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Attention geocachers: There are rumors of wild woolly mammoths being spotted all over the United States! Join the hunt to find one of your very own and earn your bones!

The game is simple: go to a location where a mammoth has been spotted. If you get there first, you will find a mammoth tag waiting for you. Please take the physical tag to keep as your own. You need to claim the tag as soon as possible so it can be removed from the map. You will then follow the instructions to redeem for a trackable geocoin prize that combines with the tag! How cool is that? The geocoin and tag are exclusive to this Mission Mammoth game.

If you would like to be a hider, a limited number of hider packs are on sale at Shop Geocaching.

Stay alert - and set an alert - because a mammoth may appear at any time and anywhere in the United States. Join our Facebook Group for game updates and announcements and follow the game on Instagram and Twitter.

Mammoth Coin

Redemption rules: Strictly one coin per household and family member; please do not grab more than one tag. There is no charge for the redemption geocoin, but you are responsible for any shipping charges. As a courtesy to other finders, please claim your tag immediately. Instructions for claiming are on the back of the tag. The geocoin must be claimed by May 31st, 2020.

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cron publish 3 days 17 hours ago 349 - Mammoth, Illinois ?

Co Hwy 20, Monmouth, IL, US

North America's Great Extinction happened around 10,000 years ago. You can bet the great great granddad of beast you’re searching for roamed the Illinois fields. Okay it may have shrank in size but this is still a dangerous animal! Not to be underestimated in any way. The tusks are sharp!

I knew the kids and I couldn’t keep him so I had to drop this guy off in Mamm...oh man.

I didn’t...did I? Yes I did. Haha I just realized this town is named Monmouth not Mammoth. Oh dear, what a blunder. Explains why we don’t see any others out here.

On the east side of town you’ll come across the Glendale Cemetery also known as “Monmouth Cemetery”. If you take the “southernmost entrance” you’ll see the “Brownlee” marker. Park there and look to your right.

We do not know if our hairy friend broke that large hole in the wall or not but we do know he’s still there somewhere. Walk around to the “east” side and see if you can coax him out of his “hiding hole”. PS he likes Werthers Originals :)

Please do not hunt this tag at night and if there are mourners present please return at a later time. Thank you

Thank you for supporting Snag The Tag. Don’t forget to claim your tag and redeem the second piece of your coin!

cron publish 3 days 17 hours ago 620 - Summerset State Park Mammoth

Elk Horn St, Carlisle, IA, US

Tucked in crevice on front of sign. eye-level

cron publish 3 days 17 hours ago 935 - Wes Junior the Wooly Mammoth in the Marsh

Mukwonago, WI, US

**Wes the Wooly Mammoth was my dad. I never knew my mom which makes me sad. They were headed down the Fox River one day. I wasn't yet born and they stopped to lay. In the very soft marsh grass that is all about. All of a sudden from my mom an egg popped out. They were frightened and did not have a clue. And neither Mom or Dad knew what to do. So they did what every smart Wooly Mammoth would. They both ran away as fast as they could. And left behind the egg that contained little old me. But I can't get break out on my own you see. I don't mean to be desparate or to have to beg. But I need a nice cacher who will come find my egg. And help me break free and adopt me as their own. So that I have a family and am not so all alone.**

cron publish 3 days 17 hours ago 916 - The Secret Panel

Palestine Rd, Springfield, TN, US location_on N 36 27.136, W 086 52.463

From FlintCreek's Cache description:

No lights need to be turned off here, and this is not near the Mead Mansion - BUT, you will need to be as good as Frank and Joe in THE SECRET PANEL (Hardy Boys #25) in order to find this one - it's not where you would normally think, so bring your sleuthing skills.

cron publish 3 days 17 hours ago 595

Macon Dr, Baton Rouge, LA, US location_on N 30 20.791, W 090 59.308

Mammoth makes it to the ball field.

cron publish 3 days 18 hours ago 358 - New Trail, New Adventure

Blair River Rd, Hazelwood, Pittsburgh, PA, US

A mammoth was spotted along the Hazelwood Trail near Blair River Rd. This trail offers a beautiful view of the South Side and Downtown Pittsburgh skyline. Good luck! Stay safe and healthy!

cron publish 3 days 18 hours ago 422 - Maggie Mammoth

MD-65, Hagerstown, MD, US

At the Confederate Cemetery Monument in Rose Hill Cemetery. At the base of the flag pole. Use caution retrieving.

The mammoth image I found on google, the others on the cemetery website

cron publish 3 days 18 hours ago 520 - American Mammoth

War Veterans Memorial Park, N REDNGTN BCH, FL, US

Hunters can snag this American Mammoth Tag at War Veteran's Memorial Park.

The Park is open 7 days a week, 7 a.m. to Sunset.

cron publish 3 days 18 hours ago 977 - Swampy Mammoth Graveyard?

N Prospect Rd, Superior Charter Twp, MI, US

The skeletal remains of a woolly mammoth, which died between 11,000 and 15,000 years ago, were discovered in early October by a soy bean farmer near Chelsea, Michigan, about 10 miles southwest of Ann Arbor. this is not that spot though. However from this vantage point you can see the swampy area where 11,500 years ago a mammoth was not caught in the mud. But it is still a very nice view anyway! Down below the hill, things might get a little prickly!

cron publish 3 days 18 hours ago 680

US-1, Center Groton, Groton, CT, US

A relaxing place to sit and listen to the trees. The mammoth found a “cave” nearby to hide inside.

cron publish 3 days 18 hours ago 292 - Mammoths Like Moss & Canyons

Co Hwy 187, Trenton, GA, US location_on N 34 51.592, W 085 29.089 local_parking N 34 51.620, W 085 29.105

This mammoth was last seen wandering near deep ancient canyons and hiding between double-trunk tree with moss and rocks covered with lichen. He is currently hiding in a camo-taped pill bottle, but is eager to roam !

Daylight only find

cron publish 3 days 18 hours ago 685 - Edge of a home run

Ridgeview Ave, Georgia, VT, US

Mondo the mammoth loved sports and space, so when he woke from the ice he went to see his favorite local stellar team. He placed himself where he would have a chance of catching a homerun ball. You can reach your goal by going just over the top, and gain yourself a tag if you truly "believe"

cron publish 3 days 18 hours ago 488 - JURRASIC PARKS WOOLLY MAMMOTH

Whites Woods Trail, Indiana, PA, US location_on N 40 38.168, W 079 10.039 local_parking N 40 38.318, W 079 09.968

The tag is hidden very close to one of the local caches called "Jurassic Park Visitor's Center " (GC4N9CZ) located at the Whites Woods Nature Center in Indiana , Pennsylvania. White's Woods is a recreational park full of trails that the public can use from dawn to dusk in any season. It originally was owned by the Railroad companies in the 1950's or 60's then the land was sold to a real state agency. It consisted of 250 acres that was then given to White Township by the heirs of White Estates for recreational use by the terms of “Project 70 Land Acquisition and Borrowing Act” of 1964 . Today, there are over ten trails that the public can use along with campsites and a connection with the Indiana University of Pennsylvania CO-OP park along with other locations such as the IUP farm. There is also a 5k or 3k marked trail that goes through various terrain. With miles of trails and wildlife, it's a wonderful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The trails are enjoyed by many all year round. The closest parking to the tag is an entrance into the woods just off of Route 954 ( Fulton Run Road) with room for one vehicle to park......Coords are provided for this parking spot, but make sure that you don't block the gate.....After a short walk up the power line you'll come to a gas /trail combo that will lead you to gz...

cron publish 3 days 18 hours ago 347 - The Womble Family's Pet Mammoth

County Park Dr, New Hill, NC, US

Harris Lake County Park was created on lands once owned by the Womble Family. They were farmers that used the land and nearby water source to grow crops and to provide for their family. What is not common knowledge is that they also raised a woolly mammoth from a young age. Local folklore has it that the Wombles found the little mammoth walking along the Peninsula Trail. They befriended the mammoth and took it to their home along the History Trail. One day the little mammoth fell asleep between two trees near a pond. Try as they may, the Wombles could not wake the mammoth from her deep slumber. They covered the mammoth with a blanket of leaves and pine straw to keep her warm. The Wombles also built a Wash House nearby where they could keep an eye on the little gal in hopes that one day she would wake-up. As time past the Mammoth still did not wake up, and soon the Womble family faded into history. Maybe you could help find the mammoth and see if she has waken from her hibernation.

After finding the Mammoth, you can continue hiking up the history trail. After taking a right at the fork, you will eventually come to the foundation of the actual Womble Family homesite.

Hope you enjoyed your walk through a little NC history.

cron publish 3 days 18 hours ago 991 - Hand Washed Mammoth

Spalding Dr, Peachtree Corners, GA, US

This little mammoth wanted to be sure he was clean and smelling good before he heads to his new home and it looks like he found the perfect place! He'll be waiting here getting pampered with a luxury bath! He's tucked away in a small, camoed mint tin.

cron publish 3 days 18 hours ago 659 - Java gallery

M-32, Atlanta, MI, US location_on N 45 00.251, W 084 08.807

Hint: UpNorth is always a barrel of fun!

Take a rest and have a cup. Enjoy the sights and sounds of the north country

cron publish 3 days 18 hours ago 644 - BERLIN MAMMOTH

Fewtown Rd, Atwater, OH, US


cron publish 3 days 18 hours ago 502 - Mammoth Trail Walk

S Jefferson Ave, Saginaw, MI, US

Take a break near the Saginaw Children's Zoo and go for a short walk. Since mammoths are extinct, but this tag is not. Enjoy your view and sounds as you trail along. The tag is in the camou pill bottle in the tree.

cron publish 3 days 18 hours ago 647 - Mammoth rides RTA

I-480, North Olmsted, OH, US

While searching for a cache near this location, I decided that this was a good place to leave a Snag a Tag.

cron publish 3 days 18 hours ago 629 - Pedaling Mammoth

M-52, St Charles, MI, US

This community has a well kept biking, walking trail. So one little mammoth is hidden on one, huge bicycle located in the heart of the town.

cron publish 3 days 18 hours ago 601 - Mammoth Meets Mastodon

Clinton River Trail, Rochester Hills Corporate Center, Rochester Hills, MI, US

cron publish 3 days 18 hours ago 662 - The Game

S Leroy St, Fenton, MI, US location_on N 42 47.746, W 083 42.301

DaniOfTheDolphins description 3 days 23 hours ago 027 - The Tortise & the Mammoth

Doolittle Rd, Woodbury, TN, US location_on N 35 49.740, W 086 04.419

That is such a fun sculpture!

OleKim description 4 days 3 hours ago 898

Kell W Blvd, Wichita Falls, TX, US

Yay! Glad you figured out a way to track this one down. Stay safe.

shelle518 check_circle 4 days 4 hours ago 898

Kell W Blvd, Wichita Falls, TX, US

With this dang covid19 around I had to get creative to get this found. I am in quarantine but I knew a friend was going to pass by this location on her way home. It was a bit difficult explaining what the tag was and what she was looking for. After a bit of guidance over the phone and a few "I'ts not there", I heard over the phone I think I got it. I guess it would have been easier if I sent her a pic of the mammoth instead of describing what it looked like. So technically I don't have it in my hand yet but it is no longer on the spot you hid it and it is secured until I can get it in my hands.

Crouchcrew check_circle 4 days 4 hours ago 439 - Take a step back

Scurlock Rd, Freeland, WA, US

My first ever snag at a totally awesome and appropriate location! Thank you snag hider!

obarshay description 4 days 6 hours ago 541 - Learn about Nevada

River Rd, Dayton, NV, US

Thinking outside the box! Nice.

tubatad check_circle 4 days 6 hours ago 541 - Learn about Nevada

River Rd, Dayton, NV, US

I actually sent a muggle out to find it for me and she just picked it up for me.

Glade-iators check_circle 4 days 9 hours ago 428

Crowsnest Hwy, Grand Forks, BC, CA

Yes!! Wasn’t to slow this time! Great snag this morning

akquilter1948 check_circle 4 days 10 hours ago 871 - Mary Mammoth

5th Ave, Seward, AK, US

Chilly morning great find.

Quailman2 check_circle 4 days 10 hours ago 113 - Fellow Tusks

Charles J Becker Dr, Imperial, MO, US

Drove back to look after being nudged. Yes, it WAS there and no state park employee watching this time. Thanks for the hide.

Kermitt21 check_circle 4 days 10 hours ago 169

S Clark St, Maquoketa, IA, US

This is my 1st ever Snag the Tag! I had the day off so I figured I'd make my way north to find this huge mammoth! It took me awhile to find and it would have taken me twice as long if it wasnt in the container it was in. Another place geocaching has brought me that I would have never been. I will definitely be back in the summer when it's open. Thanks for my 1st Snag the Tag experience!

[tag hider] description 4 days 12 hours ago 113 - Fellow Tusks

Charles J Becker Dr, Imperial, MO, US

It should be stuck under the skull sign dead center.

Mr&Mrs 4rfun check_circle 4 days 12 hours ago 966 - The Circuit Rider

Court St NE, Central Area, Salem, OR, US

Mr 4rfun checked his email and noticed this was published nearby. Had to go and check it out. Thanks for the placement

Quailman2 cancel 4 days 12 hours ago 113 - Fellow Tusks

Charles J Becker Dr, Imperial, MO, US

Not at posted cords, nor at 2 other signs pictured. Maybe someone has picked up and not claimed?

dmlookhere description 4 days 13 hours ago 371 - Windemute Farm Mastodon Mandible

Windham Road 11, Simcoe, ON, CA

Got up this morning with the cat bugging me would not let me sleep. Came down and the dog was ready to get out of the house for some fresh air and ride in the truck. Noticed this had been released so we made the drive and found another animal in the wilds. I think the animals were working together on this one.

Kate8Kate check_circle 4 days 14 hours ago 054 - A Mammoth Piece of Artwork

E Porter Way, Tooele, UT, US

One of my favorite thing about this type of game, is you find things you never knew existed. I looked for the Mammoth based on the picture clues, but it was gone. I was a little disappointed, but then had the thought to look around a little more. I found it in the grass right there. Feeling Lucky!

cron publish 4 days 14 hours ago 871 - Mary Mammoth

5th Ave, Seward, AK, US

Mary Mammoth is traveling thru our little town and needed to mail a letter. She stopped to enjoy this other beautiful Mural in our little town

Emmilliam check_circle 4 days 14 hours ago 280 - Cougar Park

35th Ave SE, Mill Creek, WA, US

Woohoo! Made the find. Thank you for placing the tiny mammoth! I left the container in place just in case you want it back.

gr8caches check_circle 4 days 15 hours ago 415 - Gimmy Some Water!

Pleasant Valley Dr, Charles Town, WV, US

It was growing tusks from drinking the water...

cron publish 4 days 15 hours ago 329 - Bakersfield 9/11 Memorial Mammoth

Buena Vista Rd, Seven Oaks at Grand Island, Bakersfield, CA, US location_on N 35 20.582, W 119 07.715

Come find this Mammoth at the Bakersfield 9/11 Memorial. Are you in America or California?

cron publish 4 days 15 hours ago 966 - The Circuit Rider

Court St NE, Central Area, Salem, OR, US

The several monuments celebrating Oregon's history around here. I am featuring the Circuit Rider statue with a preacher on horseback. You will need to sit to the east of the monument close to the old Capitol's columns to find this mammoth.

cron publish 4 days 15 hours ago 439 - Take a step back

Scurlock Rd, Freeland, WA, US

Mammoth was looking for some friends when they came across this bunch. They decided to stand back and see if they are friendly.

cron publish 4 days 15 hours ago 280 - Cougar Park

35th Ave SE, Mill Creek, WA, US

Cougar Park in Mill Creek Washington.

Home of a Zip Line and some fun play equipment.

Couple of parking spots at the park. Don't go directly, walk around on the sidewalk, just a bit off in a stump. See last picture.

cron publish 4 days 15 hours ago 428

Crowsnest Hwy, Grand Forks, BC, CA

back side of sign between sign and post in a foamy pipe insulation tube.

The6thHobbit description 4 days 16 hours ago 152 - Resting Mammoth

SW 104th St, South Oklahoma City, Oklahoma City, OK, US


Spottypossy check_circle 4 days 16 hours ago 152 - Resting Mammoth

SW 104th St, South Oklahoma City, Oklahoma City, OK, US

Saw this one publish this morning so after my wife left for work and I got dressed and ready I headed out was surprised it was still here.

cron publish 4 days 16 hours ago 054 - A Mammoth Piece of Artwork

E Porter Way, Tooele, UT, US

No one seems to know where this wind sculpture came from....

But a Mammoth is hiding here!

liliaclilly check_circle 4 days 16 hours ago 932 - Stone Age

Grove St, New Milford, CT, US

We are new to this snag the tag game. Headed out as soon as we received the notification. We are a bit familiar with the area as we had just found a cache here a few days ago. We absolutely love spots like this, thanks for the early morning fun!!!

The Ancient Mariner check_circle 4 days 17 hours ago 692 - Stampalina- A tiny mammoth story

Oak Way, Berkeley Heights, NJ, US

Last Saturday was frustrated not finding the nearby Mammouth after a long search in a wooded area. So I was excited to see another in the area! I ran out the door hoping to snag this one.

Took a good area search and then went back to the first spot I looked and gave it a “push” and it revealed the prize!

Thanks to the owner for placing!