Available Tags

027 - The Tortise & the Mammoth

Doolittle Rd, Woodbury, TN, US location_on N 35 49.740, W 086 04.419

The old story of the Tortoise and the Hare, feel free to stop and hear the Tortoise's version of the age old tale. Maybe the bassist can tell you of the treasure you seek

148 - Woolly Goes to the Overlook

PA-68, Huey, PA, US location_on N 40 59.299, W 079 34.960

Mr. Woolly meandered up to the overlook to see the horseshoe curve of the Allegheny River. Then he checked out the caches and benchmark before wandering over to take a nap in a "metal cave" near the road.

286 - Mission Mammoth - Monarch Waystation

Gresham Ln, Murfreesboro, TN, US location_on N 35 51.293, W 086 26.858

Can you read the signs? No need to search in the gardens. Tag can be easily accessed from the path. Happy Searching!

287 - Mission Mammoth - Nature Center

Cedar Forest Rd, Lebanon, TN, US location_on N 36 05.098, W 086 19.451

Come and get it! Sit a spell and enjoy the day. Happy Searching!

292 - Mammoths Like Moss & Canyons

Co Hwy 187, Trenton, GA, US location_on N 34 51.592, W 085 29.089 local_parking N 34 51.620, W 085 29.105

This mammoth was last seen wandering near deep ancient canyons and hiding between double-trunk tree with moss and rocks covered with lichen. He is currently hiding in a camo-taped pill bottle, but is eager to roam !

Daylight only find

353 - Hill Cemetery

PA-65, Baden, PA, US location_on N 40 37.614, W 080 13.765

Geocaching is one of those hobbies that can be done with others, or alone, which makes it a perfect hobby for “social distancing.” (Especially when the weather is nice! Who wants to stay cooped up in the house?) With all the craziness that’s been going on lately, getting out & geocaching has been what’s keeping me sane. At least, I THOUGHT so, until today. See, I was geocaching at this nice little historic cemetery earlier. It was beautiful, not spring yet, but it felt like it! The sun is shining, it’s warm out & I was happy! Not paying much attention to where I was going, I was looking at the headstones as I walked back towards my car. Would you believe that I ran right into a woolly mammoth?!?!? (Yeah, me either, but I DID!) I MUST be going crazy! Did I catch the Coronavirus? (Are hallucinations a symptom?) He was really nice & I took a bunch of pictures & went home. But now that I’m home & looking at the pictures, I don’t see him! Was it a dream? An hallucination? Can someone please help me out & go see if there is ANY evidence of him being there? The last place that I remember seeing him was standing behind the white sign that says “Down The Ohio.” Maybe I really AM crazy, since I tested negative for the Coronavirus! Help!


Mt Pleasant, PA, US location_on N 40 12.519, W 079 27.678 local_parking N 40 12.517, W 079 27.691

Mammoth Park is a public park maintained by Westmoreland County and contains a 24-acre fresh water lake stocked by the Pennsylvania Fish Commission. Some of the other notable attractions at the park include the giant slide creative play area, World War II Veterans Memorial, model radio-controlled airfield, a ball field complex, 14 pavilions and the scenic overlook. The 96-foot high rustic giant slide has provided many thrilling rides to park visitors. Visitors looking out from the park’s scenic overlook will see a spectacular 10-mile panoramic view of the surrounding countryside. The tag is located at a spot where you can view the map of the park...Park hours are 9:00am till dusk..Get ready to exercise your hunting skills , but you may have to stretch to nab this Woolley Mammoth


Whites Woods Trail, Indiana, PA, US location_on N 40 38.168, W 079 10.039 local_parking N 40 38.318, W 079 09.968

The tag is hidden very close to one of the local caches called "Jurassic Park Visitor's Center " (GC4N9CZ) located at the Whites Woods Nature Center in Indiana , Pennsylvania. White's Woods is a recreational park full of trails that the public can use from dawn to dusk in any season. It originally was owned by the Railroad companies in the 1950's or 60's then the land was sold to a real state agency. It consisted of 250 acres that was then given to White Township by the heirs of White Estates for recreational use by the terms of “Project 70 Land Acquisition and Borrowing Act” of 1964 . Today, there are over ten trails that the public can use along with campsites and a connection with the Indiana University of Pennsylvania CO-OP park along with other locations such as the IUP farm. There is also a 5k or 3k marked trail that goes through various terrain. With miles of trails and wildlife, it's a wonderful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The trails are enjoyed by many all year round. The closest parking to the tag is an entrance into the woods just off of Route 954 ( Fulton Run Road) with room for one vehicle to park......Coords are provided for this parking spot, but make sure that you don't block the gate.....After a short walk up the power line you'll come to a gas /trail combo that will lead you to gz...

544 - Stone Valley Mammoth

Discovery Rd, Petersburg, PA, US location_on N 40 40.078, W 077 54.470 local_parking N 40 40.132, W 077 54.586

Situated in a lovely oak grove in Stone Valley at the Shaver's Creek Environmental Center, this mammoth is ready for you to find and take home. And while enjoying the trails in the public recreational facility (operated by Penn State University), be sure to check out some of the points-of-interest signs along the way and also a very interesting "cemetery" exhibit nearby this mammoth site that reminds us to keep our environment clean and free of trash! Cache-In/Trash-Out... Or in this case, Tag-Out,Trash-Out...

The staffed facilities of this recreational area are currently closed, as the season opening has not been determined, but the hiking trails are open from dawn to dusk. The specified parking area is only available until 5pm, due to closing the gate at the Environmental Center, so if searching after 5pm, please choose a parking area on the far side of the lake and use the trails to get here. Please do not park blocking any roads or gates. Adequate pull-offs exist along Scare Pond Road in places, including where I parked to place this tag at N 40 39.737 W 077 54.636

Information on this area may be found at: http://www.athletics.psu.edu/stonevalley/

A trail map is located at: https://studentaffairs.psu.edu/sites/default/files/trailmap.pdf

If using the closer parking, you may walk over to a trailhead at N 40 40.079 W 077 54.580. From here, follow the Twin Bridges Trail over towards the benches in the oak grove.

There are two benches just off the trail. The mammoth is under, magnetically attached, to the back bracket of the bench in memory of "Billy" G. Popp.

The interesting "cemetery" exhibit will be just before the grove, if coming from this direction, at N40 40.101 W077 54.487.

If parking along Scare Pond road, approach the Twin Bridges Trail via the Lake trail from a trailhead at N40 39.998 W 077 54.358.

There are a number of other geocaches in the area, easily accessed from the trails around the lake and around the recreation area. Make an afternoon of it!

The trails are very nice, but be aware of ticks, as would be common in the woods at this time of year.

659 - Java gallery

M-32, Atlanta, MI, US location_on N 45 00.251, W 084 08.807

Hint: UpNorth is always a barrel of fun!

Take a rest and have a cup. Enjoy the sights and sounds of the north country

661 - Haven Hill Mammoth

Haven Rd, White Lake, White Lake Charter Township, MI, US location_on N 42 38.413, W 083 33.769

686 - Island View

Hathaway Point Rd, Georgia, VT, US location_on N 44 46.667, W 073 11.125

Many fossils can be found in the cliffs of Lake Champlain. There is a rich prehistoric record found with in the rocks surrounding the lake. This little mammoth is enjoying the beautiful lake and island views as it awaits an "archaeologist" with the tenacity to find it.

709 - Ellie

S Cedar Creek Rd, Gadsden, SC, US location_on N 33 49.195, W 080 47.247 local_parking N 33 49.196, W 080 47.250

Help Ellie Find her way back to a herd.She's having a meltdown.

739 - Woolly Mammoth Visits The Zoo

Mesker Park Dr, Westside, Haubstadt, IN, US location_on N 37 59.753, W 087 36.347

Woolly decided to come and visit some of his decedents. He got caught in a lamp post. Please help set him free!

805 - Canoe Creek Cave Mammoth

Beaver Dam Rd, Hollidaysburg, PA, US location_on N 40 29.770, W 078 16.229 local_parking N 40 29.655, W 078 16.085

Uh-oh! A few days ago, we went for a hike at Canoe Creek State Park and spotted one of the rare mini-mammoths that have been lurking about...but he got spooked and ran to hide in this cave! Unfortunately, the entrance is gated for humans, though this wily Wooly was able to slip through the left side and take shelter out of view, inside an MKH for safety. Perhaps you can find him? Be careful & good luck!

821 - Imagine a Mammoth

Upland Trail, Clarksville, TN, US location_on N 36 31.452, W 087 21.670 local_parking N 36 31.491, W 087 21.685

Well maybe not, but this work of art might be a hiding place for one of our little mammoths. Could be on or maybe slid under. You just never know where these little guys may go. The other two pics are just views from the orange looking hiding spot. Good Luck!

832 - Relics of old

SC-60, Columbia, SC, US location_on N 34 04.439, W 081 12.599

This mammoth has taken refuge here in the new world in a place of old relics, presumably he felt more comfortable here...

916 - The Secret Panel

Palestine Rd, Springfield, TN, US location_on N 36 27.136, W 086 52.463

From FlintCreek's Cache description:

No lights need to be turned off here, and this is not near the Mead Mansion - BUT, you will need to be as good as Frank and Joe in THE SECRET PANEL (Hardy Boys #25) in order to find this one - it's not where you would normally think, so bring your sleuthing skills.

917 - The Secret of the Lost Tunnel

Main St, Greenbrier, TN, US location_on N 36 26.136, W 086 46.837

From FlintCreek's cache description:

It's not exactly an old historic site, but there is an unexpected. You do not even need Brigadier General Jack Smith travelling with you to an unknown southern state in order to find THE SECRET OF THE LOST TUNNEL (Hardy Boys #29) And, it is also a quaint, beautiful park to send a nice afternoon - or, as our family does - play in the creek!