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012 - Mastodon Tracks!

Tualatin River Greenway, Sherwood - Tualatin South, Tualatin, OR, US location_on N 45 23.088, W 122 45.328

Thought it was really cool that we have Mastodon tracks nearby! Of course the Mammoth would like to go visit them! Fun facts about Mastodons vs Mammoths: Mastodon were shorter and stockier than mammoths with shorter, straighter tusks. Mastodons were wood browsers and their molars have pointed cones specially adapted for eating woody browse. Mammoths were grazers, their molars have flat surfaces for eating grass! There are several sets of Mastodon tracks on this paved trail! The photo of the 4 prints are close to ground zero. Look around and you will see a gray box (pictured) Tucked near the base between the concrete and grass, the tag is nestled! Careful! There are a few pokies nearby!

033 - Hungry Mammoth!

County Rd 1027, Brockway, PA, US location_on N 41 16.008, W 078 56.746 local_parking N 41 16.005, W 078 56.727

Wolly was out for a walk when his belly growled. He decided to stroll down to the water for a drink and some fresh fish to eat when all of a sudden a couple cars came by and scared him under the structure! He is hiding until you scout out the area and let him know that it ok to come out. Take him home and get him something to eat and keep him safe.

035 - Marlin the Mammoth visits the Tannery

1st St, DuBois, PA, US location_on N 41 07.900, W 078 45.440

Marlin was out for an early morning walk and stopped to take in the view of the Tannery. It was a little foggy this morning but was the perfect temp. Somebody was coming by on their bike and Marlin decided to hide. He can be found in a silver magnetic baggie.

063 - Shipwreck Mammoth

Seabeck Hwy NW, Seabeck, WA, US location_on N 47 38.482, W 122 49.645

Shipwreck Mammoth got his name because well, the ship his bones were sailing on, went aground on the heartless rocks of Seabeck

072 - Max needs meds

Cheney Spokane Rd, Cheney, WA, US location_on N 47 30.053, W 117 33.725

YAY, Max did not have covid he just has a sinus infection. That trunk of his causes problems but he will be better in a few days. Hint: Under a rock.

112 - Jefferson’s Mammoth

St Charles, MO, US location_on N 38 46.383, W 090 28.937

President Jefferson was hoping Lewis and Clark might find living mammoths on their journey. We’re all disappointed they didn’t. I’m now able to rectify that. Behind downspout pipe on NW corner

193 - Mississippi Mammoth

US-14, Washburn, La Crosse, WI, US location_on N 43 48.524, W 091 15.478

This mammoth decided he wanted to hang out along the Ole Mississippi River! This little guy can be found hanging out at the end of Cass street overlooking the river below the bridges.

263 - A Sweet Tusk

W Court Ave, Jeff, IN, US location_on N 38 16.424, W 085 44.586 local_parking N 38 16.427, W 085 44.586

Even prehistoric animals apparently have sweet cravings. This one has found a local sweet spot and hasn't left since. Better not leave him out there too much longer or you won't even be able to move him. He doesn't go far from the entrance hoping folks take pity and throw him a donut or cake. Be sure to wash it down with some coffee.

286 - Mission Mammoth - Monarch Waystation

Gresham Ln, Murfreesboro, TN, US location_on N 35 51.293, W 086 26.858

Can you read the signs? No need to search in the gardens. Tag can be easily accessed from the path. Happy Searching!

325 - Mammoth travels the Erie Canal

Co Hwy 20, Carroll, OH, US location_on N 39 49.041, W 082 44.195

Mammoth has traveled far and wide and ended up in a lock that used to be part of the Ohio and Erie Canals! Find me hiding in the lock!

329 - Bakersfield 9/11 Memorial Mammoth

Buena Vista Rd, Seven Oaks at Grand Island, Bakersfield, CA, US location_on N 35 20.582, W 119 07.715

Come find this Mammoth at the Bakersfield 9/11 Memorial. Are you in America or California?

331 - Montgomery Ranch

Taylor Ln, Grant, Redding, CA, US location_on N 40 31.264, W 122 28.699

Look for the suspicious pile of rocks!

359 - The Iron Mushroom

PA-51, West Mifflin, PA, US location_on N 40 20.291, W 079 57.146

A big animal needs a big snack. And what better snack for a Steel City Mammoth than an iron mushroom!!!

391 - My other relatives in here...

Bismarck, ND, US location_on N 46 49.142, W 100 46.738

This mammoth could belong here in this location. Come check the inside out. Open from 9-4. The tag is not inside the building. Best thing to do is to park your “bike” and look for me

400 - Another Extinct Thing In GBP 1

Equestrian Field Access Trail, George Bush Park/Eldridge, Houston, TX, US location_on N 29 44.100, W 095 41.322

Trains and now mammoths used to run through here.

401 - Another Extinct Thing In GBP 2

George Bush Park/Eldridge, Houston, TX, US location_on N 29 44.188, W 095 43.340

Trains and now mammoths used to run through here.

416 - Mammoth Invasion

US-40 ALT, Funkstown, MD, US location_on N 39 36.532, W 077 42.315

A Protector stands ready to repel any Mammoth that may enter this small town. The small hairy creature was scared and hid under the electrical box behind the brick monument. "Come save me!" it calls.

419 - Number 1

Guadalupe St, Hyde Park, Austin, TX, US location_on N 30 18.679, W 097 43.949

538 - Mammoth Watering Hole

Agerter Rd, Delphos, OH, US location_on N 40 43.795, W 084 15.355

Lima's newest reservoir. At the base of signpost.

577 - Royal Harm

62nd St, Hollander Ridge, Baltimore, MD, US location_on N 39 18.659, W 076 31.820

Easy snag and grab... not the way i wanted to deploy these but the Covid changed a lot of things


Macon Dr, Baton Rouge, LA, US location_on N 30 20.791, W 090 59.308

Mammoth makes it to the ball field.

662 - The Game

S Leroy St, Fenton, MI, US location_on N 42 47.746, W 083 42.301

695 - Lin-Manuel Mammilton

Pickforde Dr, Misty Meadows, Columbus, OH, US location_on N 40 04.043, W 083 05.213

Lin-Manuel, the mammoth, went into a deep hibernation after attending A Winter Ball. He slept undisturbed until 2020, when he was rudely awakened by the sound and vibration of construction near his resting place. He was frightened and Helpless, not sure how he could Stay Alive. "What Comes Next?" He wondered. He shrank himself down and found a hiding place in The Room Where It Happens (for geocachers). He sent out a message to his friends to Meet Me Inside. And then he settled in to Wait for It. He knew that History Has Its Eyes on You, and he wanted to see who seeks, who finds, and who will tell his story. The Workd is Wide Enough, so don't give away your shot at finding him!

785 - Explore Enumclaw

SE 456th St, Enumclaw, WA, US location_on N 47 11.543, W 121 59.953

This mammoth was out for a walk along the trail when it stopped to take a rest.. Check the right side of the bench when seated.

814 - Trick or Pink

E Main St, Vernal, UT, US location_on N 40 27.360, W 109 30.690

I drive by this spot 4 or 5 times per week. Felt it would make a great spot.

960 - Behind the Eagle

Green Valley Lake Rd, Green Valley Lake, CA, US location_on N 34 14.243, W 117 04.763

Hidden near beautiful Green Valley Lake behind the carved eagle, in front of a small grove of pine trees. Look at the back of the eagle. The mammoth is hidden in a plastic bag, in a carved out spot on the back of the eagle, about eye level. You'll have to stand up on the rocks to see it. You will not be on the lake's edge; rather, the eagle is across the street from the lake. The posted picture of the lake is just to show you how beautiful the area is!