity Blvd, Nampa, ID, US

Claimed by 10-4-Jn3-16 3 years 1 week ago (1d 8h 55m 59s since publication)

My 7yo son found it! Woohoo!

773 - Meridian Mammoth

S Ten Mile Rd, Meridian, ID, US

Claimed by Kilee 3 years 3 days ago (6h 36m 20s since publication)

I had my friend help me to find it. I was a little comfused until i started to think where would a geocache be. It was amazing.

775 - The Cullinan Mammoth Hide-and-Seek

S Texas 6, Sugar Land, TX, US

Claimed by txgo4fan 3 years 1 week ago (4h 31m 11s since publication)

Multi possible spots. Great to find it. Life is not always beautiful, but it’s a beautiful ride 🚙 Hook ‘em Horns🤘

778 - Metal Stallions

George, WA, US

Claimed by quadsinthemudd 3 years 5 days ago (8h 49m 10s since publication)

Was on my way home frim Seattle today and had to stop to grab this tag. I love three excitment of not knowing if I'm first or not. I have been second to find on many geocaches but the real fun is all the excitment in the trip to get it.

781 - Little Free Library

Main St, Humboldt, MN, US

Claimed by Geohound Dog & TG 2 years 8 months ago (3d 5h 17m 7s since publication)

This is my first time playing this game and I had been hoping a mammoth would pop up nearby. Finally spotted two in the area yesterday. Went to a local geocaching event and learned one had been claimed, but that meant the other was roaming free. Got up early and made the drive out to find this one. Happy to report he was still resting under his camo blanket. The cherry on top of this adventure was finding a mammoth in a Little Free Library. Also traded out some of my books and signed in the library's guest book. Thanks for the fun hunt!

782 - Mom's Little Free Library

Holly Ave, Hallock, MN, US

Claimed by Whiskey 2 years 8 months ago (3d 14h 51m 9s since publication)

Oh no! I've had this tab open on my phone since avout 10:30 this morning. I wanted to take time to write a note and nlw it's 10 hours later and just getting around to it. Hopefully no one else tried to snag this tag today... This is my first time participating on this game. I saw that it was going to be placed "in the next couple of days" earlier in the week and then noticed it was published when I looked on Wed. I gave serious thought to heading out to grab it on Thurs and would check out the local farmers market and have a drink at the brewery in town. However, I opted to look another time when a fried would be available to meet. I decided to drive up this morning before heading to a geocaching event. Part of the attraction of making the trip was also to be FTF at the cache in the library. I was FTF on that cache, found 2 other czches in town and collected this tag and picked up a book at the Little Free Library. And...was able to share a treat from the coffee shop with a couple of friends. Glad I made the trip!

784 - Anderson Point Park

SE Millihanna Rd, Olalla, WA, US

Claimed by TheTrailAwaits 2 years 7 months ago (7h 12m 59s since publication)

Came out here from the Tacoma area and got lucky with this find.

785 - Explore Enumclaw

SE 456th St, Enumclaw, WA, US location_on N 47 11.543, W 121 59.953

This mammoth was out for a walk along the trail when it stopped to take a rest.. Check the right side of the bench when seated.

790 - Morty Returns to Gardena

Butler Grade Rd, MILTON FRWTR, OR, US

Claimed by Jules31976 2 years 10 months ago (9d 8h 25m 27s since publication)

Gorgeous drive! Willis the GeoHound and i are so excited to have found this! What beautiful land out here! Thank you so much for a off the beaten path view of Washington & Oregon! We are from Mount Vernon, Washington and on a social distancing road trip!!

791 - Morty Reminisces

33rd St S, Great Falls, MT, US

Claimed by hermandagerman & fra 2 years 10 months ago (9h 4m 34s since publication)

This is such a pleasant surprise thank you for getting us out and about.

796 - Kids Creek Mammoth

M-37, Traverse City, MI, US

Claimed by 2girls1gps 2 years 10 months ago (4h 41m 56s since publication)

Omg!!! I got one!!! So excited!

797 - Miller Creek Mammoth

Co Rd 620, Traverse City, MI, US

Claimed by CCSquire 2 years 9 months ago (5d 10h 11m 2s since publication)

Yes! After failing on one last month, we went an hour and a half out of the way for this one. Thanks!

802 - Mamouth Tower

Co Hwy V58, Cresco, IA, US

Claimed by Wisundevil 2 years 8 months ago (6h 3m 53s since publication)

Heard there was a report of a Mammoth roaming the corn fields of Iowa. Had to see got myself. After searching I came upon a watering hole. Sat nearby behind a rock. And sure enough here came a Mammoth. It was small, so I captured it and will take him home as a pet.

803 - Extinct Fairgrounds

Donaldson Court Rd, Cresco, IA, US

Claimed by NinjaB 2 years 7 months ago (1d 5h 36m 25s since publication)

Saw this show up yesterday and didnt have time to go out Saturday. This morning I see it was still out in the wild and not claimed yet. Took off for a nice drive and came upon the area around 9:30. Took a bit but I ended up finding it tucked in the spout. Thanks for placing this.

805 - Canoe Creek Cave Mammoth

Beaver Dam Rd, Hollidaysburg, PA, US

Claimed by jercade 2 years 10 months ago (43d 10h 13m 21s since publication)

This was quite a hike. It was a very nice area. Found with my hubby journey374. Always like visiting Canoe Creek.

806 - Mammoth at the Dammoth

Henderson Overlook Rd, Huntingdon, PA, US

Claimed by 2 Cache Cows 2 years 7 months ago (12d 9h 35m 4s since publication)

Snagged this baby today! Been eyeing it for a little bit. Thanks for the fun!

808 - Wholly and Waffles


Claimed by Megbjohns 3 years 1 week ago (4h 4m 10s since publication)

Found this Wolly looking for a good place to eat... never knew they liked waffles!! Thanks for the fun times :)

809 - Wholly and Walgreens

US-42, Prospect, KY, US

Claimed by Michigan jeff 3 years 1 week ago (4h 18m 14s since publication)

Well this one was an adventure. After seeing this guy pop up early this morning and since it was ten minutes from my house, I ran up to get it. After I made the find, got back in the car for the quick drive home to log it. But on the way back home, my car died in the middle of 42 😞. Then had to make a bunch of calls to try to get some help with my situation and forgot that I had the tag and needed to log it. I want to apologize to the one person that tried to make the find😞, And couldn’t due to this delay 😑. Next time will definitely log it right then and there; my bad 😞

811 - A place to rest your bones

Interstate 80, South Holland, IL, US

Claimed by Matts56 2 years 9 months ago (5h 53m 52s since publication)

One of those hidden right in your face finds.. Took me longer than it should have! Pretty damn excited to be able to grab a Mammoth! Thanks!

812 - Woolly Beach

Lakeshore Dr, Fennville, MI, US

Claimed by Xpird 2 years 9 months ago (1d 5h 0m 18s since publication)

Made the trip from Kalamazoo hoping it was still here. After a nice walk to the beach in the rain and a somewhat crowded beach, I found it after a few minutes. Thanks for placing one so close to home. An hour drive is so much better than a 3-4 hour drive.

814 - Trick or Pink

E Main St, Vernal, UT, US location_on N 40 27.360, W 109 30.690

I drive by this spot 4 or 5 times per week. Felt it would make a great spot.

815 - Walker Mammoth

S 100 W, Elk Ridge, UT, US

Claimed by BoboJayne 3 years 4 days ago (2h 20m 53s since publication)

With the site on the fritz I headed down to Payson, fingers crossed it would boot, It did! Pulled into the parking lot at sunrise, found his just as the twin car to my own from Orem pulled into the tiny parking lot. I didn't get her name but I wish you the best of luck on capturing the next one. Also thanks to the hider!

817 - Mandan

Old Red Trail, Fort Rice, ND, US

Claimed by butterfly_77 3 years 1 week ago (2h 25m 30s since publication)

Fun find, I didn't let this one get away

818 - Caboose

Co Rd 139, Glen Ullin, ND, US

Claimed by NDgal 3 years 1 week ago (13h 14m 36s since publication)

I could hardly wait for work to be over before I grabbed this one. Thanks!!!!

820 - Hiding at Fort Defiance

A St, Clarksville, TN, US

Claimed by Sokrkx 2 years 9 months ago (1d 19h 20m 50s since publication)

Drove 6.5 hours hoping this one would still be here and lucky for me it was!!

821 - Imagine a Mammoth

Upland Trail, Clarksville, TN, US

Claimed by keith65 2 years 11 months ago (7d 7h 12m 25s since publication)

After about a 120 mile Drive while out Geocaching on this nice social distancing day. I found this beautiful little creature nestled under a work of art in Beautiful Clarksville Tennessee. Very much worth the trip and thanks so much to the hider that made sure he was taken care of. 🤗😂🐾

823 - Mammoths at the Cafe

NW 41st Ln, Gainesville, FL, US

Claimed by Sulorak 2 years 8 months ago (24m 28s since publication)

Woke up this morning, a little too early for my tastes and couldn’t fall back asleep. So I decide to go through my morning routine and check my email. Lo and behold 5 minutes earlier this Snag The Tag had published only a short walk from home! Of course I had to go get it! So I got there as quickly as I could and Snagged the Tag! Thanks for the rush of adventure!!

824 - A Break for a Mammoth


Claimed by MattBarnett87 2 years 10 months ago (4d 9h 26m 19s since publication)

Took a bit but fun!

826 - Portage Bike Trail Mammoth

Mcgillicuddy Ln, West Portage, Portage, MI, US

Claimed by ICNR 2 years 8 months ago (5h 8m 15s since publication)

Never in a million years! Every mammoth has its day I guess!!

827 - Diamonds, hot dogs, slushies, nachos ...

Coxs Dr, Portage, MI, US

Claimed by Zhawksfam 2 years 8 months ago (4h 6m 38s since publication)

Saw this pop up this morning, needed to get through some web meetings before I could venture out for it. Happy to say it was still waiting there patiently when I arrived. Thanks so much for placing this out there for others and adding to the adventure. From South Bend. Z.

830 - Lidford Rock Garden

44th Ave E, Waller, WA, US

Claimed by Go.warcat 2 years 8 months ago (2h 9m 42s since publication)

I was late for work this morning. Per my usual I checked my email. There happened to be a new tag placed it seems. I'm always a day late and a dollar short. I figured for grins I would see where it was that. Waller? I know exactly where that at and it's only 20 minutes away from home. That and it's on my way to work. I dressed as quickly as I could, jumped in my trusty Jeep and away we went. These are so exciting. I kept refreshing the map hoping that nobody had gotten here before me. I looked around a bit and wondered where the rock garden could be. Then my GPS caught up and I said ... Ah, ha!!! There it was. How exciting!!! I love the rock and the coin is so cool. I can't wait to get the matching piece. What a wonderful morning this has been. And to think I was just going to sleep in!!!! Thanks to the hider! <3 Great placement. I will paint a rock and add to the garden.

832 - Relics of old

SC-60, Columbia, SC, US

Claimed by AgentHop 2 years 10 months ago (53d 4h 9m 38s since publication)

My first Snag The Tag find! I have been looking at this one for a good while (before the whole COVID-19 thing), but based on previous notes, I wasn't sure if I wanted to waste the trip from Spartanburg if it wasn't there. I was excited to see the hider verified it was still there (thank you), and I began making plans to attempt it again. was the day. While heading down to Sapalo Island, GA for a geocampers campout, we made the detour to snag this beast. Thanks for placing it, and breaking up our trip.

833 - Mammoth Rescue

Daulton Dr, Columbia, SC, US

Claimed by 6caulders 3 years 1 week ago (4h 38m 26s since publication)

Took the kids Mammoth hunting. They enjoyed getting out of the house. Thanks

835 - Oscar the Mammoth

Symphony Park Avenue, Las Vegas, NV, US

Claimed by Popcorn* 3 years 6 days ago (1h 58m 1s since publication)

I’ve been wanting to find one of these for a while.I had gotten up super early made my coffee forgot I put my phone on silent look down and lookee there grab my phone my keys a hoodie and off I went. I got here and of course there’s plenty of parking. Having seen so many other pictures of where it’s been hidden around the country I looked to see if it was in a standing up position amongst the landscape then I quickly turned to my Geo sense and as I was sitting there up and under I grabbed it thank you so much it was fun

836 - Manfred the Mammoth

Las Vegas, NV, US

Claimed by Thrilled2b 3 years 1 week ago (3h 24m 57s since publication)

Holy moly! I was sure I was going to get here late as this posted a few hours ago, but Manfred was still here waiting patiently! The half hour drive to get here was excitement filled. I had a hunch that this may be a resting spot for a Mammoth after Geocaching in the park a couple weeks ago. This was a much needed break from everything going on in the world, and I really appreciate that!

838 - Pinky Pachyderm

IA-76, McGregor, IA, US

Claimed by lagrac 2 years 9 months ago (14d 12h 55m 36s since publication)

Saw someone mention these on Twitter. Tickled to see one so close. Dodged the rain and made the grab here pretty easily. Really appropriate place for one, that's for sure. Thanks guys!!

839 - Mammoth Turtle

Pleasant Dr, McGregor, IA, US

Claimed by INTIMIDAT3R 2 years 7 months ago (6h 0m 45s since publication)

A couple of weeks ago a mammoth was hidden in LaCrosse, WI so we drove all the way there from Waterloo, IA only to find that it had been hidden in a not-so-good place and disappeared before anyone found it. Fast forward a week, I checked my email this morning and had 2 mammoth notifications. One from yesterday and one for today. We headed to Cresco, IA because there was a mammoth hidden at the fairgrounds yesterday. When we got there it was missing and no one claimed it yet. Since there was another mammoth hidden in McGregor, IA, we headed east in hope's it would still be here. While on the way to McGregor, we got notification that NinjaB had beat us to the Cresco mammoth by 5 minutes. He's truly a ninja because we never even saw him or a footprint. We arrived in McGregor and with a little help from my wife and Pinky... Bingo!

841 - This Only Happens in Bedrock.

N Macdonald, Mesa, AZ, US

Claimed by HelloRose 2 years 10 months ago (1d 8h 23m 8s since publication)


842 - Seminole Pet Mammoth

Seminole Rd, Fort Pierce, FL, US

Claimed by FrappGirl 3 years 1 week ago (1d 6h 25m 55s since publication)

Seminole Mammoth meets American Croc! 😁 Surprised this one was still available and happy to make the snag. Thanks!

844 - Gnomemmoth

Rainy Ln, Benton City, WA, US

Claimed by Tumbleweed2 2 years 10 months ago (5h 21m 53s since publication)

Found this cutie hanging out with some gnomes. Thanks for coming my way.Anyone know how to edit the photo to rotate it to be upright, instead of sideways?

845 - A short walk

Loader Ct, Benton City, WA, US

Claimed by Armympdude88 2 years 9 months ago (10h 45m 7s since publication)

It was well hiding

847 - Gutter Mammoth

Brownswitch Rd, Slidell, LA, US

Claimed by BeauxPeep 3 years 2 weeks ago (8h 3m 41s since publication)

We drove almost 2 hours to get this guy, hoping he would still be there and we were SO EXCITED to find him! Our sheep mascot needed a friend! Very nice cache container. We did opt to keep it. Thank you! We will pay it forward in the gc community.Also got a nice WHO DAT pathtag and a couple more items. This was so fun! Thanks again!

848 - Take Me Out To The Ball Park

Rama Dr, Slidell, LA, US

Claimed by ImLost88 2 years 8 months ago (1d 9h 4m 5s since publication)

ImLost88 here!!! Spent the weekend on the MS gulf coast with my husband & nephews (Zman2012). We get down there traveling directly through this area on our way for me to get the email as soon as we hit the coast!!! Just our luck!!! Not for bad luck I wouldn’t have any at all!!! Lol!!! We still decided to try our luck though on our way back & so happy we did!!! It was our Lucky Day!!! Our first snag the tag tag!!! Bonus new geocache container (We are still new so haven’t placed one yet) & a sweet Who Dat Louisiana pathtag for our collection too!!! Thank you to the hidder for the awesome find!!!

850 - PurdueBear Mammoth 1

Old Meridian St, Carmel, IN, US

Claimed by coachstahly 2 years 10 months ago

This tag was placed with a geocache not too far from home. I missed the FTF but this tag had slid down to a point where it was unretrievable without the use of some tools, which I went home for and then returned with. After a few minutes, it was freed from it's prison.

851 - PurdueBear Mammoth 2

US-52, Whitestown, IN, US

Claimed by Tktechkid 2 years 10 months ago (3h 58m 18s since publication)

Found it Woke up this morning seeing that it was there jumped in the car to Go and get it I will have to come back another day to get that catches in this area

853 - Melbourne Mammoth

FL-507, Melbourne, FL, US

Claimed by TmdAndGG 2 years 9 months ago (6h 9m 48s since publication)

A walk around these beautiful gardens and a new treasure to be found - count us in! We are excited to find our first snag the tag! Thanks to the mystery hider for adding some local fun. We love strolling these trails and lush gardens and appreciate the history and cool mammoth.

854 - Dinos and Woolys

Belt Rd, Cocoa Beach, FL, US

Claimed by Space Coast 2 years 9 months ago (1d 14h 52m 17s since publication)

Love this spot. Knew right where to go

868 - Invading Woodside Green

Stonetree Ave, SANTA ROSA VA, CA, US

Claimed by CoolBeans04 3 years 6 days ago (1d 10h 28m 54s since publication)

Out and about walking the dogs, and what do I see but a mini mammoth wandering along the edge of the sidewalk 😮 Decided to help him out and hide him from the marauding dogs and kids in the park, so I placed him in a very attractive place (think under). Maybe the spot's not very attractive, but essential in this environment 😉

869 - Wandering around the Ventura River Preserve

Meyer Rd, Ojai, CA, US

Claimed by chaosmanor 2 years 8 months ago (7h 56m 56s since publication)

I drove to Ojai from Port Hueneme specifically to look for this. A cyber-friend back East mentioned this to me, and I was intrigued enough to give it a look. Very cool! Thanks!

871 - Mary Mammoth

5th Ave, Seward, AK, US

Claimed by akquilter1948 3 years 5 days ago (4h 27m 52s since publication)

Chilly morning great find.

872 - Martha Mammoth

4th Ave, Seward, AK, US

Claimed by wocm 3 years 2 days ago (13h 33m 35s since publication)

Found Martha Mammoth grazing peacefully among some beautiful Alaskan Wildflowers!

877 - Round Lake Mammoth

Sagle, ID, US

Claimed by geojane 2 years 7 months ago (7d 9h 16m 16s since publication)

I didn't know about this game till 3 days ago. A geocacher contacted me to help recover this mammoth. He is in another state and wanted me to send him this one. As it turned out, he found one closer to home yesterday. So I will keep this one. Thank you to (...) for helping me discover a new GC adventure game. Oh what fun.What a magical day it has been.

878 - Pine Street Woods Mammoth

Ravenwood Ln, Sandpoint, ID, US

Claimed by Geopaully 2 years 8 months ago (1d 3h 19m 41s since publication)

Beautiful day for a walk. My first snag the tag

880 - Western Mammoth

I-90BL, Billings, MT, US

Claimed by Diesel350 2 years 10 months ago (1d 4h 21m 36s since publication)

Had almost lost hope that one would show nearby, but saw the announcement for this one late last night! Super psyched to see it was still available this morning so we loaded up The LittleBlackDog. Headed over with bozofinder to make our play. What a great tag, and a fine start to mother's day for bozofinder. Thanks to the owner for sharing this with us, and the nifty hide location. Now of for a proper breakfast to celebrate! Happy trails, Diesel350

886 - Mission Mammoth Hiding Near Mammen

Bulverde Crossing, Bulverde, TX, US

Claimed by GardenGoddess73 2 years 8 months ago (3d 10h 11m 2s since publication)

Woo hoo! Found it!

887 - Mission Mammoth Hiding Near Mammen

Bulverde Crossing, Bulverde, TX, US

Claimed by #1Fishingal 2 years 8 months ago (3h 3m 56s since publication)

Saw this one earlier this morning so I figured I would try to go out and grab it. Didn’t read the information about the library times so I just geocache in the area until the gates opened. It was a quick find! Thanks for the hide.

889 - Mammoth feeding zone

Watt Canyon Rd, Ellensburg, WA, US

Claimed by Liltopcat3 2 years 8 months ago (7d 12h 37m 27s since publication)

Took a nice drive to claim this. Great views of the area. Thanks!

890 - Mammoths at olmstead

N Ferguson Rd, Ellensburg, WA, US

Claimed by BrookAiden 3 years 1 week ago (2d 4h 20m 47s since publication)

Brought our kids out to look for the Mammoth, thankfully it was still here. Thank you for the tag.

892 - Marty the Woodland Mammoth at Sherman Park

S Kiwanis Ave, Sioux Falls, SD, US

Claimed by HoboSlinky 3 years 3 days ago (2h 31m 19s since publication)

Seen this was out amd didnt think i would get across town in time to get. Got to the area and a van was parked near by but not for this luckly. Made the find and enjoyed the beatiful vie . Thank you.

893 - Mammoth: Denizon of the Ice

Mortenson Dr, Sioux Falls, SD, US

Claimed by HansonAndHounds 3 years 6 days ago (1h 28m 21s since publication)

When I woke up this morning and saw the email I thought for sure that someone else would have grabbed it already. But my husband and I decided to take the trip even if we just got to see a fun mammoth statue and missed the tag it was a good excuse to get out and about. We were even in time to see it lit up with christmas lights! How fun! Thank you for placing this tag to give us some excitement today. I hope to be a hider in the next game!

895 - Mambo Mammoth

McConnell Rd, Woodstock, IL, US

Claimed by Syco 2 years 7 months ago (2h 0m 21s since publication)

I saw this pop up as my pregnant daughter walked in the door. I wanted to talk to her a little so I waited until she left 45 minutes later and showed my wife. My wife said let's go I said someone must be going already she said again let's go so I said ok and off we went for a 50 min ride. Got to a really cool spot for a little mammoth to hide and sure enough there he was. I am being him home with me to sycamore. Thank you to the hider for the fun night and the mammoth tag.

896 - A Place Where My Family Once Lived

Prairie Trail, Ringwood, IL, US

Claimed by tz123 2 years 7 months ago (2h 33m 51s since publication)

The glaciers may no longer be here, but a mammoth was! And this caveman bagged it; now I have food, tools and warm clothing for a whole year :-)


Kell W Blvd, Wichita Falls, TX, US

Claimed by shelle518 3 years 4 days ago (13h 36m 29s since publication)

With this dang covid19 around I had to get creative to get this found. I am in quarantine but I knew a friend was going to pass by this location on her way home. It was a bit difficult explaining what the tag was and what she was looking for. After a bit of guidance over the phone and a few "I'ts not there", I heard over the phone I think I got it. I guess it would have been easier if I sent her a pic of the mammoth instead of describing what it looked like. So technically I don't have it in my hand yet but it is no longer on the spot you hid it and it is secured until I can get it in my hands.

899 - A Mammoth Parking Lot

4th St, Wichita Falls, TX, US

Claimed by TEACH1961 2 years 10 months ago (6d 16h 49m 21s since publication)

Found this cute little thing hanging out in Wichita Falls, Tx on the way to New Mexico with Old Kim and Oklahoma Ranger. I was excited to get my first mammoth! (On the way to New Mexico, we passed a fossil museum in Crosbyton, TX, so we took a photo.)

902 - Ex-Mammoth Dispenser

Silicato Pkwy, Milford, DE, US

Claimed by Yalehockeymom 2 years 8 months ago (15d 14h 12m 17s since publication)

Awesome find!

907 - Sehmel Homestead Park Mammoth

101st St NW, Gig Harbor, WA, US

Claimed by Andy.panda 2 years 7 months ago (1h 56m 42s since publication)

I saw 2 tags released in the area and decided to make the drive since i had 2 chances to snag one. The sister was gone by the time I got to her, so on to search for brother. I got turned around and searched the wrong sign at first then realized he was on the other side of the street. I had to jump to reach his hiding spot, but he finally fell from his perch!

908 - Rotary Park - Off leash dog park

Bujacich Rd, Gig Harbor, WA, US

Claimed by Cachenscary 2 years 7 months ago (33m 45s since publication)

Missed one but got the other! Thanks for the fun!

910 - Mammoth of Cacher's Cove

US-1, New Brunswick, NJ, US

Claimed by Rainbow_Fairy 2 years 7 months ago (7h 41m 48s since publication)

I didn’t know about this until someone showed me this guy was here in a different platform. The little guy is home with me today and we needed to get out some anyway, and this was just a few miles from home. We made the find a lot harder than we needed to be—the coords initially had us WAY behind the fence, down closer to the river. We let them reset a little bit and made the grab. He was VERY pumped about the pirate booty. Thanks!

914 - Woolly Rocks My World

N Verbena Henness Rd, Casa Grande, AZ, US

Claimed by Aaevergreen 3 years 1 week ago (4h 26m 40s since publication)

Wow, I only signed up for the game 2 days ago and I've snagged a tag. As soon as I saw one near me I headed out and made the find.

916 - The Secret Panel

Palestine Rd, Springfield, TN, US

Claimed by grannycheryl7777 2 years 11 months ago (13d 11h 51m 33s since publication)

Awesome! This is a beautiful spot. I dropped my 48’ flatbed trailer and bobtailed here from the Loves Truckstop on I-65 along with the geo pups Harley and Lulu. I’m so excited I finally found a Mammoth. Thank you for this fantastic find.

917 - The Secret of the Lost Tunnel

Main St, Greenbrier, TN, US

Claimed by 917-8vu 2 years 11 months ago (7d 8h 38m 46s since publication)

Found in a geocache in Greenbrier, TN.

919 - The Odd Couple --- Mammoth Tusks

Issaquah-Hobart Road Southeast, Sycamore, Issaquah, WA, US

Claimed by Manni tribe 2 years 10 months ago (10h 53m 22s since publication)

Thought we would check on this one even though last person couldn't find it. Swipe my hand in the right place and came up with the prize. Thank you.

920 - Rainier Trail Mammoth

2nd Ave SE, Olde Town, Issaquah, WA, US

Claimed by Redwhitefrisco 3 years 1 week ago (2h 18m 56s since publication)

Great early morning find. Was working and saw this posted. Rushed over to get it and did! Thanks for the find.

922 - Moses Coulee Mammoth

Moses Coulee Rd, Waterville, WA, US

Claimed by melagal 2 years 9 months ago (2d 5h 13m 56s since publication)

Spotted this and decided it was time for a 5 hour road trip! Woo hoo!!!! Thanks to the hider.

923 - A Mammoth with Talent

Payne Rd, Talent, OR, US

Claimed by Dragon’s Passion 2 years 8 months ago (8h 44m 13s since publication)

This took a little more help than I expected. The coords weren’t quite where the Mammoth was. I’m sure the security cameras will have some interesting footage, lol!

925 - Green Acres

Rifle Camp Rd, Woodland Park, NJ, US

Claimed by Mischievous 2 years 8 months ago (2h 15m 4s since publication)

Picked up, thanks for hiding

926 - Knotty Mammoth

US-13, Smyrna, DE, US

Claimed by Forbez 2 years 8 months ago (13d 9h 3m 29s since publication)

Took a ride after work and found this right where described. Thanks for hiding it

928 - Minnehaha Mammoth

39th Ave S, Minnehaha, Minneapolis, MN, US

Claimed by Fens05 2 years 10 months ago (1h 20m 30s since publication)

Wow what a find. I was in the area when the email popped up.

929 - Park1

E 55th St, Morris Park, Minneapolis, MN, US

Claimed by geocachingvlogger 3 years 1 week ago (6h 31m 38s since publication)

I can believe I got it 6 plus hours after it was posted! Thank you to the generous hider!

931 - Quitting can be a MAMMOTH task

Sherry Ln, New Milford, CT, US

Claimed by CPT_MORGAN_1962 3 years 6 days ago (4h 8m 15s since publication)

Thank you for the cache! great location!

932 - Stone Age

Grove St, New Milford, CT, US

Claimed by liliaclilly 3 years 5 days ago (1h 43m 23s since publication)

We are new to this snag the tag game. Headed out as soon as we received the notification. We are a bit familiar with the area as we had just found a cache here a few days ago. We absolutely love spots like this, thanks for the early morning fun!!!

934 - Wes the Wooly Mammoth at the Watering Hole

County Hwy L, Big Bend, WI, US

Claimed by J&M92 3 years 1 week ago (2h 19m 54s since publication)

Wes! I thought you had gone missing! I’m glad I was able to find you! This place is great for you and I’m sure you enjoyed it! I’ll be sure to bring you back sometime!

935 - Wes Junior the Wooly Mammoth in the Marsh

Mukwonago, WI, US

Claimed by kalkranz 3 years 4 days ago (1h 14m 11s since publication)

I awoke from my snore and heard the loud roar. I passed on the snooze and threw on my shoes. I hoped that my haste would not be in waste. Once I got to ground zero I knew I was the hero.

941 - Let play basketball

Coal Bank Dr, Rapid City, SD, US

Claimed by twofingersdown 2 years 8 months ago (1h 11m 35s since publication)

Great find

947 - Woolly Hides in the Desert

Andrew Ln, Casa Grande, AZ, US

Claimed by rcacherpod 3 years 1 week ago (10h 1m 10s since publication)

This was a great day to get out of the house.

948 - Woolly Goes Skydiving

N Lear Ave, Casa Grande, AZ, US

Claimed by Take a hike! 3 years 1 week ago (2d 5h 13m 0s since publication)

Took about five minutes to get it. Came down from San Tan Valley. Thanks!

950 - Mammoth Findings

Bonneville Shoreline Trail, University, Salt Lake City, UT, US

Claimed by daphm 2 years 10 months ago (2h 45m 1s since publication)

Quick and easy find on lovely sunny morning.

951 - Mammoth Shopping?

Plaza Center Dr, West Jordan, UT, US

Claimed by TMMonk 2 years 10 months ago (41m 16s since publication)

Woke up this morning to the sound of the alert harmonica. It was signalling that mammoths had entered the valley again. My little ones were asleep so I grabbed the bone crushing dog and left. We proceeded through the valley as the golden sun was still waking up. Got to to spot with a classic hide. Don't think this mammoth will feed the family but found and captured it.

956 - looking for others

Rose Rd, Dannebrog, NE, US

Claimed by lil_smith 3 years 4 days ago (1d 2h 47m 46s since publication)

Found the tag, interesting place.

957 - mammoth needs coffee too

Wilmar Ave, Grand Island, NE, US

Claimed by Tankman12 3 years 1 week ago (8h 27m 12s since publication)

Quick find. Wasn't sure what to expect.

959 - Old Glory

Lilac St, Hesperia, CA, US

Claimed by NF5 2 years 9 months ago (59m 29s since publication)

Wow, this was so cool to find! Got notice a new tag was near, so couldn't pass up the opportunity to find it. Arrived at the site with no one around and made the find. This mammoth tag is beautiful! Thanks to the hider for putting it an awesome spot!

960 - Behind the Eagle

Green Valley Lake Rd, Green Valley Lake, CA, US location_on N 34 14.243, W 117 04.763

Hidden near beautiful Green Valley Lake behind the carved eagle, in front of a small grove of pine trees. Look at the back of the eagle. The mammoth is hidden in a plastic bag, in a carved out spot on the back of the eagle, about eye level. You'll have to stand up on the rocks to see it. You will not be on the lake's edge; rather, the eagle is across the street from the lake. The posted picture of the lake is just to show you how beautiful the area is!

965 - WWI Doughboy Monument

Capitol St NE, Central Area, Salem, OR, US

Claimed by Fred 3 years 1 week ago (58m 29s since publication)

Woke up to check my email, saw this published and knew the area well. Virtual cache is on the other side of the area. Thanks for the morning rush to find

966 - The Circuit Rider

Court St NE, Central Area, Salem, OR, US

Claimed by Mr&Mrs 4rfun 3 years 5 days ago (3h 4m 48s since publication)

Mr 4rfun checked his email and noticed this was published nearby. Had to go and check it out. Thanks for the placement

968 - The Fireplace on Squak Mountain

Central Peak Trail, Issaquah, WA, US

Claimed by jjfeiler 2 years 8 months ago (7h 8m 58s since publication)

I had resigned myself to not getting one of these, what with COVID-19 and the game coming to an end. When I got off my string of morning meetings and checked the map, and saw it was right up the hill for me, I had to try. Hike instead of lunch today, and made it up to the fireplace in 34min for the find.


Carleton Ave S, Greater Duwamish, Seattle, WA, US

Claimed by Lacyloo 2 years 7 months ago (1h 32m 2s since publication)

I was in Seattle for a Dr. appt when this popped up. I thought, what the heck, let's check it out. Thanks for tge trip down Seattle nostalgia lane. I also got some great flower shots while I was here.

971 - Mammoth Bike Trail

Jacksonville-Baldwin Trail, Southwest Jacksonville, Jacksonville, FL, US

Claimed by gatorman83 3 years 1 week ago (2h 58m 46s since publication)

I snagged this tag along the Jax-Baldwin Trail in Jacksonville, FL. Thank you to all involved with this fun challenge.

972 - GS! Mammoth Bike Trail 2

Jacksonville-Baldwin Trail, Southwest Jacksonville, Jacksonville, FL, US

Claimed by kd1992 2 years 9 months ago (10d 12h 21m 45s since publication)

We where very excited to see that a Mammoth tag was in the Jacksonville area. It was available and it had only been out in public for two days. We jumped in the car and drove the 30 miles to the Baldwin bike trail. We walked a mile in the rain to the posted coordinates and started our search. We where quickly soaking wet and covered in spider webs from the many that cover the trees in the area. An hour and a half later we gave up. We kept an eye on the tag and saw that it had not been claimed several days later. Trip number two was much dryer than our first try. Twenty minutes into our search I spotted a small piece of plastic bag sticking out of the crack in the wooden fence. Not expecting much, I pulled on it and to my surprise it was the Mammoth tag. My daughter and I quickly high fived each other and did our version of a happy dance. This find made our day. Thank you to the hider for making this experience possible. Thanks Dennis and Allyson

974 - Mammoth Vittles

US-90, Golden Glades/The Woods, Jacksonville, FL, US

Claimed by Carolina_Girlz 3 years 6 days ago (13h 51m 49s since publication)

Thanks so much for the hide! Great Job!♥

975 - Mammoth Revival

Point Meadows Dr, Deerwood, Jacksonville, FL, US

Claimed by Sandbaggers1 3 years 1 week ago (7h 30m 35s since publication)

Awesome tag will be adding this to my display case

977 - Swampy Mammoth Graveyard?

N Prospect Rd, Superior Charter Twp, MI, US

Claimed by GoldDogs 3 years 4 days ago (6h 57m 27s since publication)

Drove up here after it not being claimed for 5 hrs. Had quite the adventure hike 500+ feet- I put in wrong coords- only to find I parked 10 feet from it! 😱😂😂🎉 So happy to Snag the Mammoth! Thank You for placing!

978 - Mammoth Overlook!

Cherry Hill Rd, Superior Charter Twp, MI, US

Claimed by RayQix 3 years 2 days ago (11h 43m 32s since publication)

Out today and snagged this one along with our daily cache find. All good here and got it quickly. Thanks for the tag and the fun

981 - Mammuthus exilis FYI #1

ON-12, Coldwater, ON, CA

Claimed by thebruce0 2 years 9 months ago (2h 36m 32s since publication)

Woo! This was NOT expected! I literally woke up to a buzz notification, and couldn’t believe it was a snagthetag email. Sure enough, another Ontario publish - and I was out the door in 15 minutes for a risky 2 hour drive. 8:15am - Success! After missing out by minutes for another closer to home before the publish hiatus, I was quite glad to meet a mammoth this time around! :D Thanks for the fun... Cache The Line was here! (check for a video shortly on YouTube ;)

983 - Mammuthus meridionalis FYI #2

Simcoe County Rd 93, Barrie, ON, CA

Claimed by geo_kacher 2 years 9 months ago (3h 44m 38s since publication)

Got an early morning nudge from a FB friend that a mammoth was spotted just north of Barrie. With just enough time before work I sprinted up the highway and was delighted to find a mammoth still hanging out in Craighurst. This was my first mammoth find!

984 - Mammuthus trogontherii FYI #3

Fox St, Penetanguishene, ON, CA

Claimed by kayn_os 2 years 8 months ago (2d 15h 7m 10s since publication)

I was lucky enough to be in the area when this one published! I have been on the road almost non-stop since, hence the late posting on here. The first one my wife and I ever tried was for Tag Haunt and we drove from Ontario, Canada all the way to Rochester only to be beat out by another player by a matter of minutes. I love this adventure concept.

986 - 986 Mammoth

N Mirage Ln, Sun City, AZ, US

Claimed by Lazydog43 3 years 3 days ago (2h 24m 28s since publication)

Saw the mammoths moving west and on are second attempt snagged it March 29 at 8.22 AM. Lazydog43

987 - 987 Mammoth

W Gunsight Dr, Sun City, AZ, US

Claimed by blestmomof6 3 years 1 week ago (5h 19m 3s since publication)

This little beast was snoozing with a bear and a quick find this beautiful morning! Super excited to make the find!

990 - I Wooly Hope Someone Finds Me!

Gwinnett Place, Duluth, GA, US

Claimed by Poeanne 3 years 1 week ago (1h 48m 39s since publication)

I am wolly excited to bring this mammoth home to live for a while. His new name is mammoney since he enjoyed his time between banks. He already has made friends with the other animal at the house.

991 - Hand Washed Mammoth

Spalding Dr, Peachtree Corners, GA, US

Claimed by HDAtha 3 years 4 days ago (1h 31m 42s since publication)

I seen it publish this morning so I rode on up here and found it